FFV - Walkthrough - Great Sea Trench

Dragon Fang, Fire Ring, KaisrKnuckle, Meteo, Phoenix Down, Water Skill

Once again you will have to fight the two gargoyles at the entrance. After you kill them, walk right all the way and once you arrive at a fork in the road, head south to get the Water Skill out of the chest there. Walk further right and then down the stairs, to reach a room with a saving point. Now go further down and step onto the skull to make a bridge appear. Cross the bridge and walk right, but be sure not to step onto the next skull. Just cross this bridge then and walk up the stairs. In this room you have to step onto the skull in the upper left corner. A bridge will appear now and you can get the Fire Ring.

Now step onto on of the two skulls on the left and you will be dropped into the room below. Open the chest at the top of the room for a Dragon Fang and head down the stairs. Cross the lava and walk right to walk up the stairs. Cross the platform and walk through the lava again. Now go left for a Phoenix Down and right for another staircase. You will arrive in a dwarves' village. There is a saving point and a few shops around. Before you leave the village, you have to talk to all the dwarves for more information.

After you speak to all the dwarves, step through the small water fall. Walk on and you'll reach a room with a few skull switches. Press them in this order to continue: lower left, upper left, lower right. With this combination you open the final door, but you can try other ones for some decent treasures. Step through the now opened door, and you'll see the Lithograph.

BOSS 39: Nergade, Phobos, Triton Level 20, 39, 37 HP 13333
The most important thing here is that you have to kill them all at the same time, else they will revive themselves with full HP and use the Delta attack on you. You should also cast Guardian. The best attacks here are the Requiem Song and once again the $toss.

Take the Lithograph and exchange it for another three sealed weapons. Then head for the easterly waterfalls to find the last Lithograph. To get there, you have to use one of the underwater caves.

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