FFV - Walkthrough - Moore Forest

Moore Village

Hunting Knife

You can buy some very good things at the shops here (weapons/armor/level5spells). There is also a piano in town. Play it and examine the upper barrel on the left side to find the Hunting Knife. After you found everything you can leave the town and enter the forest.

Moore Forest

Ether, Phoenix Down, Cottage, Elixir, Aegis Shield, Mace, Giant Drink, Flame Shield, Flame Saber, 2500 GP, 4900 GP, 9500 GP, Ash

Go into the forest and the Elder's Branch will open a passage. Open the chest north from the entrance for 2500 GP. Walk east to find a tree with a knothole (there is a chest with Ether inside next to it), examine it to open a new passage. Go north and you will see a chest with 4900 GP. Then go north-east to find a chest with a Phoenix Down. Walk south and then east to find a 9500 GP chest. After that head west a bit to find another tree with a knothole. Examine it and walk through the new passage. Go west for a chest with a cottage inside. Take it and go east for a chest with a giant drink.

From here you will have to go north and you will find a save point (looks like a yellow ring). Go north now and there is a chest with an Elixir. Further north there is a chest with a mace insisde. Go west from here and the forest will suddenly start to burn. Run north and avoid the flames and you will see moogle sitting in a hole. Jump in there too to find a healing spring. Wait a bit and the moogle will let you out again. Open the chest you can see for a Flaming Shield (if you haven't opened it before for an Aegis Shield). Head west for a chest with ash inside and another one with a Flaming Saber. If you walk south you are on the world map ( you should save there ). Run north again and the Elder's Branch will open another passage, which leads to a giant tree.

BOSS 27: Wind, Water, Fire, and Earth Crystals Level 77 HP 7777
It is important that you cast Spell at the beginning of the fight. You can summon Golem too if you have him. Earth, wind, water and fire are the only elements which can make damage to them and and each crystal absorbs its own element. Watch out for the strong element attacks a crystal uses when it's low on HP. This fight is really hard and you should focus your attack on only one of the crystals at a time, because the more crystals you attack, the more often your characters will be attacked. You can also use the Coin Toss twice to kill them the easy way.

Watch the sequence with X-Death and you will have to fight him:

BOSS 28: X-Death Level 63 HP 10000
You can't lose this battle, so there is no real tactic to kill him. Just keep on fighting and don't worry about your HP.

Krile will replace Galuf from now on and she automatically gets all the abilities Galuf had before. Back on the dragon you will have to head for X-Death's Castle.

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