FFV - Walkthrough - The Void

Dragon Badge, Elixir, Genji Armor, Genji Shield, 3 x Magishuriken, Ragnarok

A good thing you can do here is leveling up, but note, the enemies here have all loads of HP and ABP, so watch out. Walk down the steps and open the chest for a Magishuriken, then head left and up the stairs.

BOSS 48: Gilgamesh Level 59 HP 15000
Use Protes to block his physical attacks, then steal the Genji Shield. Just as always, this fight is very easy.

Walk up and then right, down another staircase and open the chest for a Magishuriken. Head down the next stairs and walk down for an Elixir and enter the portal. Walk up, but don't open the chest here. Only do so if you want to fight Shinryu, but I think you won't be having any chances against him set, so just leave him there. The upper chest contains a Magishuriken. Now walk right and through the portal. Examine the light on the far left platform.

BOSS 49: Necrophobe Level 66 HP 44044
You should use $toss to kill Necrophobe, magic attacks will only be reflected. Don't forget to cast Guardian here. The magic barriers will use all the big spells like Holy, Flare etc. Once the barriers are down, and you got Necrophobe's HP below 10000, Gilgamesh shows up and does the rest for you.

Heal yourself and be ready to fight X-Death up the stairs. Don't forget to save.

BOSS 50: X-Death Level 77 HP 49001
This fight shouldn't be that hard at first. X-Death can only attack one person at once, so you shouldn't be afraid of nasty attacks on your whole team yet. The only attack you should watch out for is White Ball, which will kill and petrify a team member. Once again Guardian is very helpful, and your characters should be using Giant Drinks. Once you kill him, he will replaced by his ultimate form.

BOSS 51: Neo X-Death
Top Level 81 HP 50000
Lower Right Level 67 HP 55000
Center Level 83 HP 55000
Lower Left Level 86 HP 60000
The good/bad things is, that the status ailments of the first fight will be still here. Once again your enemy will be using all the big spells, Meteo, Flare, Holy, level3 spells etc. Watch out for his Grandcross attack, which can cause many status changes to your team. Also the UltraGuse attack can be danerous, if its used twice in a row. Don't attack the dummy targets, since they don't need to be destroyed. And don't attack the X-Death in the back physically, because it won't deal any damage. After all, just keep on using $toss, big summons and strong spells, and you'l make it.

Congratulations, now you have time for defeating the sub quest bosses etc., good luck.

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