SNES into PSX Questions.

Q) What are the differences between the two versions of the game?
A) There are quite a few differences between the two versions of Final Fantasy V. First are the characters’ names: the main character on SNES/ROM is called Butz, whilst on the Anthology version he is called Bartz. A female character on the SNES/ROM is called Cara, but on Anthology she is called Krile. There are various location name changes, like Lix / Rikks. There are some item changes and job name changes as well.

Also, the sound on the Anthology version seems to be pretty bad compared to that on the ROM and SNES, but I think this is due to the sound chip in the original cartridge not being able to hold high-class sound.

Mainly, the changes are just sound and names, but the names can be easily be identified. Also, a lot of bugs have been ironed out.

First World

Note: most of the questions on Jobs / Abilities / Magic / etc. are included in the first world section.

Q) What is a good starting party?
A) Once you get jobs, I recommend having a Monk, Black Mage, White Mage and a Knight/Thief. I recommend Thief - they aren’t as powerful as Knights, but they can steal, attack, see passages and even dash, plus they have great speed.

Q) What are all the summons I can get?
A) In the first world, you can get: Ifrit, Shiva, Ramuh, Sylph, Remora, Chocobo and Titan.

Q) How do I get that crystal shard in Walse Tower?
A) You can't get it until near the end of the game, the class is MIMIC.

Q) Where is a good place to level up?
A) I suggest outside of Cresent. The enemies there give a good share of EXP in the first world, and are easy to kill.

Q) What is up with the Pianos?
A) Just play them. If you play ALL of them during the three worlds, you learn the Ultimate Song.

Q) I am using an emulator, and I can't see in the sunken graveyard
A) Fiddle around with the number buttons "1,2,3 and 4", you will soon have the perfect picture, but your character might not show until you come out of the water.

Q) The screen flashes every time I walk. HELP!
A) Your character is poisoned...

Q) My ship has sunk...where do I go?
A) I presume you're in Cresent, go to the chocobo forest, south of Cresent.

Q) My Red Mage can't use magic like Cure 3, or Fire 3
A) That is because of the White/Black combination. A White Mage can only use small level white magic, so your Red Mage is only useful during the first half of the game. If you want my advice, have a Black Mage with mastered white magic...or vice-versa.

Q) Can you control berserkers?
A) No.

Q) How and when can you equip 2 abilities at once?
A) You cannot equip 2 custom abilities at once to a normal class. You can just add one of your own. But when you use a Suppin, for battle, you can equip 2 abilities of your choice. If you use the Mimic class, you can equip 3 abilities of your choice.

Q) What does the Ultimate / Hero song do?
A) The song raises the party’s stats during battle.

Q) How many Blue Magic spells are there? And how can I learn them?
A) You can learn spells by letting the enemy use the spells on you. If an enemy uses 1000 Needles on you, you learn 1000 Needles. Not all spells are available though. You can get a total of around 30 Blue Magic spells.

Q) An enemy used a spell on me.....why didn’t I learn it?
A) You need a Blue Mage or the !LEARNING Ability to learn enemy skills. If an enemy uses Level 5 death on your party, and Galuf is a Blue Mage and his level is 13, he will not learn the spell, since his level is not a multiple of 5

Q) How does "Old / Aging" affect my characters?
A) Once a character is old (getting grey hair in battle), their Defense, Strength, Agility, Magic, etc. drops rapidly during battle. So if a Knight does 800HP a hit, and aging kicks in, s/he will do less and less damage.

Q) How many pianos are there in the FF5 world and where are they?
A) There is a total of 10 pianos I think. There can be more or less. You can play pianos in pubs/bars in towns around the three worlds. There is also a piano is Mirage town.

Q) How many songs are there in the FF5 world and where are they?
A) The songs are: Speed Song, Strength Song, Life Song, Love Song, Charm Song and Hero Song. You can get them from various Bards/Singers in Final Fantasy V, or examine sheets of paper in some locations.

Second World

Q) I just arrived, I am on an Island, what do I do?
A) Why not use a tent or a cottage?

Q) This turtle in this cave is kicking my ass!
A) You're in the money cave right? RUN! or use GOOD Magic.

Q) Where is Galuf's exit spell?
A) Look at the left side of one of the rooms...and a Thief may come in handy.

Q) Where can I get Shoat?
A) Once you get Zeza's submarine, go to the town of Mau and go underwater, look for a nearby cave, Shoat is in a forest near there. If you have trouble finding Shoat, or think you're in the wrong forest, this is his proper location: the forest is near a lake, south of Mau/Moore surrounded by mountains. Shoat will be in a random battle.

Q) What does "SOOT" do?
A) Nothing.

Q) ExcaliPur / Excalipoor is weak against enemies, despite it has an attack of 200.
A) Wrong sword mate....it is a fake sword, set up by EXDEATH. You can throw it, with the !THROW Ability from a Ninja, causing a lot of damage.

Q) How do I get Golem?
A) Go to Hiryuu VALLY, he will attack you. You'll meet him again, but he is getting attacked by two dragons, save him and he'll join you.

Q) How can I get Genji Equipment?
A) Steal from Gilgamesh.

Third World & Void

Q) I missed Shoat...can I get him?
A) Nope.

Q) Where is the sunken tower of walse?
A) Underwater, to the left side of the map.

Q) What summons can I get?
A) Odin, Bahamut, Phoenix, Syldra, Shiva, Remore, Sylph, Chocobo, Leviathan.

Q) I am in Phoenix Tower, what do I do?
A) You seen the giant square in the centre of the room? Examine it....

Q) How do I beat Gogo?
A) Just sit there...Gogo will not attack and will give up.

Q) How do I get into the void/N ZONE?
A) Fly over where Tycoon used to be.

Q) Where can I level up, and get GOOD AP
A) Try the last floor of the Void, the monsters give almost 100AP, but if that is out of your reach, then go to Phoenix Tower and feed Magic Pots Elixirs. Plus, the desert near Phoenix Tower has monsters which can give a LOT of EXP and AP....But they might be a bit powerful. The last floor of the final dungeon has monsters with HUGE amount of AP.

Q) Where is the Mirage Town
A) Two places 1) In the Cleft of Dimension 2) In a small forest, a little west of Cresent, walk around in it.

Q) I just got the mimic class, and when I use the command in battle, it does nothing.
A) You need someone to do a command, before you can mimic. If you mimic as your first command in battle, your character will do nothing.

Q) What’s the fastest way to kill Odin?
A) I recommend using either BREAK, SHOAT or use a Mystic Knight / Sorcerer and use a break sword.

Q) I hardly have any Blue Magic, how can I get some fast?
A) Apocalypse in the final dungeon has a lot of Blue Magic spells. Have a Ribbon ready, white spells and of course....Blue Mages or "Learning command"

Q) How can I get the Blue Magic "Mighty/Big Guard" and what must I do with that monster?
A) You can get Mighty Guard from Stingrays. Stingrays are located in the sunken tower of Walse. You must control the monster first.

Q) I want to beat "Omega Weapon" at the Void, What must I do?
A) If you want to beat Omega, be at a VERY high level. Use summons like Golem, Syldra/Hydra. Use Bolt 3 and Jump.... AND HEAL! You need to be at a VERY HIGH level, repeat. That’s my method of beating Omega.

Q) I want to beat "Shinryu" at the Void, what must I do?
A) A very very quick way to kill Shinryu in the last stage to get the "Ragnarok" is to steal eight Hiryuu Lances from the Crystal Dragon. Equip each character with 2 Hiryuu Lances, and allow them to use the "JUMP" command. Have them equipped with Coral Rings to defend against Shinryu's Tidal Wave attack at the beginning of the battle. After the Tidal Wave, have each character Jump. After all of them have jumped off the screen, you can wait for victory when they land.


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