FFV - Walkthrough - Chocobo De Crescent!

Enemies Treasure Blue Magic
Crescent, Black Flame Piano #5 Strength Song BlakShok

Screenshot Once you finish up business in the sleepy town of Jachol, power up the Fire Ship and head east to the island shaped like a crescent, which is appropriately named, Crescent Island (view world map). The people of Jachol gave warnings about things underneath the island, but don't let their idle banter stop you!

NOTE: Once you enter the town, you'll lose your ship. So, take care of all your business before you enter Crescent Town. You won't be without transport for too long, so it's not too important.

You might want to wander around outside of town for a little bit so you can run into the Crescent and Black Flame enemies. The Crescent will drop a Death Sickle for you and he also has a Silver Bow you can steal. The Black Flame will cast the BlakShok Blue Magic which halves the target's level; make sure to acquire it. When you're sufficiently warn out from battling, head into the town.

Crescent Town
Weapon Shop Fire Bow (2500), Ice Bow (2500), Lightning Bow (2500), Silver Harp (800)
Armor Shop Plumed Hat (350), Poet Robe (1000)
Magic Shop Fire2 (600), Ice2 (600), Bolt2 (600), Poison (290), Sleep (300), Fire (150), Ice (150), Bolt (150)
Item Shop Tonic (40), Antidote (30), Eye Drop (20), Maiden's Kiss (60), Cornucopia (50), Soft (150), Phoenix Down (1000), Tent (250)

When you enter the town, some old guy will warn that 'another one' is coming. You quickly learn that this 'another one' is an earthquake! Bartz will notice the Fire Ship sinking, and you have to run out to watch it sink, otherwise the earthquake won't stop. After Bartz states the obvious, the ship will be sucked into a whirlpool that is right between the two tips of the crescent shape of the island.

Screenshot The only thing you can do now is to head back into the town to try to learn a few things. Here you learn that this island hardly ever gets rain, but there is never a shortage of water because it keeps bubbling up from below the ground; The Ronka Ruins, located on the western continent, are home to the same artifacts as can be found here on Crescent Island; and the creatures called black chocobos were born and bred in the forest, so that is where you have to go to find one. Another random comment is that the stone-like monsters can't stand Gold Hairpins. (This is a translation error: there are no Gold Hairpins in the game. What she meant to say was "Stone-like monsters can't stand softs" -- thanks to Ajora.)

Buy some of the bows now, because you'll be able to use them soon, and replenish your supply of items. Other things to do here are speak to the minstrel and play the piano in the house farthest to the east. The minstrel will give you the "Strength Song," and the while playing the piano you will put forth your best effort thus far by actually playing a cute little song (Bartz screws up at the end though...he must have fat fingers!).

Chocobo Forest

Screenshot Once you get weary of Crescent Village, head outside and then hop, skip, and jump down south to the only forest around. When you enter the forest, the group will spot the rare black chocobo that you have learned about. Bartz decides to catch the wild animal, but don't think it'll be easy! Remember to dash with the 'O' button and try to catch the chocobo with the 'X' button. In all honesty, it really isn't that hard - just keep trying if your having a tough go of it. After catching the large chicken it will try to fly, but will crash suddenly back to the ground. After complaining with abhorrent "Wark!," the bird manages to settle down. Faris discovers some crystal shards on the animal. After Faris knocks them out of the bird's feather down, pick them up to receive two new jobs.

Chocobo Forest Jobs: Bard, Hunter

Know this about your new jobs, oh training warrior:

The Bard, although pretty weak, is the only class that can use the 'Sing' ability. These songs that the Bard sings have a variety of effects from confusing enemies to increasing the party's strength. The most useful song that you will use is probably the Requiem song because it will dish out tremendous damage to undead creatures. The powers and usefulness of the Bard may elude the more aggressive players because of the class' subtleties. Be patient with the Bard; make sure you give the class a chance - get all of the songs, and you won't be disappointed.

The Hunter is good for one thing in our opinion, and that is the Sshot abilty. This skill gives the player the ability to score four consecutive hits in a row! It will take a while to build the Hunter up to the level at which they acquire this ability (a total of 600 ABP), but it is worth it. Start learning it as soon as you can. Also, the Hunters will be useful at this stage of the game with their elemental arrows. The Critter ability, which is the Hunter's default, is fun too watch, but isn't really all that helpful in crucial battles because of its randomness. The Nightingale can help out (it restores about 250 HP per character), but you can't count on it arriving when you need it. All in all, an ok character with a super ability that must be learned as soon as possible!

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