FFIX - Characters - Amarant Coral

Amarant Age: 26
Gender: Male
Occupation: Warrior
Weapon: Fists
Trance: Elan

"The only dependable thing about the future is uncertainty."

Huge in stature, Amarant reluctantly fights alongside Zidane because of a trick the young thief played on him some years back. An independent person both in and out of battle, Amarant relies mostly on his strength more than his brains.

Battle Details
Like Sabin Figaro from Final Fantasy VI, Amarant can use Blitz combinations to devastating effect. A traditional Final Fantasy Ninja, Amarant can also throw GP and items at the enemy, and also possesses curative abilities.

Amarant's Trance ability is called Elan. The "Elan" command replaces the "Flair" command on the menu when Amarant enters Trance. The same commands are available, but the strength of them increases. Amarant's physical strength increases as well.