FFVI - Walkthrough - WoR Part 2

Duncan's House

Party: Include

Make sure you have Sabin in your party. As you enter the house Duncan will come out and teach Sabin the Bum Rush blitz.


Items: Lola's Letter (Rare item)

Go to Lola's house and talk to her. Read the letter she places on the desk. Now go out and talk to the carrier pigeon. Go outside and go where the pigeon went (which is Zozo).


Items: Rust-Rid is here (Rare item)

Go over and talk to the guy in front of the building marked Inn. Buy the Rust-Rid from him for 1000 GP. Now enter the building marked Cafe and climb until you reach the door that is rusted shut. You can now enter it and go to Mt. Zozo.

Mt. Zozo

Chests: Red Cap, Ice Shld, Thunder Shld, Aegis Shld, Gold Hairpin, Machinery Manual, Book of Secrets
Additional items: Storm Drgn gives you Force Armor
BOSS: Storm Drgn (**DRAGON #1**)

ScreenshotThe first section is straight forward; just walk around getting treasure. At the end of the first section you'll find two exits - the left one gets you more treasure and the right one continues onward. Eventually you'll find Cyan. After you have control again return to where you found Cyan and get the key to the locked chest. Now return to the save spot and then go over and step on the switch to release the Storm Drgn.

BOSS 26: Storm Drgn
HP 42000 MP 1250 Weakness Lightning
Use Ramuh and Bolt spells. If a person doesn't have bolt spells have them use their best attacks. If you went back and added Cyan to your party, have him do either SwdTech 1 or 4. Also cure whenever needed. You can use the Vanish/Doom technique on this boss.

After you beat it you'll get Force Armor. Only 7 more dragons to go. Now back track your way out of the cave (or use the warp stone/spell). Once you're out return to the airship and head towards the cave in the Veldt.

Cave in the Veldt

Chests: Rage Ring, Monster-in-a-box(Allo Ver), Striker
Additional items: Allo Ver gives you Tiger Fangs
BOSS: SrBehemoth (Grey and Pink)

ScreenshotWhen you defeat Allo Ver you get Tiger Fangs. In that wall you walked through to get to the monster-in-a-box, you can also go down in a spot to reach another section of the cave. Follow the path and eventually you'll reach a door with a switch to the right of it. Pull the switch and go through the path it opens. Continue following this path and eventually you'll find Shadow (or Relm if you abandoned Shadow back on the Floating Island). As you're examining his wounds you're attacked by a SrBehemoth.

BOSS 27: SrBehemoth
HP 19000 MP 6000 Weakness Fire, Poison
BOSS 27: SrBehemoth
HP 19000 MP 9999 Weakness Fire, Pearl
Use fire spells plus have Edgar use Chainsaw, Setzer use Slot/GPM Rain, Celes attack, Sabin attack, and Cyan use SwdTech 1 or 4. After defeating the 1st one, a second one will attack from behind. Defeat this one the same way, or you can use revivify to kill it instantly. You can use the Vanish/Doom technique on the first one.

After defeating the SrBehemoths you'll take Shadow (or Relm) to Thamasa.


Go to the Inn and rest. When you wake up return to Shadow and check up on him. How return to the airship, reduce your party to 3 members, and go back to the Veldt. You'll see more of Shadow (or Relm) later.


Party: 3 members

Wander around until Gau joins you. Now return to the small island you started at. If you return to Thamasa you'll find out that Shadow has gone to the Colosseum (that is if Shadow is still alive). If you take Sabin and Gau to the shack located on the big island north of the Veldt, you'll learn more about Gau's past.

Solitary Island

Espers: Palidor

Go to the beach where you caught the fish for Cid. Here you'll find the Esper Palidor. Return to the airship and go to the Colosseum.


Here you'll find some information. You can also fight monsters one-on-one for prizes. Bet the Striker (found in the cave in the Veldt) and you'll fight Shadow - defeat him and he'll join you after the fight. When you're done playing around in the Colosseum return to the airship and go to Jidoor (for more detailed information on the Colosseum, go here).

Screenshot Screenshot


Chests [in the house]: Moogle Suit, Relic Ring, 2000 GP, Potion, Ether, Remedy
Additional items: search Gestahl's portrait twice = Royal Letter (Rare item)
BOSS: Chadarnook
Esper: Starlet

You can bid in the auction house if you didn't before going to the Floating Island. Enter the big house at the north part of town and try going up the stairs. You'll be pushed back and a book will appear on the desk. Read it. Go to the light next to the stairs and push A to turn it on. Examine the picture of Emperor Gestahl twice and you'll receive information. Examine the picture of the flowers and you'll be attacked by some Nightshade. Now examine the picture of a lovely lady and this time you'll be attacked by Dahlings. Kill them and enter the door that appears.

Examine the picture of a chair and you'll be attacked by Souldancer and some Wild Cats. The left door leads to a chest. After getting the chest go through the right door. You'll come to some "revolving doors". In the little pathway behind the doors there is a hidden chest. The middle and right doors take you back to the room with a picture of a chair. Obviously the left door is the right way to go. Keep going and you'll come to a room with some floating chests. Walk underneath them and they'll fall (and you'll get attacked). Examine the picture of armor and you'll have to fight Still Life.

Enter the door that appears when you defeat it. You're now in a room with a save spot and 2 doors. The left one takes you back a few rooms. The right one leads to a big room where you find Owzer and Relm. Talk to Owzer and you'll find out what happened and will be asked to defeat Chadarnook, the monster in the painting.

BOSS 28: Chadarnook
HP 56000 MP 9400 Weakness Fire
HP 30000 MP 7600 Weakness Fire, Pearl
Have Edgar use Drill and everyone else use either fire spells or their best attacks. You can use the Vanish/Doom technique on this boss (X-Zone only).

After you defeat it you can get the Esper Starlet by examining the book case and Relm will join you.

Now exit the town and add Cyan to your party (if he's not already in it). Go back to Maranda and talk to Lola. Examine the letter on the desk and Cyan will switch it with another one. Now return to Mobliz.


Items: Examine the pot in the cave where Terra & Katarin are for Ether
BOSS: Phunbaba

Go down to the cave where you first found Terra. All the kids say Katarin is missing. Exit the house and go to the house to the left of it and you'll find Duane. Notice where the dog went. There's a secret passage behind the bookshelf. Here you'll find Terra and Katarin. While you're down there, Phunbaba will return.

BOSS 29: Phunbaba
HP 26000 MP 10000 Weakness Poison
You can defeat it basically the same way as before: have Edgar use Drill, Sabin Suplex, Celes Runic, Cyan use SwdTech 1 or 4, Gau ????, Shadow throw Shuriken, and Setzer attack or Slot/GP Rain. After a while, it'll use BabaBreath to blow a couple of your characters away so Terra will join you to finish it off. (After Terra joins, Phunbaba's HP and MP reset). Have Terra attack. You can use the Vanish/Doom technique on this boss.

Return to the surface and you'll face it. After defeating it, Terra is back in your party. The characters that Phunbaba blew away are on the airship. Return to the airship and go either fight Doom Gaze or go to the Fanatics' Tower.

Screenshot Screenshot

Fight Doom Gaze
BOSS: Doom Gaze
Esper: Bahamut

At this point it may be a good idea to fight Doom Gaze. Fly around the map and eventually he'll attack you. He escapes after a while but the next time you meet with it, its HP will not have re-generated, so if you continue to run into it, eventually you'll kill it.

BOSS 30: Doom Gaze
HP 55555 MP 38000 Weakness Fire, Pearl
Whenever you happen to run into it, just beat the hell out of it with your best attacks. Use life spells and Fenix Down to bring back dead companions. It'll run from you rather quickly but it can't re-generate itself between fights, so the next time you fight it, it'll have the same amount of HP as it did when it ran. Eventually you'll kill it. Killing it will get you the Esper Bahamut. You can use the Vanish/Doom technique on this boss (although don't use X-Zone or you won't get Bahamut).

And when you do the Esper Bahamut is yours. You may want to fly around until you defeat it. It's worth it to get Bahamut.

Fanatics' Tower

Before you enter put Relm in your party. Now enter the tower. Relm will get Strago's attention and he'll join you. Don't actually try going up the tower yet, you`ll have your chance later. For now return to the airship and go to the center of where the mountains form a star (north of Tzen). Push B to descend.

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