FFIX - Characters - Quina Quen

Quina Age: Unknown
Gender: Unknown
Occupation: Chef
Weapon: Fork
Trance: Cook

"I do what I want! You have problem?!"

Definitely the strangest character of Final Fantasy IX, Quina is a mysterious creature who lives in Qu's Marsh. Pretty much nothing is known about Quina, not least its gender (or indeed if it has a gender), but we think it's safe to say that it enjoys eating and cooking seeing as Quina is a chef by trade.

Battle Details
Quina's choice of weapon is a huge fork which enables it to Eat the enemy in order to learn their attacks (Blue Magic). Quina can Eat an enemy once its HP is somewhere around 50-25% of its maximum HP. The exact amount varies with the strength of enemies. This command does not work on all enemies: Most normal random encounters can be Eaten, and a few Bosses can be Eaten.

Quina's Trance ability is Cook. "Cook" replaces "Eat" on the battle menu. During Trance, Quina can Eat stronger enemies more easily. S/he also has increased physical and magic strength.