FFVI - Walkthrough - WoR Part 6

The Final Battles

G2: Go down and out to where you pushed the weight off. To your right is a door. Enter the door and go straight where you'll find Goddess.

BOSS 47: Goddess
HP 44000 MP 19000 Weakness None
Use your more powerful spells (Ultima, Meteor, etc.) and attacks (Sabin's Bum Rush, etc.). You can use the Vanish/Doom technique on this boss.

When you beat it you'll get Excalibur and there will be a save spot there. Enter the door and step on the switch.

Screenshot Screenshot

G3: Go north and you'll be attacked by Guardian (remember it? this time you can beat it though).

BOSS 48: Guardian
HP 60000 MP 5200 Weakness Lightning, Water
Use lightning spells along with your best attacks (spells or otherwise). If you have Sabin have him do the Bum Rush blitz for some good damage.

When you defeat it a save spot will be there. Go north through the door, then to the left and down through another door. Search the wall below and to the right of you to find a Ribbon. Now go up and battle Poltrgeist.

BOSS 49: Poltrgeist
HP 58000 MP 18900 Weakness Poison
Again, use your best attacks (Ultima, Flare, Bum Rush, etc). Ice 3 seems to work pretty good, too.

ScreenshotDefeating it will get you the AuraLance. Go north and drop down the hole. Step on the switch and it's time for the final multi-battle showdown.

Put your characters in the order you want them to fight. The first four in your list will fight first. If anyone of those 4 are dead at the end of any of the stages of the last fight, the next characters in line will replace them. This goes on until all four fighting members die or you beat the game:

BOSS 50: Final Fight, Lv1
HP 30000 MP ???? Weakness ????
Right Hand
HP 27000 MP ???? Weakness ????
Left Hand
HP 32000 MP ???? Weakness ????
Here you have to destroy the creatures head and both hands. Use your best attacks and it'll go down in no time. The best way to do it is have 3 characters attack (Ultima works good) and the 4th one heal.

BOSS 50: Final Fight, Lv2
HP 40000 MP ???? Weakness ????
HP 24000 MP ???? Weakness ????
Top Right
HP 27000 MP ???? Weakness ????
Bottom Right
HP 30000 MP ???? Weakness ????
There are 4 things to attack here. The same strategy as above should work.

Screenshot Screenshot
BOSS 50: Final Fight, Lv3
HP 10000 MP ???? Weakness ????
HP 40000 MP ???? Weakness ????
Only two things to attack here. If you're using attacks that only hit a single target, concentrate them on the angel head (the one on the left) because it'll heal both targets. When you get the right target down low, it'll get mad and start using major damage attacks like Merton. Have your Cure spells ready.

BOSS 50: Kefka
HP 62000 MP ???? Weakness ????
Be ready to cure when he uses Fallen One (which reduces all your characters to 1 HP). Even regular/special attacks work pretty good on him (that's all I used and the fight went pretty quick). Make this fight go even quicker by using the Quick spell. Another tactic that makes the fight go quicker is to equip everyone with Flame Shlds and use Merton.

And that's it! You've completed Final Fantasy VI!

Screenshot Screenshot

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