FFIX - Walkthrough - Ice Cavern

Items Phoenix Down, Potion (x2), Tent, Mage Masher, Leather Wrist
Enemies Fang, Cave Imp, Wyrid, Fian, Black Waltz No. 1, Sealion
Cards -

Before you enter the Ice Cavern, it's best advised to build up your character's stats & abilities and gain some items on the world map.

Once you're in the Ice Cavern, try not to make contact with the mist you see blowing otherwise you will get in a fight. First of all, go and jump on the platform with a chest to get a tent. On the next area, go up and right first. Zidane will observe the wall and ask Vivi if his magic can open it. Get the chest for an Ether and then go on the somewhat hidden path and it will take you around to that chest you see (which has a Potion).

Continue to the next area and on the split path go right. Go up the log and get the chest that has a Potion in it. Next, go right before the log and press confirm when you see the exclamation mark to make Vivi blast the log down with his Fire magic. Go get the chest for the aptly named Mage Masher.

Now go up the path and to the left to the wall of ice and Vivi will burn it down. Get the chest for an Elixir and move onto the next part. Go right and get the chest with a Phoenix Down, and then go left and up to the wall and Vivi will open it. Go through the path and get the Leather Wrist in the chest. Now head back and on to the next part.

Next, go left and observe the frozen moogle to make Vivi melt it free so the little moogle gives you a lesson. After it's over, check Mognet and save your game. Now go right and you will encounter a boss fight with just Zidane so make sure he's fully equipped and has full HP, etc (make sure you have Mage Masher equipped to him).

Boss: Black Waltz No. 1, Sealion HP: 229 & 472 AP: 5 Steal: BW#1: Silk Shirt, Remedy. SL: Ether, Mythril Dagger
If your HP gets to around 50-80, then remember to heal otherwise you'll be in trouble. Firstly concentrate your attacks on Black Waltz No. 1 - if you're feeling lucky try to Steal. Zidane will most likely get a Trance, and then use Tidal Flame. If any are left, use Free Energy to finish them off.

Once the battle is over, return to the falls and make your way to the exit by the steep cliffs.

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