FFIX - FAQ - FAQ - Disc 1

I just started. Where is Allyway Jack?

Allyway Jack hangs around Alexandria. He usually walks down the back ally, where the mini-theater is. He had red-ish hair and has 4 arms.

What's a good way of beating Baku for the first time?

I suggest having Zidane and Marcus attacking Baku, loosening his grip. Get Cinna and Blank to steal potions and don't forget to steal Mage Masher. It's a good weapon at the start of the game.

Whats the best way to win at the Rope Jumping game?

For the first 20 jumps, press X, don't move for about half a second and jump again. After the 20th jump, press X right after Vivi touches the ground. Another good method would be every time you see the "!" symbol, immediately press "X". We found this timing is very useful.

What is Mognet?

Mognet is a sidequest. Speak to a Moogle, they might request you to send a letter to another Moogle. Give that letter to the correct Moogle. You can read the letter, and find out more plot details.

Why won't Pyro, Medo and other spells do no damage?

You are using SFX magic. You use this magic a few times at the start of the game. It is stage magic, so it'll do no damage.

Where are Hippaul's cards in Alexandria?

When you control Vivi, walk back one screen and check the houses in the background. And to get the other one: in the tower at the chapel of Alexandria. To get the cards, reject Puck's offer to be his slave and proceed one screen down and turn left (not into Ilia's house). Go up the ladder and pull the rope to get Hippaul's cards. You must talk to Hippaul to know about his hidden cards.

How many cards can you carry?

100.... Any more and you'll have to discard some.

I am controlling Steiner for the first time, where is Garnet?

Princess Garnet is in the left tower. Exit the castle, and go to the left tower. Don't forget to speak with the 8 Knights of Pluto, then you get rewarded an Elixir.

In the evil forest, how come it is game over when the plant fully absorbs Garnet or Vivi?

Because Vivi and Garnet both need to be alive at the end of the battle. Use potions when both of them are down to about 25HP.

I just equipped a new weapon for Zidane, how come Zidane can't use "Flee" anymore?

Because you need to master the ability first. Get enough A.P to master "Flee", then Zidane can use "Flee" no matter what.

Why are there so many random eccounters in the Ice Cavern?

There are a lot of Ice Breezes/Mist in the Cavern. If you step into them, a battle with Wyerds will start. Plus, there are random encounters.

Who is this Ragtime Mouse and Friendly Creatures I encounter?

Both are friendly encounters. The Rag Time Mouse appears in any forest, and asks you a tricky question. Answer right for a prize. Friendly Creatures beg for "Ores" Give them one and you get A.P.... and a surprise on Disc 3+4...

Where are Dagger, Vivi and Steiner in Dali?

Dagger is in the item shop (it is the first building on the left from the entrance). Vivi is underground, you need to use the windmill to get there. And as for Steiner, you can't get him back yet....

About to leave Dali, what Magic should Vivi have?

Vivi should have Thunder, Fire and Blizzard by now. Equip clothing and new staffs to him. You can steal them from the Boss Battles before going to Lindblum....

I am in Lindblum, Zidane is in the inn, where should I go?

We recommend going to Tantalas' Hideout first (goto the station at the right side of town). There is treasure with money there. Get the money, and go down to the Business District again. You should buy some weapons and Synth some great weapons and equipment.

What Figurines are on Disc 1? And how do you get them?

To get the rare items "Figurines", you have to look for "!" or do Sidequests. You can get one on disc 1. To get it, goto Tantalas Hideout and look there...

How do you win the Festival of the Hunt? And what are the prizes?

To win the hunt, Equip the Ogre on Zidane and fight as many battles as possible. Within the last 3 minutes, head down to the Theater District for a thorough, but rewarding battle.

What is Chocobo Hot + Cold?

Chocobo Hot and Cold is a mini-game in the Chocobo Forest. You hunt for treasure there. You find Chocographs, which allow your chocobo to find treasures on the world map.

Should I get Quina?

Yes, S/He is highly recommended during Disc 1. But you need Him/Her for Disc 2...

Any tips on Frog Catching?

Yes. Leave the Golden frog in the pond. Leave a Male and a Female frog in the pond also. These 3 will make the production of the frogs grow quicker.

How do I learn Blue Magics?

When a enemy is down to 1/8 of HP, make Quina Eat/Cook them. When tranced, Quina can cook when enemies are at 1/4 of HP.

What's the difference with Freya in trance?

She can jump into the air and remain there for a few turns while attacking the enemies while above the surface. Also, her normal attack will be multiplied by 1.2 times.

What is a good and fast way of killing Grand Dragons?

Learn "Limit Glove" from Axe-Beak. from the main entrance of Lindblum. Kill Quina in Gizamalukes Grotto, and revive it so Quina has 1HP. Make sure Quina is alive during the battle and use Limit Glove, which will take 9999HP off the dragons. Later in the game, you can use Level 5 Death on them to kill them instantly. You can eat Nymph, located near the Chocobo tracks near Cleyra to learn "Night", again, which is very useful.

Where can I get the Coffees on disc 1?

You can get Moccha Coffee at North Gate. Remember the ATE when Cinna got that Coffee?

Who is this Stiltzkin?

Stiltzkin is a Golden Moogle who travels around the world. He is usually one step ahead the party, and when you see him, he will give you a bargain deal for items. You meet him first in Alexandria, leaving, then you see him in Burmecia.

Beatrix is too hard, any good way of defeating her?

2 ways: Use your best magics, let Quina be your healer and jump. Or, keep defending and healing throughout the battle....no attacks... After a few minutes, Beatrix will end the battle.

What are all the Stellazzio coins I can collect? and What is Stellazzio?

Stellazzio are coins you find in FFIX. Queen Stella in Treno collects them, and she gives you prizes. The coins you can get on Disc 1 are: Aries (check Dali windmill, its near the back door), Sagittarius (in Lindblum, check the left side of the Pickle Cart) and Cancer (check the over turned cart near the entrance of Burmacia).