FFXII - Marks - Rank II

Croakadile: A Ring in the Rain
Status: Shell, Bravery
Steal: Horn
Attacks: Angelsong (Regen), Growing Threat (his level doubles), Regular attack (~100), Gnaw (~450 after Growing Threat), Aqua Bubbles (~1000 after growing threat)
LP: 10 LP
Reward: 1200 gil, Serpent Rod, Teleport Stone

Where to find: Giza Plains, rainy season, slightly southeast of the bridge in Starfall Field.

Advice: Piece of cake until Growing Threat, where he gets damage increases, plus longer/more powerful combos (particularly at HP Critical). Also try to keep your HP above 1,000 to avoid Aqua Bubbles.

Enkelados: The Defense of Ozmone Plain
Status: Protect, Shell
Steal: Potion
Attacks: Regular (~210), Spinkick (~160-200 range), Protect, Gnaw (phys single), Restore (restores about 1/3 total hp), Purify (heals & immune to status effects)
LP: 14
Reward: 1100 Gil, Ether, Golden Amulet

Where to find: Ozmone Plain, The Shred. You must defeat all the Wu in the area, then leave and re-enter.

Advice: Remarkably easy, but he can use Restore which suuuuucks. Take off about half his HP, then wreck him with a massive quickening combo... hopefully it's enough to finish the job, otherwise he'll Restore and you'll need to chip away at whatever gets restored.

Ixtab: The Dead Ought Sleep Forever
Status: None
Steal: Dark Crystal
Attacks: Doom, Regular hit (~120), Annul, Aerora (~350-400)
LP: 12
Reward: 1300 gil, Ether, Soul Powder

Where to find: Henne Mines, Phase 1 Shaft, the part that loops around

Advice: Doom isn't much of a problem (remove it if you have the ability, or just revive the individual when they die - or even swap them out of your party altogether), but Annul plays havoc with your magic users, so it might be best to have your Gambits set to Hi-Potion. As you whittle down his HP, he strings together hit combos of increasing ferocity (as many as 5 or 6 hits, enough to take someone out if their HP is lagging). Still, only a rank II mark, and it shouldn't be much trouble.

Wyvern Lord: A Scream from the Sky
Status: Flying
Steal: Yensa Scale
Attacks: Regular (~70), Gust (100-150 range), Aero (250-300 range)
LP: 8
Reward: 1000 gil, Longbow, Shell Shield

Where to find: Near the top of Simoon Bluff in the Nam-Yensa Sandsea.

Advice: Flying creature, so long-range weapons (i.e. bows) and the technick Telekinesis (wielded by Vossler) help. Aero (Wind damage) is his big one, though, so watch out for it.