FFIX - Bosses - Nova Dragon - Kraken

Nova Dragon
HP: 54940
AP recieved: 13
Gil recieved: 9506
Items to steal: Grand Armour, Dragon Wrist, Remedy
Items recieved: Ether, Wing Edge
Attacks: Psychokinesis, Aerial Slash, Tidal Wave, Shockwave, Twister
None of the Nova Dragon's attacks should cause more than about 1500HP damage. If everyone has Auto-Regen you won't even need to bother healing yourself, although if you don't it may be a good idea to heal after every attack, as all except Psychokinesis hit all characters. Aerial Slash and Twister are Wind elemental, so you may want to protect against this element before battle.

HP: 59497
AP recieved: 10
Gil recieved: 8532
Items to steal: Masamune, Ultima Sword, Genji Armour
Items recieved: Phoenix Down, Phoenix Pinion
Attacks: Flame Slash, Reflect, Mustard Bomb, Sword Quiver, Raining Swords
This was the guardian of the Fire Shrine who you didn't get to fight earlier. Equip Body Temp for this battle as he likes to use Mustard Bomb. Flame Slash and Sword Quiver will cause about 2000HP damage to one character. The items it carries are not worth stealing as they are now obsolete. Just concentrate on attacking (don't use magic as Maliris can use Reflect on itself). When Maliris is out of HP, it will counter by hitting your party with Raining Swords which will cause about 2000HP damage to all, so make sure you are prepared for this.

HP: 59494
AP recieved: 10
Gil recieved: 8820
Items to steal: Grand Helm, Feather Boots, Blood Sword
Items recieved: Wing Edge
Attacks: Twister, Float, Silent Claw, Absorb Magic, Absorb MP, Absorb Strength, Jet Fire, Snort
This is the guardian of the Wind Shrine that you didn't get to fight earlier. Give everyone Body Temp for this battle, as Jet Fire hits all characters and afflicts them with Heat, as well as causing 2000+ HP damage. Twister is Wind elemental, and Tiamat may cast Float on your characters so that this attack will cause more damage. Silent Claw hits one character for about 2000HP and silences them. Again, there is not much point in stealing the items, just concentrate on attacking. When low on HP, Tiamat may counterattack with Snort, which removes the character who attacked him from battle; and they won't recieve any AP at the end.

HP: 55535 Exp recieved: 65535 AP recieved: 30 Gil recieved: 9638 Items to steal: Robe of Lords, Battle Boots, Running Shoes, Reflect Ring Items recieved: Wing Edge Attacks: Judgement Sword, Mustard Bomb, Freeze, Reflect, Curse, Doomsday
If you have beaten Ozma already, Hades will make a comment before the battle; but he will still fight you anyway. Equip everyone with Body Temp for this battle as he likes to use Mustard Bomb and Freeze a lot. Also equip Clear Headed, Antidote and Bright Eyes, because some way into the battle he will begin a countdown and use Curse on your entire party which causes Confuse, Darkness, Poison and Mini, aswell as about 2000HP damage. Mini can be healed by casting Mini on the entire party. You should also equip armour that nullifies or absorbs Shadow damage, because the next time he powers his sword he uses Doomsday, a powerful Shadow-elemental attack. Judgement Sword will reduce one character's HP to 1, and Cleave will cause about 3000HP damage to all. If you attack fast enough, he won't use Curse or Doomsday. During the 3-second countdown for Curse or Doomsday, he will not attack at all. This should give you time to deal serious damage or even kill Hades. Once defeated, Hades will open his synthesist shop.

HP: 59496
AP recieved: 10
Gil recieved: 17376
Items to steal: Glutton's Robe, Wizard Rod, Genji Helmet
Items recieved: Phoenix Down, Phoenix Pinion
Attacks: Freeze, Waterga, Leg

Left Tentacle
HP: 18169
Items to steal: Elixir
Attacks: Ink

Right Tentacle
HP: 18168
Items to steal: Wing Edge
Attacks: Water-gun
This is the guardian of the Water Shrine who you didn't get to fight earlier. He has two tentacles attached which have just over 18000HP each, but you don't need to worry about these as they drop off eventually after Kraken has recieved enough damage. The tentacles themselves cannot attack, but while they are present Kraken can only use Freeze and Waterga. Waterga will cause about 1500HP damage to those unprotected, and Freeze is useless if you have Body Temp equipped. It may get the left tentacle to counterattack with Ink, or get the right tentacle to counterattack with Water-gun, but neither attack should cause too much damage. Once the tentacles have been destroyed, Kraken will use Leg as it's counterattack, which is more powerful than Ink or Water-gun.