FFIX - Bosses - Soulcage - Meltigemini

HP: 9765
AP recieved: 9
Gil recieved: 3800
Items to steal: Brigandine, Magician Cloak, Oak Staff
Items recieved: Phoenix Pinion, Elixir
Attacks: Leaf Swirl, LV5 Death, Fire Blades, Mustard Bomb, Shockwave, Fira
This boss is Undead, so it can simply be killed by casting Life. However, if you want to steal the items, you will need to start the battle with adequate protection. Make sure no characters have a level that is a multiple of 5, or Lv5 Death will kill them. Also, equip as many characters as possible with the Body Temp ability so that Mustard Bomb doesn't afflict them with Heat status. Leaf Swirl, Fira and Shockwave shouldn't cause too much damage, just use Dagger and Eiko to heal when required. Whatever you do, do not cast any Fire magic on this boss, as it will then be able to use Fire Blades, which causes about 500HP damage to all characters. If you do cast any Fire magic on it, cast Ice magic immediately afterwards and it will no longer be able to use this attack.

HP: 21997
Exp recieved: 12585
AP recieved: 30
Gil recieved: 4472
Items to steal: Demon's Mail, Silver Fork, Elixir, Ether
Items recieved: Running Shoes
Attacks: Doom, Paper Storm, Edge, Poison
* This strategy assumes you are fighting Tantarian on disc 3.
Go into this battle with Antibody equipped on as many characters as possible. At the start of the battle, cast Reis's Wind immediately. Edge will cause about 1000HP damage to one character, and Paper Storm will cause about 800HP damage to all characters. Doom will start a 10-second countdown, and once this time runs out, the character will die. Attacking the book while it is closed will cause it to open randomly at a page. Usually there is nothing there, but after attacking it 4 or 5 times, the book will open to reveal the Tantarian. However, once you attack the Tantarian physically, the book will close again. Throughout this battle, Zidane should be stealing. Don't be surprised if you don't get the Demon's Mail, it is almost impossible to steal. While the book is closed, get Freya and Amarant to alternately attack the book until the Tantarian is revealed. Vivi can Focus in this time. Then once the book opens to the correct page, get Vivi to keep casting Fira, Zidane keep stealing, and Freya and Amarant do nothing. You should be able to use Fira 5 or 6 times before the book closes again, which will do over half the damage required. While the book is open, the Tantarian can only use Poison, so characters with Antibody equipped will not be affected. Don't worry if you can't steal all the items, it is better to end this battle as quickly as possible.

HP: 20002
AP recieved: 11
Gil recieved: 5964
Items to steal: Holy Lance, Power Vest, Elixir
Items recieved: Pumice Piece
Attacks: Boomerang, Whirlwind, Propeller Wind, Photon
Equip everyone with Clear Headed before this battle, because Propeller Wind affects all characters with Confuse. Photon will reduce a single character's HP to 1, so heal after this is used. Boomerang and Whirlwind will cause very little damage, so this battle should not be a problem; the only problem will come with trying to steal the Holy Lance.

Valia Pira
HP: 12119
AP recieved: 11
Gil recieved: 4089
Items to steal: None
Items recieved: Ether, Elixir
Attacks: Reflect, Firaga, Blizzaga, Thundaga
If you have picked up all the items from the Bloodstones around the palace, the Valia Pira will not be able to enhance itself, so the battle is easier if you have observed all the bloodstones. Heal a character after they are attacked. If you are going to be attacking with magic, cast Reflect on one of your characters and reflect the magic off of them, which will ignore Valia Pira's Reflect. Just keep attacking and healing when necessary and the battle should be easy.

HP: 24348
AP recieved: 11
Gil Recieved: 6428
Items to steal: Demon's Vest, Golden Hairpin, Vaccine
Items recieved: Vaccine
Attacks: Wings, Bio, Venom Powder, Viral Smoke
Equip Antidote on all characters before this battle. Eiko will be in this battle instead of Vivi, and the rest of your party will be the same as it was for Mount Gulug. Viral Smoke will hit all characters, so unless you heal this you won't get any AP from the battle. The battle isn't too hard as long as you have Antibody equipped; Wings may cause over 1000HP damage but that shouldn't cause too much of a problem.