FFV - Walkthrough - Surgate Castle

5000GP, Float, Song of Speed

Once you're inside the castle, walk up the stairs on the right side and buy everything you need from the shops. Go down the stairs again and take the staircase on the left. Examine the red book laying on the desk to learn the song of speed. Go back up and take the next staircase head to the to the library. Go upstairs now and talk to the guy. He will ask you to return the 3 books into their shelves:

Forbidden Book : D-F shelf
Register of Monsters : R-S shelf
Weird Ronka : W-X shelf

Once you return the books, the guy will open a secret passage which will lead to the next part of the library. Walk downstairs now and open the chest with 5000GP inside. Walk south and you're outside now. Go left and under the bridge and enter the building. Open the chest for the Float spell. As you know from the guards, you will need to find Zeza's fleet, which is east from X-Death's castle. Leave the castle and use the dragon to land on the biggest ship of the fleet.

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