FFXII - Marks - Rank I

Cluckatrice: Little Love on the Big Plains
Status: Protect, Haste
Steal: Taurus Gem
Attacks: Regular attack (~90)
LP: 15 LP Cluckatrice, 1 LP per Chickatrice
Reward: 1000 gil, Jackboots, Rainbow Egg

Where to find: Gizas North Bank. Defeat all enemies in the area, then exit it and return. The Cluckatrice and 3 Chickatrice companions will appear.

Advice: Chances are you can't beat it when the hunt first becomes available, so don't worry about it - just return later and it'll be much easier. A solid Quickening chain on the Cluckatrice might be sufficient - if you get a Concurrence at the end (e.g. Inferno) it might be enough to take out any nearbye Chickatrices.

Flowering Cactoid: Dalmasca's desert Bloom
Status: Haste
Weak: Fire
Steal: Earth Stone
Attacks: Ram (~20), 1000 Needles (1000 dmg)
LP earned: 2 LP
Reward: 500 gil, Potion x10

Where to find: Yardang Labyrinth, slightly northeast of the centre, but not in the stretch of land precending Nalbina Fortress; the strip of land to the west of it.

Advice: After taking off half his HP, he'll try to run away; pursue him, and don't worry about any surrounding creatures (i.e. wolves) trying to attack you. By the end he'll bust out 1000 Needles, so try to finish him off before it's successful!

Nidhogg: Marauder in the Mines
Weak: Fire
Status: Protect, Bravery
Steal: Antidote
Attacks: Sabre, Regular attack (~200, comboable)
LP: 5 LP
Reward: 600 gil, Rose Corsage, Balaclava

Where to find: Transitway I, where it splits in two.

Advice: Hope you have Dispel - dispelling his positive statuses will help greatly. If not, just hang around slightly out of range until they dissipate. Watch out for his combos, they'll be your primary concern. Is susceptible to some of the usual statuses, like Blind, Silence, and Slow; so if you want to try them out.

Rocktoise: The Cry of Its Power
Status: None
Steal: Potion
Attacks: Stone Stomp (~450), Fire (~70), Sonic Turn (~200 melee people)
LP earned: 6
Reward: 1200 gil, Hi-Potion x2, Heavy Coat x1

Where to find: Lhusu Mines, Site 2; the open, square-shaped area, where you triggered the cutscenes with Larsa and Ba'Gamnan upon your first visit.

Advice: His attacks are incredibly powerful, but really only damage characters that are close enough to him - specifically, melee fighters and/or tanks. It'd be a good idea to outfit your team in long-range weapons like Bows, to keep your distance, and it'll be much easier. A strong Quickening combo can get the job done as well, once you get quickenings.

Rogue Tomato: Red & Rotten in the Desert
Status: None
Steal: Pebble
Attacks: Flame Breath (~20), Ram (~10)
Reward: 300 gil, Potion x2, Teleport Stone

Where to find: Dalmasca Estersand, close to Rabanastre; it's standing on a ledge nearbye, pretty hard to miss.

Advice: After taking off half its HP it will jump off the ledge, so you have to follow it to finish it off. ALSO, WATCH OUT FOR WILD SAURIAN - the gamemakers threw in a monster you have NO shot of defeating at this point of the game, but so long as you don't go near him and/or antagonize him, he won't destroy you.

Thextera: Wolf in the Waste
Weak: Wind
Steal: Pebble
Attacks: Regular (~20)
LP earned: 2
Reward: 500 gil, Headguard, Teleport Stone

Where to find: Southeast area of Westersand's Galtea Downs. Head west, constantly sticking to the wall, and you'll find him in no time.

Advice: Thextera tends to be surrounded by some wolves, but they're hardly an issue. With a party of 3 people, he'll go down fast.

Wraith: Waterway Haunting
Status: None
Steal: Glass Jewel
Attacks: Doom, Blizzard (~40)
LP earned: 5
Reward: 500 gil, Ether, Gauntlets

Where to find: Overflow Cloaca. Venture through the centre of the room and the Wraith will materialize.

Advice: He's a big fan of Doom; he'll try to cast it on everyone (individually) and once they're all Doom-ed, he'll begin his blizzard attack. Have your magic user (preferably Fran) hit him with Thunder, and use technick Charge when her MP runs out. Hack away at the Wraith and you should beat him before your Doom timers run out; at which point, run over to the nearbye Save Point in order to heal yourself of the status. A nice, straightforward mark.