FFV - Walkthrough - Wilderness Of Wildernesses!

Enemies Treasure Blue Magic
Mandrake (F), Devourer, Subterran, Verminator, FerryWalk Piano #6

Screenshot First things first: check your map to see how far you have to go. You can see that the world is completely different and that you have a long way to go before you reach the next blinking dot. The monsters you run into on your way there aren’t going to make it easy for you though. Level 22-23, which you should be at if you’ve been following along so far, is a good level to be at through here. If you start to feel fatigued, then know that you can !Cntrl both the Verminator (found in forests) and the FerryWalk (found in the bogs) for PepUp and Cure2 magicks respectively.

With that in mind be sure to figure a game plan when fighting these pesky critters: always kill or control the FerryWalks ASAP, and try to kill off all of the Verminators at once. A Titan summon works well for the latter. Other useful points are that the Devourers will use a really strong attack called 10Crunch every now and then: be careful, the Devourer’s also drop Ethers (not really big news by now); and watch out for the Mandrake’s Heartburn attack - it will continue to drain you of HP after it hits.

All right, so just head east until you get to:

Town of Lugor or Lugor Bordertown

Town of Lugor
Weapon Shop HalcyonBlade (3400), War Hammer (6400), Katana (5800), Half Moon (5600), Wind Lance (5400), Dark Bow (3800), Dream Harp (1600), Chain Whip (3300)
Armor Shop Gold Shield (3000), Gold Helmet (3500), Green Beret (2500), Wizard Hat (1500), Gold Armor (4000), Ninja Suit (3000), Earth Robe (2000)
Magic Shop (White): Blink (3000), Shell (3000), Esna (3000)
(Black): Drain (3000), Break (3000), Bio (3000)
(Time): Comet (3000), Slow2 (3000), Return (3000)
Item Shop #1 Potion (360), Tonic (40), Phoenix Down (1000), Soft (150), Maiden’s Kiss (60), Cornucopia (50), Eye Drop (20), Antidote (30)
Item Shop #2 Ether (1500), Holy Water (150), Cottage (600), Giant Drink (110), Power Drink (110), Speed Drink (110), Hard Body (110), Hero Drink (110)

This town is little more than a waylay station on your way to the forests on the far eastern end of this continent. It is still an important rest stop for you though. Some pieces of information that you can gather here are: The Castle south of Lugor is a dangerous place and is best to be avoided; it is called the Sealed Castle of Kuza, and in it rests the weapons that were used in a war that took place 1000 years ago; and, on another topic, the accessory, Kornago’s Gourd, can be useful in helping you !Catch monsters.

Screenshot You’ll notice that all of the weapons, armor, and spells are a bit steep in the price range, but you’ll want to snatch at least one of each item. But first, head to the Inn for a little R&R. The guy at the Inn insists upon letting you stay for free since he never gets any customers (pretty shabby way to run a business).

Of course, during the night there is a scene. Galuf gets up and heads out the door, and Bartz, wondering what the old coot is doing, stalks after him. Bartz eventually finds Galuf drinking it up at the local watering hole (Rugol whiskey...). Bartz apologizes again for coming at a bad time. Galuf says that he (Galuf) should be thankful to Bartz for coming when he did because the Barrier was almost completed. He goes on to wonder why Bartz came here when he knew that he could never return to his own home.

Don’t forget to play the piano (it is hidden in the Pub - use !Secret). Bartz will crank out are nice little popular waltz. You can also dance on the stage for 100gp, but don’t insult your dignity for such chicken feed! Your next job is to go outside and wander around the forest fighting the groups of Verminators that come at you. Like I said before, use a Titan summon for these guys. The 1200gp they drop will add up rather quickly, and you’ll be able to get all of those expensive weapons and spells in no time. Also, the experience gained here by going in and out of the town again and again will make the rest of this chapter a bit easier. But, we’ll get to the REAL experience gaining solution shortly.

The Legendary Sealed Castle Of Kuza

Enemies Treasure Blue Magic
ShieldDrgn The 12 Legendary Weapons

Just so you know, you can’t get the 12 legendary weapons yet, but you can still go look at them and drool a bit. Other than looking at the weapons (Excalibur, Masamune, Sasuke, Assassin, Rune Axe, Holy Lance, Yoichi’s Bow, Sage’s Staff, Magus Rod, Earth Bell, Fire Bute, and Apollo Harp) there isn’t much you can do. Reina will point out that they are all petrified, and they can’t be retrieved from the see-through rock that encases them. Oh well.

Screenshot The real reason for coming here is for experience points; The ShieldDrgn, the Castle’s only monster at the moment nets you 1000gp, 5ABP, and 2500exp! Let me translate that for you: three battles with him will level you up at this stage of the game! I usually take advantage of this situation and level up to at least level 30. It will make the rest of world 2 a lot easier. The dragon is no pushover though. He has no less than 20000HP. Because he’s an undead creature, he’s almost impervious to your physical attacks at this point in the game (you’ll do about 100 points of damage on him even with your Ninja!). Also, since he’s a “Shield” dragon, you shouldn’t be casting any magic at him as he has reflect enabled.

What to do? You could sit there and cast Infrit over and over, but your Summoner would probably run out of MP before you beat him. There is, however, a chink in even the finest set of armor. Use the !Cntrl ability. Surprisingly enough, the dragon is easily controlled. You can turn the Dragon’s Blaze attack against himself doing 4999 points of damage at a pop. Hit him four times with that and then hit him with your Hunter‘s !Aim, or whatever, and the dragon’s history. You can also busy yourself with stealing while the dragon is controlled to nab either a Mythril Shield or a Gold Shield. Do be careful of the Dragon’s attacks though. Bone Snap will confuse you, and the dragon’s regular attack is nothing to laugh at either. The thing to really watch out for, though, is its Zombie Breath attack. This will do serious damage to all party members, and if it does manage to kill you then you’ll be transformed into a zombie.

Zombified characters act just like confused characters except that the only way to bring them back around is to use a Holy Water on them; they never die from physical or magical attacks, and Phoenix Downs will only kill them outright. A good technique to have here is to equip one of your characters with the Time Mage job class. That way you can cast Return if things turn ugly before you can convince the dragon whose side it is really on - yours!

So, to wrap up. Make sure you get the Return spell and plenty of Holy Waters and Tents/Cottages from the shops at Lugor. Use !Cntrl and Return liberally, and you should be at level 30 or higher in no time.

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