FFIX - Characters - Adelbert Steiner

Steiner Age: 33
Gender: Male
Occupation: Royal Knight
Weapon: Sword
Trance: Double attack power

"Having sworn fealty, must I spend my life in servitude?"

Loyal to the end, the huge Knight that is Adelbert Steiner serves as the leader of the only male regiment in Alexandria, the Knights of Pluto, but sees his only duty as being to protect Princess Garnet at all costs. Seeing Zidane as bit of a bad influence on Garnet (well, he is a thief after all), tensions between Steiner and Zidane grow throughout the game.

Steiner will spend a lot of the game trying to investigate why the once good Queen Brahne has changed so dramatically.

Battle Details
As he is so large (and, of course, a Knight), Steiner's main strength in battle lies within his physical attacks - the game's heaviest equipment can be equipped to him and he can also learn devastating combination attacks. When Vivi is in the party, Steiner can perform special Sword Magic attacks, combining with Vivi's magic abilities.

When Steiner Trances, his attack power is doubled.