FFV - Walkthrough - Easterly Falls

12000GP, Aegis shield, Air Lancet, Artemis, Double Axe, Enchanter, Ether, Giant Drink, Leviathan, MagiShuriken, Phoenix Down, Protect Ring, Rune Edge, Turtle Shell, Wall Ring

Deafeat the gargoyles and enter. Then walk up the stairs above and jump down the waterfall to get onto the ledge. Head left and then up the steps for a chest with a Turtle Shell. Climb down again and walk left then jump down another waterfall for an Ether. Walk all the way to the far right and open another chest with an Air Lancet. Then walk through the door and head right. Look for a Giant Drink and a Rune Edge in a secret passage here.

After you get the items, just head back through the door again and walk up the left staircases. There is a secret passage in here. Follow the path and you will reach a skull, which can only be pressed with the thief's dash. If you pressed the skull, get the Protect Ring as fast as possible. Then rush back and you will be swept down to a lake.

From there you have to walk down the lower staircase and head left, then up again for a Phoenix Down and further down, until you can get the Wall Ring. Then walk right, up the stairs and save your game. Head down to a cave entrance, which will lead you to the Artemis Bow. Out again, you have to go left. Just watch out for the pitfall below the hall, and you'll soon arrive at a chest with the Enchanter. There is also a 12000GP chest at the bottom of the room.

After you get those treasures, you have to jump down the pitfall. Opent the two upper chest from the FRONT only, for an Aegis Shield and a MagiShuriken.Then press the skull for the lower chest, and open it from the right side for a Double Axe. Jump into one of the two holes and then walk up the stairs to collect the Lithograph.

BOSS 40: Leviathan Level 37 HP 40000
Leviathan has only two attacks. He might attack you physically with 800 damage, or he might use his Tidal Wave, which deals 800 damage to your entire team. Just keep on atacking him with Bolt3 and victory will be soon yours.

You'll get the Leviathan summon. Once you exchange the Lithograph for the last 3 weapons, you should do all the 3rd world sub-quests, which I won't explain in this walkthrough. Once you're ready, head for the N-Zone.

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