FFV - Walkthrough - The Prelude: Not A Very Nice Day For Sailing

One day, the King of Tycoon, upon feeling an irregularity in the air currents, rushed to the Wind Shrine, only to find the Wind Crystal shattering to pieces right before his eyes. In addition to this catastrophe, an enormous meteor had fallen to the ground, causing earthquakes in the surrounding land near Tycoon Castle. In the ensuing chaos, the King of Tycoon disappears mysteriously.

If you're playing the 'Collection' or 'Anthology' versions of Final Fantasy V, then you'll see a nice introduction to the epic saga. The clip introduces the main charaters of the game, and basically shows you where those characters are located right before the first meteor hits. You'll notice that the wind is still blowing the lovely lace drapes about Reina as she strolls the halls of Tycoon Castle - a nice touch by Square.

The introduction that everyone will see is set at first in Tycoon Castle. King Tycoon, father of two lovely daughters, senses a disturbance in the wind currents, so he hops aboard his trusty dragon and heads to the Wind Shrine. Reina, worrying over her father's safety, tries to stop him, but to no avail.


The next scene is aboard a pirate's ship. The sailing vessel is cruising around mid-ocean when the wind suddenly stops. An old man in a cave, or what we think is a cave, next to some flashy device, describes the urgency of his schedule. King Tycoon, having arrived at the Wind Shrine, watches in horror as the Wind Crystal shatters. Finally, after the barage of events, things start to slow down and you find yourself introduced to another character and his faithful chocobo

Just when you start to relax, a meteor falls!

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