FFXII - Script - Ch 9: Sky Fortress Bahamut

[The group boards the Strahl. Destination: Sky Fortress Bahamut]

[The scene changes, and we see some clouds... FMV: wind is blowing through Rabanastre]

Rabanastran: This wind... What could it be?

[Darkness spreads over the city. The town's citizens panic]

-A tornado? It can't be!
-It's headed right for us!

[They see what appears to be a tornado, but hidden within the circling wind... is the greatest ship in the Archadian fleet, stronger than any Dreadnought: the Sky Fortress Bahamut!]

[Vayne is standing on the bridge, with Larsa at his side. A Judge stands at a control terminal]

Judge: Make your target the Resistance heavy cruiser.

[Camera cuts to Vayne, who pauses momentarily]

Vayne: Our dear Cid? Slain by his son. A common tale of late.

Judge: Firing solution complete. Sighting is good!

Judge: Release valves open! The nethicite is at critical!

Judge: Main and auxiliary show clear!

[Larsa turns to face his brother]

Larsa: Put an end to this! They have already surrendered!

Vayne: Let us make of this an offering. One he might see even now.

[Vayne looks to his left]

Vayne: Venat, what say you?

[More silence. The Judge at the controls turns around]

Judge: The main battery stands ready!

Larsa: I beg you!

Vayne: Fire.

[In front of the Sky Fortress are several Resistance ships. Bahamut's weapon readies itself, charges and fires. A beam of energy pierces one ship, whose generator overloads and results in a massive explosion, just like the Dreadnought Leviathan had experienced. Back on the bridge...]

Larsa: Why this...

Vayne: Once they see that there can be no surrender, they must come at us with all they have. We will answer their attack head-on and destroy them. Before the eyes of all Rabanastre.

Larsa: If you do this, the people will only grow to hate you the more.

Vayne: And should I pardon them, they will only rise up yet again.

Larsa: I do not believe they would. In co-operation lies our hope. You are mistaken. You are wrong, brother.

Vayne: And if I am? You had best find the strength you need to correct me then.

Judge: Ships sighted ahead! A score or more! The Resistance fleet, my lord!

[Vayne steps forward]

Vayne: Hear this!

[All the soldiers and Judges on the bridge turn to face him]

Vayne: Today we write the first page of a new history: our history. Each of you must play his part. Put down this rebellion. For Archadia! We fight!

Soldiers (in unison): For Archadia!

[Back outside, at the Resistance fleet... FMV outside the flagship, as we hear different people barking commands to one another]

All ships, prepare to fire on my command.

We've got a destroyer stretching our line.

[Several dozen smaller ships liftoff to join the battle. On the flagship's bridge, Ondore stands up]

Ondore: May fortune favor us all.

[Back at the raging battle... in front of Sky Fortress Bahamut are several ships, including the Dreadnought Alexander, helmed by Judge Zargabaath. Several small ships eject from the Dreadnought to confront the Resistance's]

This is Orthros leader: Keep your formations tight. Many and more to choose from, ripe for the taking!

[Epic mid-air battle between all these ships, as Bahamut looms in the background, partially blocked from view by the Alexander]

Remember your training and we'll make it! Icebrand, with me!

[The Resistance ships fly out of the Resistance fleet's line of fire. Back on the flagship's bridge...]

Helmsman: All ships clear!

Ondore: Give word to the cannons. Make ready and fire!

[Outside, the cannons ready themselves, and let loose with a massive barrage, striking the Alexander and causing it to drift sideway]

Helmsman: We have a clean line!

Ondore: Prepare the second volley! Be quick!

[As the Alexander drifts to the side, Bahamut becomes visible. Ondore is apparently shocked by this (had he really not seen it?) and stands up]

Ondore: By the gods...

[Bahamut's weapon powers up and discharges once again. It nicks the side of the flagship, not enough to cause any serious damage, but it does hit a Resistance ship in the rear of the fleet, causing it to explode. Rabanastre's Paling prevents any damage from being inflicted upon the city...]

Helmsman: The Carrier Galuf-Val... She's lost.

[As the wreckage of the carrier drifts to the ground, an airship flies through it... it's the Strahl!]

Helmsman: Unknown ship from abaft!

Ondore: Could it be?

Ashe: Uncle, it is I! I'm crossing to the Bahamut to stop Vayne!

Ondore: What are you saying? You are too rash! Your duties come after the battle is over!

Ashe: If we allow them to destroy us here, there will be no after. You must assist our charge.

Ondore: Stop. You must pull back! (He faces the Helmsman) Stop the Strahl!

Larsa: Hold it! I mean, w-wait! This is Larsa Solidor! I'm going in with her! So... we're fine! I got the Princess covered!

Ondore: Larsa Solidor? So you hold him as a hostage?

Ashe: No, uncle. He will fight with us against Vayne!

Larsa: Leave it to us!

[Onboard the Strahl, we see Vaan beside Ashe, holding the microphone...]

Ondore: Understood. Our fate is in your hands.

[Vaan smiles, and goes "Yes!". He puts the microphone down... you may recall from way back in Bhujerba, how the Strahl has a device that can mimic people's voices!]

Penelo: "I got the Princess covered"?

Vaan: Larsa'd say that.

Balthier: We're relying on you for fire support. Give them something to think about. We'll pick our moment and make our move!

[Back to FMV's; more fighter ships descend from Bahamut and engage in the fierce battle. The Strahl maneuvers around them all]

Balthier: Quite the welcome! Careful!

Fran: One follows!

Balthier: Ah, you want to dance! The let's dance!

[A ship in front fires upon them]

Fran: A new partner.

Balthier: It's not easy being this popular, you know.

[The Strahl cuts to the side just in time, as the two "partners" smash into one another. It soars up to Bahamut, circling around it looking for the dock...]

Balthier: There it is.

[It does. Vaan waves people on by the Strahl's exit]

Vaan: Come on! Come on!

[All 6 run along the catwalk, and enter. "Sky Fortress Bahamut" is displayed on the screen]

Balthier: Vayne will be in the fortress's command tower. I saw something of the like on our way in here. Right above our heads.

Ashe: We need not fight all the Empire to win. If we can get to Vayne, we can put an end to this war.

Vaan: Let's get going then. Find Vayne, wherever he's perched, and knock him off.

[The group makes their way through Bahamut, arriving in the central area. Explosions from the exterior shake the Sky Fortress, as Vaan holds onto Penelo. Outside, we see several Resistance fighters descending from above to attack it directly]

Judge: They hide in the sun!

[The soldiers at the helm look up, outside the screen in front of them, as one of the fighters does a kamikaze]

Counter-air battery destroyed!

[The remaining resistance fighters fly away, back to the fleet]

Enemy squadrons still incoming!

What are you waiting for? Fire! Fire!

[On the Alexander...]

Zargabaath: Is this their worst?

[Back outside...]

Evasive hard aport!

[And in the Resistance flagship...]

Ondore: The line is drawn.

[After all of that flashy battling, we're back on the Bahamut with our 6 heroes]

Fran: The Resistance fights their battle well. We dare not fail them. We dare not falter.

Vaan: Stop worrying. We just have to clean up here, and then Ashe'll be the queen.

Penelo: It's kind of hard to believe. I can't even imagine trying to rule a whole kingdom.

Basch: A queen might "run away" with the help of a sky pirate looking to raise his bounty.

Balthier: I doubt our queen would need the help of any sky pirates.

Ashe: Do you really think me as strong as all that?

Vaan: Who said anything about strong? You'll make it. You got good friends.

[The group proceeds onwards, reaching the elevator which will take them to the above level. Before they can touch the Lift Controls, however... we seen Vaan and Penelo at the controls, trying to figure them out. Fran and Ashe hear something and turn around... Basch slowly turns]

Basch: So you have lived.

[Gabranth is there!]

Gabranth: I am Judge Magister.

[He steps forward, and struggles to stay upright. He's still hurting from the thrashing at the Pharos]

Gabranth: Even in disgrace. My just reward for aiding the Empire that destroyed my homeland.

Basch: Gabranth. Do not blame yourself anymore.

Gabranth: You confound me, Brother! You failed Landis, you failed Dalmasca... all you were to protect. Yet you still hold on to your honor. How?

Basch: I had someone more important to defend. And defend her I have. How is it that you have survived? Is it not because you defend Lord Larsa?

Gabranth: Silence! All was stripped from me! Only hatred for the brother who fled our homeland remains mine. Tell me: why do you forsake that which you must hold most precious?

Basch: I do as I must, brother. Or is that not answer enough?

[Boss battle vs. Gabranth. Partway through the battle...]

Gabranth: Look, Basch, your friends die! As they must, for surely you cannot protect them! Know now the despair you have taught me!

[Hahaha, nice try Gabranth. After you finish kicking his ass for the umpteenth time, he drops one sword, and points the other at Basch]

Gabranth: Have you your fill of this?

Basch: I would ask you the same. Let this end, Noah.

[Gabranth, unable to stand upright, falls to his knee]

Gabranth: I've no right to be called by that name.

Basch: Then live. And reclaim it.

[Back to gameplay... you're still on the elevator, though Gabranth is slumped over in the corner. Touching the lift controls causes the elevator to ascend... and on the upper floor waiting for you, are Larsa and Vayne! Larsa gasps upon seeing them]

Vayne: I bid you welcome to my sky fortress, the Bahamut. I must apologize for my delay in welcoming you aboard my ship. Permit me to ask: Who are you? An angel of vengeance? Or perchance a saint of salvation?

Ashe: I am simply myself. No more and no less. And I want only to be free.

Vayne: Such a woman is not fit to bear the burden of rule. Weep for Dalmasca, for She is lost. Observe well, Larsa. Watch and mark you the suffering of one who must rule, yet lacks the power.

Larsa: No.

[The camera pans by Vayne, and we see Larsa has unsheathed his sword & is pointing it at him!]

Larsa: No, Brother. I will not. Though I lack your power, I will still persist.

Vayne: Bold words, child.

[Back at the lift, Gabranth struggles to his feet, and looks up at the area where the group has gathered]

Gabranth: Lord Larsa...

[Boss fight vs Vayne! Larsa helps you out. Partway through the battle...]

Vayne: Your lives are forfeit, and your insurgence with them. Dalmasca will again know order. For good and all, I shall bring your futile attempts at rebellion to an end.

[Nope! You defeat him. Afterwards, he struggles to stay upright, gasps a bit, but falls down face-first]

Larsa: Lord Brother!

[Larsa runs towards him, but before he can reach Vayne, gets electrocuted (?!) and falls unconscious. Penelo gasps.... red Mist floats around Vayne, as he slowly gets up. His entire body spasms, and seems to be changing... when the Mist clears, he's floating in mid-air, now a muscular brute, radiating Mist]

Ashe: Manufacted nethicite!

[Above him, a beam of energy produces several flying swords, which encircle him. His face appears rotten, decaying]

Vayne: Behold the power left me by our fallen friend.

[The camera cuts to Gabranth, or at least Gabranth's line of sight, as he climbs the stairs to this platform. On one side, our valiant heroes; on the other side, a floating Vayne, with his swords at his side & pointed at the heroes]

Vayne: Gabranth, you will defend my brother. He will have much need in the hell to follow.

[Gabranth pulls out his sword and points it at Vayne! Vayne angrily goes "Hrmmm"]

Gabranth: Yes, I will defend Lord Larsa!

Vayne: The hound strays. Treason bears a price.

Gabranth: One I gladly pay.

[The camera pans around.... Vayne's swords begin to fly erratically, and Larsa is still unconscious on he ground. Boss fight vs. Vayne Novus! Once again, some dialogue partway through the battle...]

Vayne: Ivalice will know a new Dynast-King, and Man will keep his own history! The Tyranny of the gods is ended! We are their puppets no more! The freedom for which we have longed is at hand!

[Oh, will he ever learn? Of course he gets defeated, and after the battle he's clutching his shoulder, gasping. Gabranth runs towards him and slashes him in the stomach. A beam of energy bursts out of both his stomach & back. He fires off a Sephira (flying sword), and looks at Gabranth, who's staring back. We know this because a portion of his helmet has been destroyed, and his left eye is exposed]

Gabranth: Even a stray has pride!

[Vayne powers up, and knocks Gabranth across the platform. Basch kneels by his side - Gabranth's helmet is gone]

Gabranth: Here I pay my debt.

Vayne: Burn in hell, Gabranth!

[Five of Vayne's sephiras fly through the air, hurtling towards Gabranth... and the screen goes white. The sephiras are motionless in front of Larsa, standing in front of Basch and Gabranth, holding a piece of manufacted nethicite! The sephiras disappear one by one. Vayne gasps as the nethicite shatters into a million pieces. Vaan picks up Gabranth's sword, races towards Vayne while screaming in rage, and stabs him in the stomach! Vayne is sent flying over the platforms edge. Vaan jumps the barrier and drops the sword, intending to finish him off, when Venat materializes in front of him. Vayne, clutching his stomach, walks away... by the time Venat dematerializes, Vayne had quite the head start.

[The rest of the group follows him, save for Penelo (who comforts a weakened Larsa) and Basch, still by Gabranth's side]

Gabranth: Basch, tell me. He is a good master?

Basch: Aye.

[Gabranth falls unconscious. Basch stands up and walks towards the rest of the group... Penelo follows]

[Outside of Bahamut, Venat stumbles along a catwalk, clutching at his side, still in his Vayne Novus form]

Vayne: Venat!

[Venat materializes in front of him... Vayne continues to walk/stumble forward]

Vayne: I have failed us both. I am no Dynast-King. You must find another. One who might realize your ambitions.

Venat: They are fulfilled beyond your knowing. The Cryst is sundered, age of Stones complete. From the undying ones the world is freed. You shall not tread this path alone. Together we go. Come.

[Venat drifts aside, revealing a platform in the distance, as Vayne sees it, smirks, and continues to approach it. Venat follows him, and in the background we see Vaan & company chasing after him]

Vayne: Won't Cid be eager to learn what has happened here. History begins anew.

[Venat appears to dissolve... his particles get absorbed into Vayne, and Mist begins to emanate from his body. Random streams of Mist shoot into the distance, destroying nearbye airships... every stream of Mist destroys whatever it touches. He roars, stretching out both of his arms, as numerous streams of Mist shoot forth...and draw towards him whatever they hit. Random fragments of metal form an armor around him, as well as a blade on his hand and wings on his back. He flies into the air, as his new metallic body completes itself... he's truly a sight to behold]

[The scene changes back to gameplay, and your main party is there... it's what the entire game has been building up to: final boss time! Final battle vs. The Undying (nice name). No random bits of dialogue partway through the battle here - just fighting]

[In the end, he's defeated. Floating in mid-air, he evaporates in streams of Mist. A chunk of metal from his body lands on the platform below with a thud, before dissolving into dust. Our heroes remain, victorious. Basch turns to face Ashe. Below, Larsa, teary-eyed and at Gabranth's side, glances outside. Penelo approaches Vaan, and they look into the sky... only to see an airship, on fire, soar by overhead. The magnanimity of victory is cut short by the realization that war is still raging beyond Bahamut... and they race back to the Strahl to put an end to it]

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