FFVI - Walkthrough - WoR Part 3

Phoenix Cave

Party: 2 groups with 4 members each
Chests: Wing Edge, Warp Stone, Ribbon, Dragon Horn
BOSS: Red Dragon (**DRAGON #2**)

Have your first group (G1) enter the cave and step on the switch. Now switch to your other group (G2) and have them enter the path that opened. At the top of the stairs go left and try to get the chest. You'll fall down a level. Go south and up the stairs. Step on the switch and get the chest. Go east past the stairs and down to a switch. Change to G1 and enter the passage that opens when G2 stepped on the switch. Step on the switch that you come to as you go north. Switch back to G2 and go north past where the spikes were, and then right until you come to another switch. Step on it and switch back to G1 again. The chest is empty but go down and you should find a hidden room through the wall containing a chest with a warp stone in it.

After you get it return to where you were and go down the stairs. Go left and step on the switch (the chest is empty). Now turn around and go the opposite way. Keep going past the chest (this one's empty too) and when you come to a dead end switch to G2. Go left, past the spikes, and down the stairs. Go right onto the bridge and jump across on the little stones. Turn around and go back on the top set of stones. Don't worry about the chest (it's empty). Press the switch and change to G1. Have G1 go up through the spot that just opened and then around and back down to a switch. Step on the switch and then change to G2. Go up and step on the switch you find. Switch back to G1 again and go up, across the spot where the spikes were, and the down. Jump from stone to stone. Keep doing this and eventually you'll reach a stairway leading up.

Go up the stairway and pull the switch you find. Now go down as far as you can a switch back to G2. Go left and step on the switch. Switch back to G1 and go down where you'll find the Red Dragon. You can fight it now or wait until later.

BOSS 31: Red Dragon
HP 30000 MP 1780 Weakness Ice, Water
Use Ice spells if you have them. Have Terra attack, Edgar use Drill or Chainsaw, Sabin attack, Celes attack or Runic, Cyan use SwdTech 1 or 4, Gau ????, Setzer attack or Slot/GP Rain, Strago use the Aqua Rake lore, and Relm attack. You can use the Vanish/Doom technique on this boss.

Take G2 and go down and left. Follow this path and you'll come to where the lava was cooled off. Walk out and get the chest in the centre (this one isn't empty) then go over to the left side and go up. Follow this path until you can't go any farther and switch to G1. Go and step on the top switch. Now have G2 jump across the stones that appeared and then have them go down and step on one of the switches then switch groups and have them step on the other switch. Take your strongest group and go and fight the Red Dragon (if you haven't already) and then after you kill it have the other group go down and you'll find Locke. You'll now automatically return to Kohlingen.

NOTE: If for some reason you return to the Phoenix Cave you can instantly return to the airship by going to where you found Locke. Here you can press to the right and you'll hop over some rocks to a platform where you'll find the transporter (it looks like a red save spot).


Items: X-Potion, Fenix Down, X-Ether, Elixir, Flame Shld, ValiantKnife
Espers: Phoenix

Here you'll receive the Esper Phoenix plus all the stuff that was in the chests that you found empty: X-Potion, Fenix Down, X-Ether, Elixir, Flame Shld, and ValiantKnife. Now it's on to Narshe.


Chests: Gauntlet, X-Ether, Monster-in-a-box(Pugs)
Additional items: Cursed Shld, Moogle Charm,
Pugs may leave Minerva, possibly the Ragnarok sword (depends on your choice), and possibly a Ribbon, a Pod Bracelet, and an Elixir (depends on if you already got the chests or not previously)
BOSS: Ice Dragon (**DRAGON #3**), Tritoch, Umaro
Espers: Ragnarok, Tritoch, Terrato

As you enter, Lone Wolf will come out and tell you some stuff. Almost all the buildings are locked, but if you have Locke he can open them. Go to the house with no markings and have Locke get you in. Inside you'll find a man in bed who'll give you Cursed Shld. Equip this shield to someone. It may be a pain for a while, but in 255 battles it'll all be worth it. (Being equipped for 255 fights removes the curse and changes the shield into the Paladin Shld which teaches the Ultima spell [a Ribbon must be equipped to the person using the shield in order to uncurse it. It would make sense to have it equipped any way because it counteracts all the bad effects of the Cursed Shld except Condemned].

Go to the Weapon Shop and have Locke get you in. In the back room you'll find and old man. Talk to him and he'll give you a choice of either getting the Esper Ragnarok or making it into a sword. Tough choice: the sword is VERY powerful (and can be bet in the Colosseum for an even more powerful sword) but the Esper teaches you the most powerful spell in the game - Ultima.

Once you've decided (We'd go for the Esper) enter the mines thru the secret passage Locke showed you or thru the entrance behind Arvis' house, and then go to the Moogle Cave where you'll find Mog waiting to join you. Once he's out of the way, search the wall behind him for the Moogle Charm [also in this cave is a chest that may contain a Ribbon if you didn't get the Rune Sword that was in it in the World of Balance]. If you explore the cave some more you'll find two other chests (the 1st two chests that Terra found in the beginning of the game). If you haven't gotten them yet, they'll contain a Pod Bracelet and an Elixir.

Return to the airship and add Mog to your party. Now go back into Narshe and go north to the mines where you first saw Umaro (straight back from the entrance of town). Once inside the mines take a right, and continue following that path until you reach the Ice Dragon. You may want to go past the dragon to the save spot before fighting it.

BOSS 32: Ice Dragon
HP 24400 MP 9000 Weakness Fire
Use fire spells or, if you don't have them, simply use your best attacks. You can use the Vanish/Doom technique on this boss.

After defeating it continue north to the frozen Esper Tritoch. You'll have to fight it before you can have it.

BOSS 33: Tritoch
HP 30000 MP 50000 Weakness Fire
Use fire spells or best attacks to thaw it out. You can use the Vanish/Doom technique on this boss.

Now go to the edge of the cliff and jump off. You'll land in a new area of the mines. Wander around and you'll be able to find 3 chests. The monster-in-a-box sometimes leaves Minerva armor. When you come to a switch, pass it up, cross the bridge and pull that switch. When you fall down search the skull carving and you'll get the Esper Terrato. Then Umaro will come down and attack you.

BOSS 34: Umaro
HP 17200 MP 6990 Weakness Fire
Use fire spells or best attacks. Don't use Tritoch, Shiva, or Ice spells because they will heal him.

Once you have defeated him and if Mog is in your party, he'll join you. If you follow him out you'll end up just below the spot where you first saw Umaro. Enter the mines to your left. Follow that path and you're on your way out. Once you're out of Narshe go to Triangle Island.

Triangle Island

Wander around until you get attacked. The only monster on the island is the ZoneEater. If you kill it it's worth 1000 xp, but in order to continue you must have all four of your characters get engulfed, so just sit there. Once you get engulfed you'll be in a cave.

Cave in Triangle Island

Chests: Ether, Red Jacket, Genji Armor, Magical Brsh, FakeMustache, Zephyr Cape, Hero Ring, Tack Star, Thunder Shld

To get out go north and step into the light. To get Gogo go down and left. Push A to jump from bridge to bridge but try not to touch the little green guys because they'll knock you down (get knocked down at least once for some treasure). Once past the save spot you'll come to a room with a moving wall. If you get caught by the wall you die. To get past it, stop behind the first chest and go as soon as you can move. Do the same for the second chest. For the third chest go down from it and then when you can move go up and get the chest then quickly come back down again. After that spot you come to a room with open chests. Press A to jump onto a chest and then across. When you can, jump across to the switch, now you can reach a treasure on the left side of the room. When you're ready go thru the door. Here you'll find Gogo the copycat. He'll join you. To get out you can either backtrack or use a warp stone/spell. Next stop...Fanatics' Tower.

Fanatic's Tower

Party: I suggest taking Umaro, Gogo and your two best magic users.
Chests: Safety Bit, Air Anchor, Genji Shld, Stunner, Force Armor, Gem Box Additional items: Pearl Lance
BOSS: White Dragon (**DRAGON #4**), MagiMaster

If you use Gogo make sure to add the Fight (yes Fight, not Magic) command to his list. If you use Mog you can equip him with the Moogle Charm and put him in the lead for an easy time getting up the tower. If you cast Bserk on your party they'll attack with weapons and you can save your mps for healing and stuff. If you don't have Life3 then equip the Esper that teaches it and keep fighting until you learn it (you can beat the boss of the tower without Life3, but it takes a LONG time or a lot of HP).

Each level has a doorway (there are four levels plus the roof). In the first level door go to the right of the chest and press A. When you leave you'll see another door below you. Inside is an Air Anchor. The third level door leads to the White Dragon.

BOSS 35: White Dragon
HP 18500 MP 1200 Weakness None
Use Ultima and Flare if you have them. Have Gogo Mimic or cast spells, and everyone else use their most powerful spells and Espers. You can use the Vanish/Doom technique on this boss.

You get Pearl Lance when you defeat it. Once on the roof get the Gem Box and equip it to someone (the one with the best spells). Now, if you have Life3 (or Rasp, Bserk, and the Fenrir Epser equipped to do it the long way) then exit the room, if not wander around the room and battle monsters until you get it (make sure the Esper equipped teaches it). When you've got Life3, exit the room and try to leave. You'll be stopped by the MagiMaster and you'll have to fight him.

BOSS 36: MagiMaster
HP 50000 MP 50000 Weakness Varies
METHOD 1: Don't bother using elemental spells (Fire, Ice, Bolt, etc.) because the MagiMaster constantly changes what spells heal and hurt him. Using Beserk on him stops him from doing this. Instead use spells like Ultima and Flare, plus Espers like Bahamut and Maduin. Also make ABSOLUTELY SURE AT LEAST ONE CHARACTER HAS LIFE3 ON THEM because when MagiMaster dies he casts Ultima on your party and unless you have a lot of HP, it's game-over.

METHOD 2: Cast Beserk on him and use the Phantom Esper on your party. Now continually cast Rasp on him (or Osmose if your MP is really low). When his 50000 MP is gone, he'll try to cast Ultima but since he has no MP he'll fail and die. NOTE: It takes a long time to beat him this way but once you cast Bserk on him and used Phantom on you, he can't hurt you at all.

METHOD 3: Equip everyone with Wall Rings and let MagiMaster kill himself. You still need Life3 or a lot of HP with this method.

METHOD 4: Cast Bserk on him, then use the Phantom Esper on your party as in METHOD 2. Now keep scanning him as you attack. When his HP reaches a few thousand use the Palidor Esper. Hopefully, the first character down will kill him. He'll cast Ultima which'll kill the one character, but the ones in the air will survive.

After you defeat him you have to climb back down the tower (this is the time you'll want Mog in the lead with the Moogle Charm). Now go to Doma Castle.

Doma Castle

Party: Cyan and 3 others
Chest: X-Potion, Fenix Down, Beads, Ether
Items: Search a pot near the sleeping room for Remedy Search the clock in the room next to the sleeping room for Elixir

Make sure you have Cyan in your party. Go to the room to the right of the throne room for treasure. Enter the door south of this room and follow the path until you reach a door which leads to a couple more chests. Now return to the hall leading to the throne room. Go south from the throne room door and then into the right door. Search the pot then go left and enter the second door you come to. Get the chest and then go back and enter the door you passed up. Take a nap. You will now enter Cyan's Soul.

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