FFV - Walkthrough - Crossing Over

Once you've calmed down from the ordeal of narrow escape, Galuf, with his memory fully restored, will start to fill in the gaps in the story up to now. Galuf remembers that this X-Death is an evil Black Mage from his home planet who came to Earth 30 years ago to destroy the four Crystals. Three other 'Dawn Warriors' worked with Galuf to seal X-Death here on Earth . Recently, Galuf has felt disturbances in the balance of the crystals, and came by meteor to Earth to investigate. Bartz becomes depressed because he thinks his people freed X-Death by over-using the Crystals; Galuf thinks he is at fault because it was partly his decision to leave the evil mage here in the first place.

The party returns to Krile's meteor. Galuf and Krile profess that they need to go back to their homeworld to defend it, so they use the last remaining power of the meteor to transport themselves. Bartz, Reina, and Faris want to come to help out their freinds, but the meteor only has enough power transport the two aliens. Galuf and Krile climb aboard and use the transporter inside, and you will see two specks rise from the ground and head off into space.

When you land the airship anywhere, Faris and Reina convince Bartz to find a way to get to Galuf's world to help him out. The group is at a loss, however, of how to accomplish this because of the meteor's lack of power. Finally, the group decides to go and see Cid, who always has an answer (or book) for every occasion.

Screenshot When you head back to the Airship Base, Cid isn't there, but there is a note on the table in the workshop that tells of his location. You find him (and his grandson) at Tycoon Meteor. Boko2 is outside and is providing Cid and Mid with cozy travel. Once you find the bookworm, he'll say that the Adamantite started to release a tremendous amount of energy, so he decided to put it back where it came from. Then, as Cid tries to put the blue crystal back in place, he accidentally drops it onto the transporter plate. The transporter plate miraculously starts to absorb the energy being emmited from the Adamantite. Bartz and Cid both realise what they can do if they power up all of the transporters inside the meteors around the world in a similar fashion: they can warp! Cid and Mid fly off with Boko2 to the Karnak Meteor, so follow them.

Cid and Mid go inside, but come right back out, screaming that it is a den of monsters. Heave a heavy sigh, and then head in to cleanse the meteor of its evil. Inspect the green circle to start a really easy battle.

BOSS 18: Titan Level 21-22
The key to making this battle easy is, of course, not easy at all. You have to make the long trip all the way back to North Mountain. Here you will find the GhilCat enemy. Control it with a trainer, and you will see that it has a new White Magic in its arsenal called Float. Have the cat cast it at all of your characters, but make sure not to heal yourself at an inn afterwards because it will remove the float status from you.

Screenshot Now, head all the way back to Karnak Meteor and fight Titan. You can have a little fun with this fight because Titan can't really hurt you when your feet aren't touching the ground. Of course, he can still inflict some damage, so have some body who can heal, but other than that, you can pretty much do whatever you like.

When the Titan dies, he will cast one last Earth Shaker spell, so be extra careful if you are not floating. When you defeat him, you will receive the summoned monster: "Titan" for your Summoner!

Cid and Mid take care of the transporter matters, and then head off to the next meteor. The Next one is Walz Meteor. Cid and Mid fix this one easily, but after they come out, a bomb-like creature starts descending from above.

BOSS 19: Byurobolos Level 21-22
These guys can be a piece of cake, or they can be a tremendous pain in the rear - it all depends on how you fight them. The six indivindual Byurobolos monsters act both as individuals and as a collective; they will attack you individually, but whenever you manage to beat one of the six, it will automatically cast Arise on all of the other five.

Say you have already beaten five of the bomb things, and then you go and beat the sixth, the sixth monster will cast Arise, and then the five who were dead will be back with a vengence. The only way to fight these things is to target all of them at once. This means Summons, Black Magic, and, of course, Skills - throw a few WaterSkills and this fight is over very quickly.

After the fight, Cid and Mid express how impressed they are with your fighting skills, and then head off to the next - and last - meteor. Head to the Gorn Meteor to find them. When you arrive, Cid and Mid head inside, but they never come out. After waiting for a while, Bartz becomes worried and decides to go inside to check things out. When you find Cid and Mid they are trapped in some sort of cicular lights, you know what those lights are...

BOSS 20: KimaBrain Level 21-22
Screenshot Since this is the last boss fight before you go to World 2, you know it isn't going to be an easy one. KimaBrain is sort of like a pumped up QuadHarpy. It can use AquaRake and Blaze - both of these devastating attacks taking off about 250 HP from each character. The beast has other atacks, but it doesn't seem like he uses tham all that often.

The key to coming out of this battle alive is to beat the monster quickly, and the easiest way to do that is with the Ninja's Shuriken. You might also want to consider using a Lancer as the Jump skill will come in handy because the Lancer will be able to dodge the beast's attacks while in the air. Another good option is to cast Speed and Slow and Haste with the Time Mage. A few Shuriken, however, should take care of things quite nicely.

Before you beat KimaBrain, try to steal a Dragon Fang from it. You will win a Phoenix Down for your efforts.

When you're ready, head into the warp to follow Galuf and Krile to their world: World 2!

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