FFIX - Walkthrough - Alexandria

FMV: A storm at sea tosses a small boat about with ease. Two people, faces unseen, are on the boat - a closeup of the faces shows the Princess Garnet. Instantly, the scene shifts to a scene with Garnet sitting outside a window waking up. Rubbing the fatigue from her eyes, she looks out the window to see a spectacular view of Alexandria and the Lindblum Theater Ship. Inside the ship, a rat-tailed boy jumps down, walks forward, opens a door and enters a dark room.

Items Potion
Enemies Baku, Guards
Cards -

You'll now be in control of Zidane. He'll light a match, so go to the candle in the middle of the room and light it. Now you'll get a chance to name Zidane (Note that from here-on-in we willl refer to characters by their default names to make things easier). After talking to to the people in Tantulas, you'll have to fight a boss.

Boss: Masked Man EXP: 0 AP: 0 Steal: Potion, Wrist, Mage Master
It's nigh on impossible to loose this battle, so just keep attacking. Remember to steal all items before finishing him off.

FMV: An orange-yellowish sky looks resplendant above Alexandria. A small black mage, walking and stumbling, looks up to see the massive Theater Ship pass overhead. The ship moves into place near Alexandria castle. The crystal, in the center of the castle, is focused upon as the words "FINAL FANTASY IX" appear on the screen.


Items Ticket (Key Item), Potion (x7), Remedy, Tent, Ether
Enemies Baku, Guards
Cards Fang (x3), Bomb, Ironite, Globin (x3), Flan, Skeleton, Lizardman, Zombie, Sahagin

After the formalities are over, you'll see an FMV and then you'll be in Alexandria and you'll be controlling the young Black Mage, Vivi. Once you can move, go directly left and you'll find a Potion. Now and go enter the house to the right and inside speak with the old lady. Search around and you will find 9 gil and a Potion on the table. Climb up the ladder and get the Fang Card. And leave the house.

Once back outside, go backwards one screen to find some cards: run along the houses and find a few of them. Go back to where you started out and keep moving foward where someone will bump into Vivi and then continue moving. Move a little bit up and search behind the items for a Potion. Keep moving foward and you'll see a short scene.

After the brief scene, keep going north until you get to the screen with the ticket booth. Show your tiket, and ask questions if you want. Now go left down the ally and, after that guy leaves, the same kid who bumped into you earlier will come up. Say you'll be his slave so you can get in the play.

If you want to learn some card basics, talk to Alleyway Jack before moving on. Keep following him into the steeple. Before trying to go up, search on the right for a Potion and then go up the ladder and a moogle will fall down. After you finish talking, use Mognet and save your game.

Now go up the ladder and move across the roof. When you cross the one that falls, go down and left a little and get 29 gil. Now move up and you get to name your character to anything that takes your fancy (we will use default names). Keep moving up and go down the stairs and cross the bridges. Search by the little circular thing on the roof to get 69 gil and then keep moving up and search the other circular object and get 92 gil. Go back down and to the right until you catch up with Puck. Once you're inside, there's an FMV.

FMV: Night Time, and Alexandria castle with the theater ship stationed inside is shown. The band is playing and Vivi and Puck run up and start to clap. Queen Brahne is fanning herself, followed by Garnet and a knight. The Knight moves his sword forward as the play starts. Fireworks and rambunctious music fill the air. The knight looks at Garnet and his mouth opens with shock as he sees Garnet practically falling asleep. The Queen is dancing around.

You'll now get to watch the play. Not long from now you'll have a fight against King Leo, Zenero, and Benero: just keep attacking King Leo and remember that SFX is just fake magic for show (i.e. it does no damage seeing as it's a play). After the battle, you'll get in a sword fight with Blank. It's a mini game where the more people you impress, the better the item you can get from Queen Brahne and the more gil you can get. Simply press what Blank tells you to press. You can repeat it again if you want.

Alexandria Castle

Items Phoenix down (x2), Phoenix Pinion, Elixir
Enemies Steiner
Cards -

Zidane and Blank will be now be in the castle of Alexandria disguised as soldiers. Go up the stairs and someone will come out of the door, it doesn't matter if you let her pass or examine her as she'll run off and you'll see a scene with Zorn and Thorn. Now Beatrix and Steiner will talk to Brahne, eventually leaving you in control of Steiner.

Go back up the stairs and outside and talk to Brahne and get your prize for the sword fight you did with Zidane and Blank. Go back down the stairs and head straight, continuing down the stairs again and exiting the castle. Once outside, go left and talk to the soldiers. Then go in and keep going straight and start climbing up the stairs. Once you get to the very top, Steiner will talk to himself and you will see Zidane chasing Garnet. An FMV will play.

Once the FMV is over, keep following Garnet. Now go and talk to Ruby. Once you are done talking, run down the stairs where Garnet went and she will talk to Zidane a bit. After you finish talking to everyone, Cinna and Steiner will come in. When you jump in the escape exit, Steiner's soldier blocks it so he doesn't have to go down. Once you have control of Zidane, continue through the door and Steiner will cut you off. Now you'll have to fight Steiner.

Boss: Steiner HP: ~500 AP: 0 Steal: Leather Hat, Silk Shirt
Another easy battle. If you loose this, you should seriously consider moving on to driving games. ^_~

Keep using physical attacks, but have Vivi cast Fire on Steiner while having Garnet cast Cure when needed. Steal if you fancy it.

After the fight's over, Zidane and Garnet will run out. Now it's back to watching the play. Get on the lift and move onto the stage and Vivi and Puck will run onto it. Vivi will cast fire on Garnet by accident and you'll have to fight Steiner yet again. Just keep attacking Steiner and it should be over soon.

The ship is about to take off and there'll be an FMV and another fight against Steiner. Again, keep attacking Steiner and the battle will end shortly. There follows another FMV and a short scene with Brahne, Zorn, and Thorn followed with by one with Zidane. Get ready for the Evil Forest...

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