FFV - Walkthrough - Tycoon Castle


Back on the world map, you just have to go north and enter the castle to meet the chancellor. During the celebration, you have to follow Krile onto the balcony. Have a conversation and then leave the castle. There's nothing much of interest here anymore but a few scenes about Reina's and Faris' past. Try to leave the castle and you will be interrupted by one of the guards, who's got some news about the big bridge.

Back on the world map, you just have to go west across the bridge, until you arrive at the Pirate's Cave. After the scene about Boko, he will join your team. Use the chocobo now to ride along the road which leads north. When you arrive at the Village of Tule, you have to go west until you arrive at a path between the cliffs. Here you're dropped into a cave.

BOSS 32: Antlion Level 34 HP 8100
This fight might be a bit difficult, because you can only fight with Bartz and Krile. Ice3 and Aquarake are very effective here. Physical attacks are not very good here. Just deal a damage of 6000 and the fight is over.

Back on the world map, just enter the new cave and you'll meet up with Gill. Long scene ahead so just get yourself a beer or something. After you regain control, walk up to the top of the library and talk to the guys, to learn the mp-song. Leave the Ancient Library and go through the rest of the Moore Forest to arrive at the Pyramid.

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