FFXII - Marks - Rank III

Atomos: Trouble in the Hills
Status: Protect, Shell, Haste, Regen
Steal: Potion
Attacks: Regular (~270), Power Stun (~570), Gnaw (~600), Protect, Spinkick (~50-150 range)
LP: 16 LP
Reward: 1800 gil, Gaia Rod, Diamond Shield

Where to find: Strolling in the wide open part of the Northern Skirts in the Mosphoran Highwaste

Advice: Not much to say; should be a relatively simple mark hunt for you at this point.

Feral Retriever: Befoulment of the Beast
Status: Shell, Faith
Steal: Pebble
Attacks: Blaster (~250, multiple status), Regular hit (~300), Stone Gaze, Purify
LP: 14 LP
Reward: 1500 gil, Recurve Crossbow, Teleport Stone x2

Where to find: Paramina Rift, Spyne of the Icewyrm

Advice: Remedy/Esuna for Blaster, Stona/Gold Needle for Stone Gaze. Otherwise, straightforward & relatively easy mark.

Gil Snapper: Paradise Risen
Status: None
Steal: 1,000 gil
Attacks: Blizzara (~500 each), Flash (Blindga), Regular hit (~350), Melee damage (~30), Blizzaga (~1600)
LP: 20
Reward: 3000 gil, Phobos Glaze

Where to find: "Tracks of the Beast", Giza Plains during the rains. The seasons on the Plains are time based; they change on the hour. In my case, it was dry at 31:59:00, and rainy at 32:00:01. The season won't change while you're in the Plains - but once you leave them, if the hour scheme's changed, then it'll change too.

To uncover Tracks of the Beast, you need to knock down 6 "withered trees" spread out around the Plains. They're at:

Gizas North Bank: the north area, by the Ichthons.
Throne Road: near the entrance to the Nomad Village, on the west side
Starfall Field: enter the area from Toam Hills and go east - it's there (and more Ichthons)
Crystal Glade: just north of who you talk to to trigger the hunt
Nomad Village: South of the (empty) Cockatrice pen
Toam Hills: northeast of the exit to Starfall Field (Ichthons floating around it)

When all the trees are knocked down, the entrance to Tracks of the Beast is in Giza's South Bank, located to the south of the north-south bridge.

Advice: take out the nearbye Silicon Tortoises before drawing the Gil Snapper's wrath - it's for the best, as their presence during the boss fight would be tedious. Feel free to inflict Blind and Silence, as Gil Snapper is susceptible to both. In fact, Silence is highly recommended, as his Blizzara/aga spells are the strongest attacks he does. Bansat (clanmate) joins you for the battle. Gil Snapper is only out when it's raining... Bansat will tell you when he's there. If he's not, leave & return.

Ring Wyrm: For Whom the Wyrm Tolls
Status: Protect, Haste
Steal: Phoenix Down
Attacks: Breath (~950 fire dmg + chance of Sap), Immobilizega, Regular attack (~500, combo), Restore (1/3 hp, 1 time)
LP: 16 LP
Reward: 200 gil, Moon Ring, Icebrand

Where to find: Westersand, South of the central region of the Windtrace Dunes. It only comes out when the sandstorm is active.

Advice: By far the toughest of the Rank III mark hunts, but the reward is pretty nice - Icebrand is one of the most powerful weapons you can get at that point in the game. Immobilizega is a pain for any characters with close-range weapons. His attacks are all very powerful, and he even comes with the ever-tedious Restore ability. You'll probably be better off sticking to ranged attacks and magic for this battle (Ring Wyrm is apparently weak to fire, though I haven't confirmed this).

Vorpal Bunny: A Chase Through the Woods
Status: Protect
Steal: Piece of Drab Wool
Attacks: Regular (~260, comboable), Running Away
LP: 16
Reward: 2000 gil, Lightning Arrows, Gillie Boots

Where to find: Golmore Jungle, the Rustling Chapel. It pops up in the middle of the 3 square areas, and runs away.

Advice: Berserk him (best done with a Bacchus Wine) - the little turd likes to run away far too much, which isn't that good since the nearbye enemies are pretty strong. Berserking him will cause him to stick around... nearbye enemies pose more of a threat than the bunny, so deal with them. The bunny itself is ridiculously easy, just watch out for the nearbye Coeurls and Hellhounds.