FFIX - Bosses - Zorn & Thorn - Hilgigars

Zorn & Thorn
HP: 4896
Items to steal: Partisan, Stardust Rod
Attacks: Meteorite

HP: 2984
Items to steal: Mythril Armour, Mythril Armlet
Attacks: Light Flare

AP recieved: 0
Gil recieved: 0
Items recieved: None
When Zorn gives Thorn Flare power, Thorn will use Light Flare, which will do a small amount of damage to one character. When Thorn gives Zorn Meteor power, Zorn will be able to use Meteorite, which will attack all characters, but isn't all that powerful. If you attack a jester that has been given power with any magic before he attacks, the power is neutralised, and they won't be able to attack. As their attacks will cause no serious threat, you can concentrate on stealing the items. You should have plenty of time for this. You only need to defeat one of the two jesters to end the battle, so attack Thorn as he has the least HP.

HP: -
AP recieved: 0
Gil recieved: 0
Items to steal: Survival Vest, Ice Brand, Phoenix Down
Items recieved: None
Attacks: Slash, Thunder Slash, Shock, Climhazzard
Use the usual tactics, as once again Beatrix can end the battle when she wants. This time, Slow seems to affect her. This time when she gets bored, she will use Climhazzard, which has exactly the same effect as Stock Break.

HP: 3352
AP recieved: 7
Gil revieved: 1404
Items to steal: Oak Staff, Adaman Vest, Phoenix Down
Items recieved: Ether
Attacks: Ultra Sound Wave, Thundara, Stab, Earth Power
Ultra Sound Wave causes Mini to an individual target, which reduces the power of their physical and magical attacks. If a mini character is hit with Ultra Sound Wave again, they are returned to normal. Attacking the Ralvuimahgo physically will cause it to coil up; meaning that your attacks will do less damage. If you attack it again while it is compact, it will counterattack with Earth Power which hits all targets, including itself. Ralvuimahgo absorbs earth attacks, so it is not a good idea to use physical attacks in this battle. Instead, get Vivi to cast Blizzara, as it is weak against Ice attacks.

HP: 5708
AP recieved:
Gil recieved:
Items to steal: Coral Sword, Gladius, Ether
Items recieved:
Attacks: Slash, Scan, Blizzara, Thundara, Aera, Water, Fira
Lani mainly concentrates on attacking Dagger. She moves onto the other characters once the princess is knocked out. She can also use Water on the whole party. When Lani scans a character, she uses the information to her advantage, by choosing suitable magic spells which will cause damage. If Dagger is knocked out, you may have a hard time trying to revive her. You will probably also have trouble stealing the items, but it is definately worth getting them. Once you have the items, get Dagger to heal, Zidane and Quina to attack physically, and Vivi to use mid-level magic.

HP: 8106
AP recieved: 9
Gil recieved: 2136
Items to steal: Fairy Flute, Mythril Fork, Phoenix Down
Items recieved: Elixir, Tent
Attacks: Knock Down, Hiphop, Earthquake, Curaga
Hilgigars will use his attacks in order. First he uses Knock Down, then Hiphop, then Earthquake. Knock Down and Hiphop are physical attacks which hit one character. These attacks often miss, but if they hit they can cause 400-700HP damage. Earthquake is an Earth elemental attack which hits all characters. Any characters wearing Desert Boots will only recieve 50% of the damage from this attack. The battle isn't too hard, but you may have trouble stealing the Fairy Flute. He is weak against Ice attacks. He may use Curaga on himself when low on HP.
* To get a reaction from Dagger, Eiko should summon Fenrir at least once in this battle.