FFV - Walkthrough - Zeza's Ship

Genji Glove

Talk with Zeza and you will find out about his plan. He will also tell you to take a rest in one of the rooms downstairs, so do what he said. You'll be woken up and the ship is under attack. Hurry upstairs and talk to Zeza. A big fight will start. Kill some of the Gobbldigoos and run to the front of the ship to meet Gilgamesh.

BOSS 25: Gilgamesh & Enkidoh Level 31, 29 HP 8888, 4000
At first you will have to steal the Genji Glove from Gilgamesh. it's the strongest gauntlet available. Watch out for his Missile spell and the Doom Claw. Just keep on fighting until he summons Enkidoh.

Enkidoh will cast White Wind and heal all the damage you dealt to Gilgamesh. Kill the stupid Enkidoh first, and hope that he doesn't cast Red Feast. After the Enkidoh is dead, just defeat Gilgamesh. You will get a Gold Shield after the fight.

Watch the scene and follow Zeza. You can sleep now if you want, then talk to Zeza. He will tell you to examine one of the boxes. A secret passage to a submarine will be opened. Now you will be automatically take to then Barrier Tower by Zeza.

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