FFVI - Walkthrough - WoR Part 4

Cyan's Soul

Party: the party you took to Doma Castle minus Cyan
Chests: Genji Glove, Lump of metal, Flame Shld, X-Potion, Ice Shld
BOSS: The 3 Dream Stooges, Wrexsoul
Espers: Alexandr

You start out with one of the three characters in a weird dreamworld. Head left and enter the right door and then the next right door. Now you can go down and get another of your characters back. Now enter the door, go right and enter that door. Now go left again and this time enter the left door. Go down and get your remaining character. Enter the door. Now enter the top door, then the door on the right, and then the only door there. Now go right and enter the door. Go down and try entering the door. Larry, Curly, and Moe will attack.

BOSS 37: The 3 Stooges
Larry [left]
HP 10000 MP 2000 Weakness Fire
Curley [top]
HP 15000 MP 2000 Weakness Ice, Water
Moe [right]
HP 12000 MP 2000 Weakness None
Use the Ultima spell and Bahamut if you have them. If not, just use your best attacks and spells, taking note what spells heal which stooge. You can use the Vanish/Doom technique on this boss.

Enter the door and you'll find yourself on a train. Go left into the train car. In the second car pull the switch twice as you enter and get the treasure. Now go to the far left of the car and get the Lump of Metal from the chest. Return right, to the open chest that moves. Push A and you'll put the Metal into the chest allowing you to get by it and get the chest in the back. Now go left and pull the switch, notice which chests close. Continue left into the next car. Notice there is a chest just to the left of the entrance on the other side of the couch. There are 4 switches. To continue use them in the following order (they are numbered 1 to 4, from right to left): 1, 2, 1, 3. Now you can reach switch #4. Before pulling it, close the chests so they match the set-up in the previous car:

open, open, closed closed, closed, open

Once you have the chests set up like above, pull the switch and the wall will open allowing you to go on to the next car. Enter the engine room and then attempt to exit. You'll find yourself in some mines. Go down and follow the path until you re-enter the cave. As soon as you enter the cave turn around and exit.

You'll end up in a new spot. Trying to cross the bridge you'll fall and end up in the sleeping chambers of Doma Castle. Before going to the throne room where Wrexsoul awaits take some time to explore. There are three little scenes that deal with Cyan's life that you can see: one in the room to the right of the throne room ('I loveth thee'), one on left side of the castle (fencing lesson), and one on the right side of the castle (fishing). Once you've explored a bit, go to the throne room and you'll find Wrexsoul.

BOSS 38: Wrexsoul
HP 23066 MP 5066 Weakness Ice
For a quick battle use X-Zone (it'll suck in the SoulSavers and you'll win the fight). If you don't have X-Zone then don't worry about the SoulSavers. You first have to attack one of your characters until they die. This will cause WrexSoul to appear in a form you can kill. Once he has appeared, bring your dead character back to life and then use Ultima, Bahamut, and Ice spells, or your best attacks. If he disappears, repeat the process (only killing a different character this time).

After defeating Wrexsoul Cyan will rejoin your party capable of using all 8 SwdTechs and you'll wake up back in the sleeping chambers. Go to the throne room and you'll find the Esper Alexandr.

Figaro Castle

Party: who ever you want

Enter the castle and go down the stairs to you left. Talk to the guy and have him take you back to Figaro. On the way you'll get stuck. Stop and explore. Go up the stairs and then down the other ones. In the back of the far right jail cell is a doorway. Enter it and you'll be on your way to the Ancient Castle.

Cave to Ancient Castle

Chests: Ether, Wing Edge, Doom Darts, monster-in-a-box(Master Pug), Magicite, X-Potion
Additional items: Gradeus

When you defeat the Master Pug (monster-in-a-box) you'll receive Gradeus. Once you reach a room with a stairway going down into a hole, get the two chests in that room then go down the stairs, past the save spot and up some stairs. You're now at the Ancient Castle.

Ancient Castle

Chests: Blizzard Orb, Gold Hairpin, Punisher, Monster-in-a-box(KatanaSoul)
Items: search a bucket for X-Ether
Additional items: Offering,Scimitar
BOSS: Blue Dragon (**DRAGON #5**)
Espers: Odin, Raiden

Go straight into the castle until you reach the statue of Odin. Examine it and you'll get the Esper Odin. Stand on the right throne and walk five steps down. Press A and a secret passage will open.

In the secret room you'll find a statue of a girl and the Blue Dragon, and you have to fight him.

BOSS 39: Blue Dragon
HP 26900 MP 1200 Weakness Varies
Use your best spells (Ultima, Meteor, Flare, etc), your best Espers (Bahamut, etc.), and attacks (Sabin's Bum Rush, Edgar's Drill, etc.). Don't cast Doom (without Vanish first, break, or Haste/Slow spells because it'll use Rippler to make the spells affect you instead). You can use the Vanish/Doom technique on this boss.

Defeat the dragon then examine the statue. This will change the Esper Odin into the Esper Raiden. Once you've visited all four rooms that go off from the throne room (one on the left, one on the right, one to the north, plus the secret one) then return outside. A couple of steps to the right of the stairs is a door. Enter and get the chest. Now enter one of the doors to the left of the stairs.

When you defeat the monster-in-a-box (KatanaSoul) you get Offering. Now return to Figaro castle by going back the way you came and have the guy continue your journey to Figaro. Once you get there talk to him again and have him take you back to Kohlingen so you can get your airship. Now go to Thamasa.


Party: include Strago and Relm

As you enter you'll find out that Gungho is hurt. You find out that Hidon did it and that Gungho wants you to avenge him. Now go to Ebot's Rock (called Eboshi Rock on the map).

Ebot's Rock

Chests: all the chests contain Coral
BOSS: Hidon

As you enter, step on the switch to be transported. North of where you appear is a Coral eating treasure chest. Wander around the cave, stepping on switches to get around, and pick up coral from the chests. If you end up back at the coral eating chest, feed it. If you've fed it enough he'll let you through. If not go get more coral. Once it lets you through, go straight north and you'll find Hidon. Kill the Hidonites and Hidon will cast Grand Train (Strago's most powerful Lore).

BOSS 40: Hidon
HP 25000 MP 12500 Weakness Fire, Pearl, Earth
The easiest way to kill Hidon is to bring it to life (i.e. use a life spell, revivify, etc.). If you don't want to do that then use Pearl on Hidon if you have it. Don't worry about the Hidonites. Also use Ultima, Meteor, Flare, Bahamut, Terrato, etc. plus special attacks. You can use the Vanish/Doom technique on this boss (X-Zone only).

After you beat Hidon you'll return to Thamasa to brag to Gungho. Now go to the Opera House.

NOTE: To make Hidon reset all you have to do is talk to Gungho a few times.

Opera House

BOSS: Dirt Drgn (**DRAGON #6**)
Additional Items: Dirt Drgn may leave a Magus Rod

Equip as many characters in your party as you can with Gaia stuff. If you have some on each character it'll make life much easier for you. Go to the balcony and talk to Impressario and you'll learn there is a dragon on the stage. Go north-east to where the stage master and 4 switches are. The rightmost switch won't do anything. The leftmost switch barks and the one right next to that turns the lights off. Pulling the only one left will cause you to fall to the stage where you'll have to fight the Dirt Drgn.

BOSS 41: Dirt Drgn
HP 28500 MP 16500 Weakness Wind, Water
If you have some sort of Gaia equipment on, a lot of the dragon's spells will heal you. Ultima works quite will, so use it if you have it, if not use your other more powerful attacks. Casting Float on your party will also be a big help. You can use the Vanish/Doom technique on this boss.

To see your character jump on the heads of the audience go back to the switches after you defeat the dragon and pull the one that drops you to the stage. Next and final stop -- Kefka's Tower.

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