FFIX - Bosses - Lich - Necron

HP: 58554
AP recieved: 10
Gil recieved: 8436
Items to steal: Black Robe, Siren's Flute, Genji Gloves
Items recieved: Phoenix Down, Phoenix Pinion
Attacks: Stop, Earthquake, Earth Shake, Death Cutter, LV5 Death, Venom Powder, Death, Doom
This is the Earth Guardian you fought on disc 3. He now has more HP and likes to use Death attacks. The good thing is that these Death attacks can miss. Death Cutter causes Doom aswell as causing damage, all other attacks are commonly used anyway. Stop can be prevented by equipping Locomotion or cured using a Remedy. Earthquake and Earth Shake are Earth elemental and will not cause much more than 1000HP damage, and Venom Powder can be blocked with Antibody, so you only really have to watch out for his death attacks. Keep attacking and end this battle as quickly as possible.

HP: 55535
AP recieved: 0
Gil recieved: 8916
Items to steal: Duel Claws, Black Belt, Elixir
Items recieved: Ether, Wing Edge
Attacks: Meteor, Demon's Claw, Spin
Don't worry about stealing the items, they aren't that good. And besides, you will want this battle to be over as quickly as possible. Meteor can cause over 3000HP damage to all characters, so be prepared for it. Demon's Claw often misses and Spin won't hurt that much; so kill this boss as quickly as possible and if you're lucky it won't even use Meteor.

Trance Kuja
HP: 55535
AP recieved: 0
Gil recieved: 0
Items to steal: Rebirth Ring, White Robe, Ether
Items recieved: None
Attacks: Flare, Flare Star, Holy, Reflect, Curaga, Ultima
Flare Star causes 35x each character's current level in damage, e.g. if a character is level 1 they recieve 35HP damage, if they are level 2 they recieve 70HP damage, etc. He also seems to use this attack as a counterattack. Flare and Holy only hit one character and cause no more than about 2000HP damage. If everyone has Auto-Regen you won't need to heal; otherwise heal after each attack. Keep attacking, and you will quickly defeat Kuja; although he does use Curaga when low on HP. At the end of the battle, he uses Ultima, which destroys the Crystal...

HP: 54100
AP recieved: 0
Gil recieved: 0
Items to steal: Elixir
Items recieved: None
Attacks: Firaga, Blizzaga, Thundaga, Holy, Blue Shockwave, Protect, Shell, Meteor, Grand Cross, Neutron Ring, Curaga
The final boss is extremely fast, and even if you have Auto-Haste, you won't be able to get all characters to attack at once. He even gets two attacks in a row at times. Still, he only has 3 major attacks. Blue Shockwave will reduce one character's HP to 1, althogh it can miss. Neutron Ring will cause about 2500HP damage to all. The worst attack, however, is Grand Cross. This will not only cause serious damage, it will also afflict each character with up to 2 random status changes. It could be absolutely any statuses, so protect against the worst ones in your setup before battle. Remember that a Zombified character cannot be revived when killed, and sometimes characters are hit with Death and Zombie at the same time. He also often uses Grand Cross and Neutron Ring in quick succession. Just attack whenever you have the chance, and also make sure to heal all status changes as quickly as possible.

Also see extended final battle strategy.