FFIX - Characters - Zidane Tribal

Zidane Gender: Male
Occupation: Bandit
Weapon: Daggers
Trance: Dyne

"You don't need a reason to help people."

The mainstay of Final Fantasy IX, Zidane is a likeable young man who is high-spirited and optimistic - always trying to keep morale high within the party. With a bit of a soft-spot for Garnet, Square localisation expert, Maki Yamane, comments that Zidane is "not a jerk, like Squall" and that "He's a player, or tries to be anyway...".

At the beginning of the game, he's only 16 years of age and has no recollection of his past (sound familiar?), but, more interestingly, as the game goes on Zidane will mature to become an adult as he strives to discover his past.

Zidane also has a very nice tail - something I'm sure we'll learn about in the future. :)

Battle Details
Part of the 'Thief' class, Zidane possesses a Steal ability which can secure some of the best equipment in the game. Also, Zidane can use an interesting tactic whereby he uses a diversionary ploy to attack the enemy from behind.

Zidane is the first of the characters to discover Trance. When Zidane Trances, his thieves' skills become powerful Dyne attacks, which can cause massive amounts of damage to the enemy