FFXII - Marks - Hunting Marks

A fun, though entirely optional part of Final Fantasy XII is Mark Hunting; quests where you defeat powerful enemies for fantastic rewards.

The first hunt is done as part of the storyline (Rogue Tomato, taken on Tomaj's behalf). From then on, mark hunts can be accepted via the notice board, or via Montblanc (head of Clan Centurio), and rewards are given to you by speaking to the applicant after dispatching the mark.

While you might breeze through the game and boss battles with ease, mark hunts tend to pose a challenge no matter what your levels are; they are a true test of the player's skills, with rewards to match!

The marks are divided among 8 ranks, Rank I being weakest and Rank VIII being... the ultimate mark. Pertinent info on each mark will be given - Attacks, LP, reward, stealable item, status effect(s) at the start of battle, where to find them, and recommended battle strategies (Note: the attack damage figures given are an approximation, and fluctuate depending on level, equipment and character stats.)

Rank I
Rank II
Rank III
Rank IV
Rank V
Rank VI
Rank VII
Rank VIII - Yiazmat