FFIX - Walkthrough - The Evil Forest

Items Blank's Medicine & Continental Map (Key Items), Bronze Gloves, Phoenix Down, Ether (x3), Leather Hat, Rubber Helm, Potion, Wrist
Enemies Fang, Goblin, Prison Cage, Dendrobium, Plant Brain, Plant Spider
Cards -

The Evil Forest is not that hard at all. There will be a scene with Baku, Cinna, and Blank talking. Zidane will come running back and Cinna will talk to him. Now there's an ATE (Active Time Event) with Garnet and Vivi running. Go and save at the moogle and exit the screen to the bottom right. Just keep moving until you get to the next area. You'll come up to Vivi, Garnet, and Steiner and Steiner will have to fight.

Boss: Prison Cage HP: 1040 AP: 3 Steal: Leather Wrist, Broadsword
This battle is in two stages: in the first stage of the battle, let Zidane's automatic trance mode inflict the damage, while remember to heal Garnet if her HP gets low.

On the second stage, make sure you steal some items from the monster while attacking with Steiner and using Vivi's magic.

After this battle, everyone will have a little chit-chat and then return to the ship. Blank will start talking to Vivi and he'll give the mage a potion. Now you'll see Zenero and Benero making Steiner go into a room and they'll lock it. Zidane will be talking to Baku asking him to go and rescue Garnet.

First, get the chest hidden to the right with Bronze Gloves in it. Now exit the room and there will be three Active Time Events. Go down the stairs and talk to Blanka and then into the room. Get the chest for an Ether and climb up onto the bed and get the 116 gil. Now talk to Vivi and leave the room where Zidane will be talking to himself and pondering.

After it's over, you'll talk to Blank again. Get the chest behind Blank to get Wrist and go to the room to the left then down the stairs. Go up and pick the Rubber Helm up off the ground. Now go in the door to the right and you'll talk to Baku. After Baku leaves, get the chest hidden in front of the shelf with a Potion in it. Now exit, talk to Baku, and start the fight.

Boss: Baku HP: 202 AP: 0 Steal: Hi-Potion, Iron Sword
Although Baku doesn't want to kill Zidane, it's possible to die so watch it!

Steal Steiner's weapon Iron Sword and finish him off with attacks.

Once the battle is over, go back up the stairs through the door and talk to Steiner. When you leave the room, go back in it and get the chest with the Ether in it and the other to get another Ether. Head to the room on the right and talk to Vivi. Now go back out and down the stairs and keep going down, then you'll talk to Blank for a bit. Go back inside and get the chest with the Leather Hat. Buy stuff from Cinna if you need to, then save your game if you feel the need.

Head out the bottom right of the screen again and keep moving along to trigger an Active Time Event and you'll hear music playing. Keep moving on and you'll get to an area with a moogle. There's another ATE. Talk to the moogle and use mognet to save. Head north and keep on going. Once you leave the screen you'll see a short FMV. Keep moving on and you'll encounter a boss.

Boss: Plant Brain HP: 916 AP: 5 Steal: Iron Helm, Eye Drops
The Princess is held captive by Plant Brain. Make Steiner attack with Fire Sword, while Vivi also casts Fire.

Steal with Zidane and simply keep attacking with magic. Blank will join your party so keep attacking with him. Use Eye Drops to hea the status magic Darkness that Planet Brain will attack with, and heal HP as needed.

After the battle, everyone will talk and Zidane will give Garnet a potion. All of your party will have to run: just keep running south and you will eventually get in a fight. Use Fire all with Vivi and they'll all die in one hit.

After the brief fight, simply keep running. After Zidane and Blank talk, there will be an FMV. When the FMV is over, Zidane will be pounding on the wall.

You'll now be at camp, so talk with your party and you'll be able to catch some sleep. Later, Zidane and Garnet will go beside the petrified wall and talk. You'll be back at the camp and a moogle will come. There is an ATE now to teach you some vital skills. The moogle will give you a Flute which allows you to call a party member on the world map. Now save on the world map. Head south and you'll be at the Ice Cavern.

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