FFIX - Walkthrough - Village of Dali

Items Aries Stellazzio (Key Item), Potion (x4), Eye Drops, Antidote, Iron Helm, Ether, Leather Wrist, Phoenix Pinion
Enemies Ghost, Vice, Black Waltz No.2
Cards -

Before arriving at the Village of Dali, check in at the South Gate first. This is good for restoring HP and MP if you're low on the jounrey and also keeping up with plot goings-on.

After you go back to the party, head back up and go up the path to get outside. After the scene, go straight north-west and you'll get to the Village of Dali.

The best thing to do upon arrival is to check-in at the inn. Do so, and you will hear some humming followed by two Active Time Events.

Go and get the chest on for an Antidote and the one on the left for a Potion. Exit the room and you'll get another ATE. After the events, go to the Moogle and use Mognet to save your game. Exit the inn and you'll get another ATE.

Go a little up and search in the corner of outside the weapon shop and get 120 gil. Now go up and talk to Vivi and there will be another ATE. Go inside the house Vivi was standing by, and then to the right to the little farm and there will be an ATE.

Go to the weapon shop to find Dagger (Princess Garnet). After the scene is over go back to the inn and you'll talk a little with Dagger, followed with another an ATE. Leave the inn and head to the place where Vivi was standing before. Go inside the house with the windmill engine. Search behind the windmill engine to find Aries. You don't need to bother going up the ladder because you can't get the chests til you come back later in the game when the windmills are stopped. Examine the little dome and Zidane will open it. Head down the ladder. Do down the little elevator and get the chest with 156 gil. Move to the next area, now. When you and Dagger finish talking, go to the room they were talking in and get the chest with a Potion. Then go down and get the other chest with Eye Drops in it. Head to the next screen. Search the barrel and you'll find a moogle. Use Mognet and save it. Go behind the barrel and jump up on the blocks and get the chest that has en Ether in it. Jump back down and search the wheel with rope on it. Kick it and get the Potion. Move on to the next area now. Head straight and get the chest to the right with Leather Wrist in it. Go on ahead and go to the left. Climb up the blocks and get that chest you see of there that has an Iron Helm in it. Jump back down and move on. You'll get Vivi back now. Go up to the top and get the chest of 95 gil. Examine the door and open it. Now you'll encounter a fight. You can use Cure or Phoenix Downs on them since they're undead. After the battle, go get the Phoenix Down in the chest. Move up some more and there's a slightly hidden chest with a Potion in it. Move to the very right and there's a fully hidden chest with a Phoenix Pinion in it. Go back out and go down the path. Keep going and you'll get to a screen where you'll see a lot of black mages. Now you are in control of Steiner. Go down the stairs then to the right behind them and search in the corner. You'll get 135 gil. Move down to the bushes and search some more and there is a chest with a Hi-Potion in it. Go inside the house and talk to Morrid. Now exit the place and you'll be in a field with the cargo ship. After you're united with the rest of your party, you will encounter a boss fight.

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