FFV - Walkthrough - Barrier Tower

9000 GP, 18000 GP, Blood Sword, Hair Ornament

Enter the tower and walk up the stairs to find a saving point. Go on two find to chests. Open the first one for 9000GP and the second one for a monster-in-a-box. This is a very hard fight, so you might skip it if you want. There are two possible enemies: 1 Red Dragon or 2 Yellow Dragons. Kill them for a Blood Sword. Go south and you're outside of the tower. Just keep on walking upstairs and you'll find a chest with 18000GP. Go on upstairs and Zeza will contact you. You'll reach the point where there are stairs on both sides of the tower. The right one will lead to a saving point and up further. The left one will lead to a chest with Red or Yellow Dragons inside. Kill them for the Hair Ornament. Walk up again until you encounter Atomos at the antenna.

BOSS 26: Atomos Level 41 HP 19997
Cast Shell if you want and then watch out for Atomos' comet attack. It's very strong and might kill some of your characters instantly. If a character is dead, Atomos will try to suck him up. While Atomos is sucking up a character, he's not very dangerous, so its best to keep one character dead, while the others fight Atomos. After you killed him you will get a Dark Matter.

After the long scene, talk to Galuf and you'll be in control of the submarine soon. Take a look at the world map and you will see a blinking dot, there where Gill's Island was. Navigate there and enter the cave.

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