FFIX - Script

This is the Final Fantasy IX Script, a massive project undertaken by Martin, member of FF:WA and lover of Final Fantasy IX.

Here you can relive favourite moments of Final Fantasy IX, get certain quotes which you may have forgotten, or even read what happens in the entire game if you haven't, or can't, play Final Fantasy IX!

Just select the Disc, then select the appropriate section, and you'll be well on your way!

And by the way, about 99.9% of the script is exactly like the game...some places might have an "AHHH!" instead of an "AAH!!!", because some of the text boxes in the game pop up and dissappear fast, but those are few and far between, and I usually just resume from my previous save point and catch my mistake. But this is a near-identical version of the Final Fantasy IX US English script which you can rely on, I assure you. :)

It's set up so that if a person says multiple lines at once, they'll be listed underneath like so:

"So then I went grocery shopping..."
"And I bought a ham."
"It needed mustard."

Any actions, events, FMV's or descriptions of scenes will be in [ ] brackets. Example:

"Time to go cook the ham. Be right back."
[Zidane leaves the room to cook the ham]

In the game, whenever a word is said in a different colour, it will appear as being in bold in the script.

And I believe that pretty much sums it up. As always, if you have any questions, comments or opinions on the script, be sure to e-mail me, martin@ffwa.org, and I'll see what I can do for you. ^_^

Script Disc 1

Disc 1.1 - Alexandria
Disc 1.2 - Evil Forest
Disc 1.3 - Ice Cavern
Disc 1.4 - Dali
Disc 1.5 - Lindblum
Disc 1.6 - Qu's Marsh & Chocbo's Forest (Optional Areas)
Disc 1.7 - Gizmaluke's Grotto & South Gate
Disc 1.8 - Burmecia

Script Disc 2

Disc 2.1 - South Gate
Disc 2.2 - Cleyra
Disc 2.3 - Alexandria
Disc 2.4 - Pinnacle Rocks
Disc 2.5 - Conde Petie
Disc 2.6 - Conde Petie & Mountain Path
Disc 2.7 - Madain Sari
Disc 2.8 - Iifa Tree
Disc 2.9 - Return to Madain Sari
Disc 2.10 - Return to the Iifa Tree

Script Disc 3

Disc 3.1 - Alexandria
Disc 3.2 - Treno
Disc 3.3 - Alexandria Under Attack
Disc 3.4 - Lindblum
Disc 3.5 - Black Mage Village & Desert Palace
Disc 3.6 - Oeilvert & Desert Palace
Disc 3.7 - Esto Gaza & Mount Gulug
Disc 3.8 - Lindblum
Disc 3.9 - Ipsen's Castle & The Four Shrines
Disc 3.10 - Terra & Bran Bal
Disc 3.11 - Pandemonium

Script Disc 4

Disc 4.1 - Black Mage Village
Disc 4.2 - Memoria
Disc 4.3 - Crystal World
Disc 4.4 - The Ending

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