FFIX - Bosses - Taharka - Kuja

HP: 29186
AP recieved: 11
Gil recieved: 8092
Items to steal: Orichalcon, Mythril Claws, Elixir
Items recieved: None
Attacks: Blizzaga, Ram, Chop, Curl
The guardian of the Mirrors doesn't have any major attacks, and this battle isn't too hard at all. The Orichalcon is the best weapon Zidane will have for the rest of disc 3, so it is worth stealing that. When it curls up it makes itself compact and it's defence increases dramatically, although magical attacks will still be effective, especially Fire-elemental attacks. There is no point attacking it until it has opened again. Remember to have your WEAKEST weapons equipped for this battle, as well as for the rest of Ipsen's Castle.

Earth Guardian
HP: 20756
AP recieved: 11
Gil recieved: 4512
Items to steal: Rubber Suit, Avenger
Items recieved: Phoenix Pinion
Attacks: Double Slash, Earthquake, Firaga, Blizzaga, Thundaga
This boss shouldn't cause too much of a problem. If Zidane and Quina both have Auto-Regen, you shouldn't even need to heal after the Earth Guardian attacks you. His attacks will cause 1000+ HP damage, but nothing that you should worry too much about. It is affected by Sleep, so if you have the Bistro Fork you can put him to sleep and steal the items easily. Quina seems interested in Eating this boss, so you may want to let him eat it.

Silver Dragon
HP: 24055
AP recieved: 13
Gil recieved: 5240
Items to steal: Kaiser Knuckles, Dragon Mail, Elixir
Items recieved: Wing Edge
Attacks: Twister, Aerial Slash, Shockwave, Claw
Kuja's Silver Dragon has no particularly damaging attacks. If you have the Thief Gloves and have learnt Master Thief, stealing the items should not be a problem. It shouldn't take long for you to defeat this boss.

HP: 40728
AP recieved: 0
Gil recieved: 0
Items to steal: Dark Gear, Ninja Gear, Battle Boots
Items recieved: None
Attacks: Wave, Psychokinesis, Stop, Flare
You should have Locomotion equipped for this battle, although Stop can be healed with Remedy anyway. All of his attacks only hit one character, and cause no more than about 2000HP damage each. Garland has quite a lot of HP but is not hard to defeat.

HP: 42382
AP recieved: 0
Gil recieved: 0
Items to steal: Light Robe, Carabini Mail, Ether
Items recieved: None
Attacks: Thundaga, Demi, Flare Star, Ultima
Kuja only seems to use his most damaging attack, Flare Star, when Zidane is at level 99 at this point in the game. Like most bosses he starts the battle with 9999MP, so just don't use Magic Hammer on him and he will only use Demi and Thundaga, neither should cause you a serious problem. At the end of this battle Kuja will go into a Trance and hit you with Ultima.