FFIX - Characters - Vivi Ornitier

Vivi Age: 9
Gender: Male
Occupation: Mage
Weapon: Magic
Trance: Double Black

"How do you prove that you exist ... ? Maybe we don't exist ... "

Central to Final Fantasy IX's story, and the second-most important character after Zidane, Vivi is a somewhat troubled Black Mage at only 9 years of age. Although he is very clumsy (weren't we all at that age?), he's an extremely gifted wizard and very adept at the art of Black Magic.

Like Zidane, Vivi cannot remember any of his short past, and the realisation that he's the only Black Mage not under the mystical control of Queen Brahne entices him to join Zidane (when he comes to kidnap Garnet) in the search for answers - not least to his own existence.

Battle Details
Vivi's main weapon is the ability to cast devastating Black Magic attacks on any foe. Interestingly, if Steiner and Vivi are in the party at the same time, Vivi can enhance Steiner's large sword with elemental magic.

Vivi's Trance ability is Double Black. Similar to Eiko's Trance, Vivi can cast two Black Magic spells in one turn during Trance.