FFV - Walkthrough - Save The Water Crystal

Enemies Treasure Blue Magic
PaddleThru (B), Y Burn, Ricard Mage, Elf Toad (I), Ice Soldier (F) Silk Robe, Maiden's Kiss, Ether, SilvrArmBand

All right! Fly the dragon north/northwest to reach Walz Tower from the Castle. By now your characters should be at least level 10 or 11. If they aren't up to par, then wander around in the lower levels of the Walz Water Tower, fighting Elf Toads and Ice Soldiers, until they are. Garula, the boss for this section will make mincemeat out of lesser warriors. Other news about the monsters here is that you can steal a Mythril Knife from a wandering Y Burn (the red Wyvern type creature), but beware as it can be annoying if it uses Air Wing repeatedly! Also, the hard to come by Ricard Mage in this tower will drop a Fire Rod if you really have the patience to get it (you'll eventually get one later on, so I say don't worry about it). Ready to start?

1st Floor

Upon Entering you'll see a couple of the King's attachment...they proclaim that Garula (they shy creature you met in the Town of Walz) has gone berserk, and the King has followed him up the tower accompanied by a lone warrior. Now head up to the 2nd floor.

2nd Floor

Just wrap around the centre structure and go in the door to reach the:

3rd Floor

Head around and up the staris to, yep you guessed it:


4th Floor

Silk Robe
Finally, something besides stairs awaits you here. The King, badly injured, points the way that Garula went (where else could he go but up?). Position your character on the spot right above where the King is lying on the ground and walk to your immediate left. You should go into the water because there are some well camoflauged stairs there. Go ahead and follow your instinct by climbing those vines and coming out on the 5th floor. Grab the Silk Robe (a nice item for your White Mage), and drop back down the hole (!). Get out of the water and head up to:

5th Floor

Treasure: Maiden's Kiss

Use the save point here, go ahead and use a Tent if you really want to (wimp!!), nab the Maiden's Kiss (I always wondered how Square managed to think they could put intangible things inside boxes...), and head up the staris to...ummmmm:

6th Floor

A real stumper this tower! Just head up for cryin' out loud!

7th Floor

Head around to the right.

8th and 9th Floors

Treasure: SilvrArmBand, Ether

Screenshot Something different now: Wipe the shock off of your face and then climb up the vines on the left and get the SilvrArmBand (a good defensive item, but it slows you down, so give it to your Knight because he already weighs 3 tonnes). Jump back down, ignore the vines in the centre, climb the vines on the right, nab the last treasure, and head up. (In the words of Cloud: "hoo...")

Crystal Room

Here you will find the infamous Garula and the mysterious lone warrior that the Kingsmen spoke of. The warrior tries valiantly to stop the hulking menace by himself, but is thrown aside easily by the giant creature. He charges you to engage the next boss encounter!

BOSS 5: Garula Level 10-11
If you leveled up like I suggested, then this battle shouldn't be too tough. Still, you have to be cautious. Garula uses nothing but strong physical attack against your party, and his Charge attack, which is just two normal attacks in a row, can be devastating if you don't prepare. You can counter Garula by casting the Toad Song on him, but he just reverts himslef quickly by casting Toad on himself (if only you had Mute at this point in the game).

Another option is to outfit yourself ahead of time against those murderous physical attacks, and that means Knightly attire. A level 11 Knight outfitted in iron gear (what I had) is nearly impervious to Garula's attacks, and what's more he will protect those that are low on health! However, outfitting your entire party in iron is costly at this point in the game. Play it however you want with those two options under your belt and you should be fine.

Don't forget at least one White Mage though! Keep plugging at him with your Knights and maybe a little Aero thown in and he'll fall quickly. You win a Potion for you efforts.

After Garula is soundly defeated, the crystal shatters regardless of your efforts (now, I don't think that was very fair). Anyway, that lone soldier gathers some hidden reserve of strength to talk to you. He recognises Galuf (calls him Lord). He says he's sorry he couldn't protect the crystal, and Galuf tries to find out more about himslef, but all the guy says before goes to the other side is that you must protect the Fire Crystal. The crystal shards glow invitingly! Go and gather them to get the next set of Jobs!

After getting five of the six crystal shards lying about, the tower will start to shake. Miraculously, a door opens for you, so go through it and you will witness the entire peninsula on which the Tower of Walz is rested sink into the ocean. Bartz and Company face certain peril in the tumultuous seas.

Hydra comes to the rescue by eating them (!). The gentle Hydra regurgitates the four onto a nearby beach. Just when Faris is about to welcome her long lost mate back, the water dragon decides to die! Reina keeps Faris from running into the ocean after Hydra. Thanks are given , and the Hydra cries his last cry; rather melodramatically.

Water Crystal Jobs: Time Mage, Sorcerer, Berserker, Red Mage, Summoner

Like before, I'll give a quick run down on each job to give the lay person an idea as to the attributes of the individual jobs. Know this about your new jobs, oh training warrior:

Time Mage is similar to your Black Mage and your White Mage in terms of prowess and stamina. They differ, of course, in the type of magic they wield. Time Magic can be extremely useful on a couple of levels: you can speed up those slow Knights of yours and slow down speedy enemies. They can give aid in terms of the Regen spell, and eventually, restore battles to very outset if they don't turn out to your liking. They can also cast powerful space time distortion magic which can seriously hurt anything on the recieving end.

Sorcerer is kind of like a combination between a Mage and a Knight. Technically they are mages, but they can equip most of the strong armor. Their key feature is that they can take advantage of an enemy's weakness by casting a certain spell onto their own sword. For example: remember those Ice Soldiers? Imagine combing the damage of your Knight's Mythril Sword with the damamge of Black Mage's Fire Spell. It sounds really good, but you have to waste a turn casting the spell on yourself every battle! This step is very time consuming, so I don't use them that much myself.

Berserkers are very powerful teammates, but you can never control their actions! They are under the constant haze of Berserk, which increases their speed and attack power, but turns them into raving nuts at the same time. Good for leveling up, but not all that useful in battles that count, or, for that matter, in battles that you're trying to derive something from (ie: getting Blue Magic, stealing).

The Red Mage is by far my favourite character at this point in the game because they have prowess over both White and Black Magic, and they can equip moderately strong attire and weapons. Later on in the game you'll want to switch jobs, but for now, all around is is the way to go.

Summoner - the Final Fantasy standard. As is par, the Summoner has reign over the prettiest and most powerful spells in the game. They call monsters that you gather, either from shops or from side quests, to lash out at your enemies. To make up for this awesome magic, the Summoner has almost no Vigor, and like the Black Mage, is very sensitive to physical attacks. Use Summoners with caution and deliberation and they will vastly increase the odds in your favour, but if you overuse them, or don't watch their back all of the time with your White Mage, then you'll regret having them.

By now, you the player have full reign over what type of party to raise. Know that it will take a tremendous amount of time and dedication to earn each and every skill the game's job system has to offer, so choose wisely what jobs to build up. (Diversity is the key - God Bless the Melting Pot!).

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