FFV - Walkthrough - Tycoon Meteor Events

Enemies Treasure Blue Magic
Goblins Phoenix Down

After the big crash, you hop aboard your chocobo, put out the fire, put on your super sleuth cap, and head out to investigate the smoldering crater. You are now in control of your character, but you can't do much. You can access the menu and play around with the configuration options and you can explore a bit, but, as you'll quickly discover, you only have one option.


Head east from the starting point to the meteor. Boko, your chocobo, stays at the entrance. Follow the path through the trees to find the meteor and girl in danger. Be valiant and rush to her safety by dispatching two really easy Goblins. After the battle, the lass introduces herself only as Reina, and you are given the option to name your character (be creative, but if you like the classic names, his name is commonly known as Butz). After wondering about the possible connection between the meteor and the untimely demise of the wind you hear someone moaning.

Screenshot Look around to find the old man from the cave in the upper right corner of the clearing. To everyone's chagrin, he has amnesia from a nasty bump to the head. Fortunately, he recalls that his name is Galuf, and, after Reina jogs the memory banks, that he needs to go to the Wind Shrine. Bartz decides that he doesn't much care for the Wind Shrine so he says good bye to Reina and Galuf.

After snatching a Phoenix Down from a treasure chest in the lower right hand corner of the area (there's a hidden path), head back to Boko and ride off into the sunset. (The sunset resides to the North of your starting point, in the valley.) As you are anticipating the credits, Boko suddenly stops short and throws Bartz to the ground. Cast a wary eye at the overgrown chicken, then hop back aboard Boko and continue up.

Screenshot Just as things couldn't get any worse, an earthquake hits and the ground starts to break apart. Keep heading up, fighting the measly Goblins along the way, and come to Reina's aid once again (Galuf is just laying there like a slug - it's his only defense). Carry the two to safety among the hills. As Reina and Galuf come to, Bartz discusses the possibility of accompanying them to the Wind Shrine because they obviously can't handle themselves alone. Galuf sees through Bartz's facade.

Unfortunately, the only paths to the Wind Shrine were blocked by the meteor and by the earthquake. The earthquake also seems to have opened up a cave. Save your game, and then head into the murky bowels of the earth.

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