FFIX - Characters - Eiko Carol

Eiko Age: 6
Gender: Female
Occupation: Prodigy
Weapon: Rod
Trance: Double White

"I don't wanna be alone anymore ... "

A prodigal young girl at only 6 years of age, Eiko is the only remainder of a tribe of summoners. Afraid of being on her own, she lives as the only human in a family of Moogles.

Despite her young age, Eiko develops quite a crush on the adult Zidane, forming a rivalry with Garnet.

Battle Details
Eiko is obviously weak at least physically, but possesses ability when using White Magic and summoning healing creatures.

Eiko's Trance ability is Double White. Similar to Vivi's Double Black, during Trance Eiko can cast two consecutive magic spells in one turn, until the Trance wears off. Physical and magic power is also increased.