FFXII - Script - Ch 4: Ogir-Yensa Sandsea - Jahara

[The group reaches the Sandsea. FMV overview of the area... Vaan surveys it. A massive ocean of sand, and in the distance an extensive array of oil rigs]

Penelo: So, where exactly is Raithwall's Tomb?

Basch: Far to the west. We must first cross the Ogir-Yensa, and beyond that the Nam-Yensa, before we reach the tomb. An expanse of desert larger still than all of Dalmasca. We must pace ourselves. If we grow tired, we stop and take rest.

Penelo: You don't have to worry about me. I'm tougher than I look.

Basch: You are at that.

[The venture forth, through the array of oil platforms, eventually pausing at one time. Vaan looks over the edge at a nearbye platform]

Basch: A construct to draw oil from the ground. Abandoned many years now, it seems.

Vaan: Did Dalmascans build this?

Basch: No. The Rozarrians. Their empire lies far to the west, ever at war with Archadia. Heedless of the kingdoms caught in their midst. Dalmasca. Nabradia. Landis.

[Vossler walks on screen!]

Vossler: 'Tis the small craft's fate: to watch the list of the galleons and pray for light winds.

Basch: Vossler! Why are you here?

Vossler: Imagine my surprise... when upon my return to Bhujerba, I find both you and the Lady Ashe have vanished. I thought you above consorting with sky pirates.

Basch: Balthier is a man worthy of our trust. And it was the Lady Ashe's decision. I am content to lend my arm. As I could not when Rasler died, when her throne was taken. Never again. I will defend her this time.

Vossler: You walk the knight's path. The Lady Ashe?

[Basch turns his head; Vossler walks to Ashe. Elsewhere on the platform...]

Fran: We should leave this place.

Balthier: Let me guess: sandstorm?

Fran: Something far worse.

[Back to Vossler and Ashe]

Vossler: I see... so the Dawn Shard does lie in King Raithwall's tomb. The Marquis sympathizes with your plight, yet the Empire watches his every move. He can keep whispers of your "abduction" silent for only so long.

Ashe: Yes, but tell me, Vossler, what have you accomplished?

[Bathier approaches the two of them]

Balthier: We leave at once! This is Urutan-Yensa territory... and they are unfond of visitors.

[Fran turns around.... FMV: in the desert, a large fish creature "swims" through the sand, with Urutan-Yensa riding its back. We see there are several creatures and more Urutan-Yensa, and they're all heading towards the platform...]

Balthier: Looks like we've attracted the wrong sort of attention. Let's quit this place while we still can. Move!

[Everybody runs except Ashe]

Ashe: Vossler! [he stops] Have you found the means to restore Dalmasca?

Vossler: First, we must claim the Dawn Shard. It all begins with that.

[Vossler joins the party as a guest! They continue through the Ogir-Yensa Sandsea, eventually arriving at the Nam-Yensa Sandsea... where they continue to venture forth, eventually arriving at the Tomb]

[FMV; we see the overview of the tomb. AS the group proceeds forward, a shining bird descends and confronts them. Boss fight vs. Garuda. After defeating him, "an ancient device stirs". The group ascends the stairs to enter the massive fortress/tomb]

Ashe: Long ago, the gods granted their favor to King Raithwall... who would oversee the subjugation of a territory spanning from Ordalia to Valendia. Here he forged the Galtean Alliance.

[We see a brief glimpse of Raithwall]

Ashe: Though he is called the Dynast-King... upon establishing the Alliance, he showed compassion for his people, and disdain for war. A philosophy passed on to his successors. One that would bring peace and prosperity for hundreds of years to follow. It was during this time of peace that the city-states of Archadia and Rozarria... each members of Raithwall's Alliance, took root and flourished. Raithwall left three relics signifying descent from the Dynast-King. Of these, the Midlight Shard was given to what would become House Nabradia... and the Dusk Shard to my ancestors, the founders of Dalmasca. The last of these relics was the Dawn Shard. It remained hidden here, known only to those of royal blood.

Vossler: As though the Dynast-King foresaw the very plight before us now.

Ashe: Only his descendants are suffered within. If we enter without proof of such lineage...

Balthier: There's no guarantee we'll make it out alive. Vicious beasts. Fiendish traps. Something like that?

[Ashe nods]

Ashe: But you must consider the prize. The Dawn Shard lies within. And Raithwall's treasure.

Balthier: And there was I thinking this was going to be hard!

[The group enters the tomb via an "Ancient Device", which teleports them inside]

Vaan: What was that thing?

Balthier: A contraption you'd find in all but the most rudimentary ancient ruin. One touch, and off you're whisked to you know not where. The finer points of their operation elude me, but they're handy all the same. What more need a sky pirate know?

[As the group proceeds down a hallway, a wall behind them springs to life, swords in hand!]

Vaan: Fight or run, we better decide fast!

[They either fight or run... but there's a Demon Wall in the next area that needs to be destroyed too]

Fran: The wall comes. We must be quick! Together we can bring it down!

[It gets destroyed. They continue forward. A cutscene marvels at the tomb's elaborate architecture.

Vossler: Incredible...

[He turns to face Balthier and Fran, on the other side of the room]

Vossler: It wounds me to look on as they pillage so solemn a place.

Ashe: Yet without help, you and I are nothing. Is this not so? He thinks ever and always on his own profit. Assure him of it, and he shall remain true to our cause.

Vossler: I do not share Your Majesty's trust.

Ashe: We will continue this later. Now we should concern ourselves with finding the Dawn Shard. It sleeps, in waiting. Somewhere deep within.

Vossler: How can you be certain?

Ashe: I can hear its call.

[They proceed further. They get to an air that appears.. sort of foggy]

Penelo: Fog? Underground?

Fran: Not fog - Mist.

Penelo: You can see the Mist? With your eyes?

Fran: Where it is thick enough, you may. The nether runs deep in this place.

Penelo: So, is the Mist dangerous?

Fran: Yes, but it is also an aid. A dense Mist allows the working of powerful magicks.

Penelo: I'll keep that in mind.

[She turns to face Vaan, who's chatting with Vossler and Ashe]

Penelo: Can't count on Vaan to keep track of these things, that's for sure.

[They eventually reach an area, where a looming creature waits for them... boss fight vs. Belias. They defeat it, and earn their first Esper, "Belias, the Gigas"!]

Fran: In vainglory they arose, shouting challenges at the gods. But prevail they did not. Their doom it was to walk the Mist until Time's end. A legend of the nu mou.

Ashe: My family tells a story of the Dynast-King and an Esper. The story goes that in his youth, the Dynast-King defeated a mighty gigas for which the gods took heed of him. Thereafter, it was bound to him in thralldom.

Balthier: So all this time it's been here guarding the Dynast-King's treasure.

Ashe: Not so. The Esper is the Dynast-King's treasure.

Balthier: That's your treasure?

Ashe: In this Esper we now command rests a power whose worth is beyond any measure.

Balthier: Is that so? Call me old-fashioned, but I was hoping for a treasure whose worth we could measure.

[They proceed to the final area, where the Dawn Shard rests. Vossler is staring at it]

Basch: What's wrong?

Vossler: Your Majesty, we must go.

[She nods, and walks forward. The Shard begins to glow brightly]

Ashe: What?

[Standing in front of her is the ghostly image of Lord Rasler, her former husband]

Ashe: Rasler...

[The rest of the party looks on; only Vaan seems to be able to see Rasler too. Rasler walks by her; she tries to grab his arm but it pasts through his non-corporeal form. She turns around and holds her hand]

Ashe: You will be avenged.

[Rasler walks out of the room; Vaan turns around to look at him, but everyone else is still facing forward. Vaan looks at Ashe. The Dawn Shard is in her hand! You obtain the Dawn Shard.

The group returns to the entrance of the tom and tries to exit the Tomb, only to find... a massive fleet of Archadian ships are in the sky! Several smaller units descend and surround them!]

[Next scene - they're back onboard the Leviathan, being confronted by Judge Ghis, helmetless]

Ghis: Such a tremendous honor to again be graced with your presence, Majesty. You left us with such great dispatch upon our last encounter that I must confess... I had begun to worry that we may have give some cause for offense.

Ashe: Such a heartfelt display of remorse. Now what is it you want?

Ghis: I want you to give me the nethicite.

Penelo: The nethicite?

[We see she's holding the manufacted nethicite in her hands]

Ghis: That is a base imitation! We seek Raithwall's legacy... the ancient relics of the Dynast-King: deifacted nethicite. Did you not tell them, captain Azelas?

[Ashe gasps; Vossler approaches her from behind]

Vossler: Majesty, he speaks of the Dawn Shard. That is the nethicite.

Basch: Are you mad, Vossler?

Vossler: If we are to save Dalmasca, we must accept the truth. I will fight this profitless battle no more!

Ghis: Captain Azelas has struck a wise bargain. In return for the Dawn Shard the Empire will... permit Lady Ashe to reclaim her throne, and the Kingdom of Dalmasca will be restored. Think on it. An entire kingdom for a stone. You must admit, 'tis more than a fair exchange.

Balthier: And when all is said and done, your master will have another pet.

[Ghis basically ignores him]

Ghis: Lady Ashe, let us take him for the people of Dalmasca. Your Majesty wallows in indecision on peril of their heads!

[He pulls out his sword and holds it to Balthier's neck]

Ghis: And his shall be the first to fall.

Balthier: Well at least your sword is to the point.

[Ashe hands the Shard to Ghis]

Ghis: To think the relics of the Dynast-King were deifacted nethicite. Doctor Cid will be beside himself.

Balthier: What did you say?

Ghis: Captain Azelas, take them to Shiva. They should have leave to return to Rabanastre soon.

[Soldiers escort the group out. Ghis approaches a generic lackey]

Ghis: I want you to assess its power.

Lackey: Did our orders not specify that we return the Stone for testing?

Ghis: I will not chance returning with a Stone that is yet unproven.

[FMV; a small airship separates from the rest of the fleet, and moves towards another airship. The text on the screen notes it's "The 8th fleet of the Archiadian Imperial Army, Light Cruiser Class Airship Shiva." Onboard, the group is being escorted, with their hands once again shackled. Vossler and Ashe bring up the rear]

Vossler: When we return to Dalmasca, we can announce that you are alive and well. I will then continue our negotiations with the Empire. I believe Larsa is the key. He'll listen to us. We should trust him.

[Ashe stops and faces him]

Ashe: Who are you, Vossler, to talk of trust?

[She walks away; he momentarily hangs his head]

Vossler: A son of Dalmasca.

[In the Leviathan's Engine room, the Dawn Shard is placed inside a tube in the Engine room. Suddenly, Fran perks her head up. Back to the engine room...]

Engineer: Our equipment here is limited, so we'll be using the ship's drive to make our assessment. Once we've connected the Stone, the reaction should be easily measured-

[Ghis is talking to the female engineer via an intercom system]

Ghis: Methods do not interest me. Only results.

[Elsewhere, Fran is freaking out]

Vaan: Fran?

Fran: Such heat. The Mist - it burning!


Engineer: Sixty-eight hundred, sixty-nine hundred, seven thousand! This must be deifacted nethicite! The count still climbs!

Ghis: We've found it at last: true deifacted nethicite. The power of the Dynast-King in my hands. Blood alone does not an emperor make, Vayne.

[An alarm goes off]

Engineer: What is this? Something's wrong!

Ghis: What is it?

[Elsewhere, Fran is still freaking out. Vaan and Penelo are standing over her. A soldier walks up to her and shouts "You, Stand!". As he goes to touch her head, an energy burst sends him flying backwards]

Vossler: Hold her down!

[Too late; Fran jerks up and screams, breaking free of her restraints. She jumps through the air, kicking one soldier, before jumping over to the other]

Penelo: What's wrong with her?

Balthier: I always knew Fran didn't take well to being tied up. I just never knew how much.

[In the midst of the distraction, Balthier's released his restraints]

Balthier: How about you?

Ashe: I like Fran's idea. Let's get out of here!

[He removes her restraints; we see Vaan's are removed too. He runs to the airship, but Vossler is there, wielding his sword]

Vossler: No farther! Sky pirates! The future of Dalmasca will not be stolen!

[Basch confronts him]

Vossler: Why do this, Basch? This struggle is futile. You must know where it leads!

Basch: I do know. All too well.

[Fight vs. Vossler and 3 Imperial Swordsmen. After the fight, Vossler falls to his knees; Basch is standing right in front of him. Vossler struggles for breath, or to say something, but nothing happens. Ashe simply looks on]

[Elsewhere, the alarms are still going haywire]

Soldier: Engine power rapidly failing! It's...negative? Impossible! We cannot maintain hover!

Ghis: I want to know what's happened!

Engineer: The nethicite's draining the ship's power!

Ghis: Disengage it at once!

Engineer: We're trying. It's no good! It's inflected!

Lackey: She'll reach critical in three hundred! Cascade failure!

[Back to our group of heroes; they run towards an escape ship; Baltheir is helping Fran]

Balthier: Ashe, let's go.

[She looks back at Vossler and Basch]

Vossler: All I have done - I've ever thought of Dalmasca first.

Basch: I know you do. I would ne'er gainsay your loyalty.

Vossler: Look on what my haste has wrought. Did I act too quick? Or was your return too late? I can serve her no more. You must take up my charge.

[Basch runs away... Vossler slumps down, as a control panel in front of Ghis explodes]

[FMV; the entire ship implodes, sending massive strands of energy outwards. The entire fleet is utterly annihilated. The tiny Atomos-like ship our heroes are on barely stays ahead of the annihilation]

Balthier: This might get a little dicey!

Fran: The Mist, it manifests now.

Vaan: Is that what you call this?

[Where the fleet once stood, a massive ball of Mist now stands. Penelo notices something in its centre]

Penelo: What's that?

Ashe: I think it's the Dawn Shard!

Balthier: Then what are we waiting for?

[They return to get the Dawn Shard]

[Time for another Marquis Ondore voiceover]

The Dreadnought Leviathan is sunk. The 8th Fleet of the Archadian Imperial Army, lost.

As word of the events in the Jagd sounded throughout the Empire, quit I Bhujerba, citing sudden malady.

My true motive: to bring the various counter-Imperial forces scattered throughout Ivalice together in unified Resistance.

By this time, Lady Ashe had made her return to Rabanastre. She had not, however, made know her presidence. Rather, she was content with keeping both her own whereabouts, and those of the Dawn Shard, concealed.

Had she chosen then to go before her people, my error in announcing her suicide would be known, to the great detriment of my efforts to assemble a Resistance.

In such circumstance as the Lady Ashe then found herself, even were she to proclaim Dalmasca restored, it would serve only to invite the Empire's wrath.

Though Archadia had lost her 8th Fleet, she remained, as ever, a military power with which to be reckoned.

-Memoirs of Mqs Halim Ondore IV
Chapter 16: Biding Time

[FMV; Archades, a bustling, architecturally and technologically advanced city, is shown from multiple angles. We're shown developments inside Archades' Senate]

Senator: The Rozarrian Empire assembles a vast host under guise of martial exercises. It is our belief they wait for the proper pretext... the sooner to make their strike against Archadia.

[We see the Emperor is observing the proceedings]

Senator: The loss of Leviathan and her fleet at such a time comes as a most grievous blow. Were Rozarria to invade, the battle would be hard-fought. Had Lord Vayne not deployed his fleet so capriciously... we would not now find ourselves in such perilous circumstances.

Senator: Lord Vayne shall be made to answer for his actions. It is the will of the senate. Excellency, though he be your son, justice must be served.

Emperor: A convenient thing, justice. And so I must now make a choice... between my throne, and my son.

Senator: A most lamentable situation for us all.

Senator: Oh? For Lord Vayne, perhaps, yet surely Lord Larsa will make for a fine emperor.

Emperor: Larsa so adores his brother, and he is yet young.

Senator: But he will not remain young forever. Already he busies himself unraveling Lord Vayne's tangled skein. Lord Larsa has found his role to play, and pursues it with some enthusiasm.

Emperor: Ah, yes... And who would set him at such tasks?

Senator: What matter? Lord Vayne himself once saw his elder brothers brought to like justice, did he not? At Your Excellency's behest, as I recall.

[The Emperor coughs violently]

Senator: You can put yourself at ease, Lord Gramis. So long as the Senate watches over her... Archadia's well-being will ever be ensured.

Emperor: By your will. I shall bid Vayne return to Archades.

[Scene change; Ashe is standing on a bridge in a deserted wasteland of rocks and fog. She turns around; Rasler is there and he hands her the Dawn Shard. He dissapears; Vaan walks into view. Not sure if she was dreaming or not, because we next see her sitting down, in Rabanastre; the blurb on the screen states it's four days after the sinking of Leviathan]

Basch: So it was the Dawn Shard that brought down the Imperial Fleet.

Balthier: You know your stuff.

Basch: Destructive power of such force - I've seen it once before. Lady Ashe, you know of what I speak.

Ashe: Nabudis.

Basch: The capital of Old Nabradia - Lord Rasler's fatherland. During the invasion, a division of Imperials entered the city - there was a mighty explosion. Friend and foe died alike. Something was there - one of the Dynast-King's relics. The Midlight Shard was in Nabradia.

Balthier: More nethicite. Well, no wonder they invaded.

Ashe: That ridiculous war, the trap at the treaty-signing - all because Vayne wanted power. He must not be allowed to claim the nethicite. The Empire must never hold it.

Balthier: Oh? They already do. The Dusk Shard, and most likely the Midlight Shard, too. Besides, can't they manufact nethicite now?

Ashe: Very well, then the path set before us is clear. We'll use the Dawn Shard to fight them! Dalmasca does not forget kindness, nor ill deed done. With sword in hand she aids her allies. Sword in hand, she lays to rest her foes. This nethicite I hold must be my sword. I will avenge those who have died. And the Empire will know remorse.

Vaan: You even know how to use it?

Ashe: I -

Fran: The garif may know. The garif people live by the old ways. Magicite lore is a part of their culture. They may hear it. The cry of the nethicite's power. Whispers of the Stone's menace.

[Ashe walks up to her]

Ashe: Dangerous though it be, what we need now is power. Should we declare Dalmasca free without the means to defend our claim... the Empire would crush us. You must take me to meet with the garif.

Fran: They live beyond Ozmone Plains.

Balthier: Not exactly close.

Ashe: Compensation - is that what you want?

Balthier: Straight to the point, aren't we. I like that. Compensation? How about the ring.

Ashe: This? Isn't there something else?

Balthier: No one's forcing you.

[He reaches out his hand... Ashe hesitates, then takes her ring off and places it in his hand...]

Balthier: I'll give it back to you. As soon as I find something more valuable.

[Ashe walks away; Vaan walks up to him]

Vaan: What do you mean "something more valuable"?

[Ashe and Basch walk out of the room; Balthier follows them]

Balthier: Hard to say. I'll know when I find it. What is it you want, Vaan? What are you looking for?

[Fran and Penelo walk out]

Vaan: Me? What am I looking for? I guess - well, I - you know...

[He sighs. The scene switches to the Bazaar outside. Basch explains the garif dwell in "Kerwon"; Balthier explains they need to travel through the Giza Plains, which now have their rainy season]

[The group moves through the Giza Plains, and the Ozmone Plain, arriving at Jahara, land of the garif. Two garif are blocking a bridge entering the village]

Garif Warrior: Who are you? This is garif land. No place for hume-children to play at game.

[A garif walks on screen]

???: They are wayfarers. They bring no harm. I saw them cross the Ozmone Plain. They are warriors of great distinction. The fiends of the plains troubled them not at all.

Garif Warrior: You ventured upon the plains alone, War-chief? Again?

Garif War-chief: .........

[He faces Vaan]

Garif War-chief: ...What business have you with the garif?

[Vaan nods]

Garif War-chief: Let them pass. The responsibility will be mine.

Garif Warrior: If this is your wish, War-chief.

Garif Warrior: Then, you may pass. These days see many humes wandering through our lands.

[The War-chief and Vaan walk down the bridge, then stop]

War-chief Supinelu: Ah, I have not made introductions. I am Supinelu, War-chief of this village. We garif have been friends to all since long ago, however, lately the hume world is in much turmoil. We must protect our village, and our people. As War-chief, and protector of our village, I ask you: Why have you come to this land?

[Vaan explains]

War-chief Supinelu: Hmmm... I see. So you too have come to ask about the nethicite. You must speak with the elders. Though our masks may make it dificult for you to tell us apart, walk through the village and look with your eyes, listen with your ears.

[None of the Elders know about nethicite, unfortunately, so it's back to Supinelu]

Ashe: I must learn more about the nethicite. I cannot turn back now. Please, tell your Great-chief that I am of the royal line of Dalmasca, a direct descendant of Dynast-King Raithwall. If the garif have passed down knowledge of the stones, they must know of the nethicite that the Dynast-King once held.

War-chief Supinelu: Do you have proof of your heritage?

Ashe: I...I do not.

War-chief Supinelu: Hrm... I have looked into your eyes and seen that you speak the truth, hume-child. I give you my trust. The Great-chief is ahead, across the bridge.

[They go to meet with the Great-chief. He holds the Dawn Shard in his hand]

Great-chief: This nethicite - you have used it.

Ashe: It was not I who used it. Indeed I had hoped you could show me how. Thus I've come.

Great-chief: You do not know the workings of the Stone. Then we are no different.

Ashe: What?

Great-chief: In ages past, the gods made a gift of nethicite to my people. But the manner of its use eluded us. Displeased by our faillure, the gods took back their Stones. They chose instead to give them to a hume king. Called the Dynast-King, he used the nethicite's power to bring peace to a troubled time. It is a curious thing. Though the blood of King Raithwall flow your veins, you cannot wield nethicite.

Ashe: Cannot wield it? So then, am I to understand you can't tell me how to use the Stone?

Great-chief: Though it shame me so to admit. Here before me stands a descendant of the Dynast-King himself... and I can accord her no help at all. Still, even if you knew how to use the nethicite, you would find it of small avail. The Mist collected in the Stone over ages past is lost, and with it the Stone's power. It will be your posterity who wield the Stone in ages yet to come. This stone is devoid of power. Empty, yet full of thirst. A terrible longing to drink the world dry.

[We see the viewpoint of someone, as this individual is walking towards the Great-chief's tent...]

Great-chief: The power of men, and of magick. Of good, and of evil. It is often those who desire nethicite whom the nethicite itself desires.

[Ashe sighs.. and turns around. It's Larsa!]

Ashe: Larsa?

[He smiles. Scene change: It's now nighttime. Ashe is standing in front of a fire, reflecting on the discussion they had with Larsa earlier in the day...]

Ashe: To Bur-Omisace?

Larsa: I say we ought leave tomorrow. I was going to wait for my escort, but meeting you presents a great opporunity. This terrible war can be stopped, but I will need your help to do so.

Ashe: A war?

Larsa: You know the Marquis Ondore leads a group of insurgents - your pardon, he leads a large resistance force against the Empire. Lady Ashe, neither of our countries can afford this now. The Rozarrian Empire would stir. They would aid the Resistance and use this aid as a pretext to declare war on Archadia... and Archadia would have no choice but to answer. Lady Ashe, let us go to Bur-Omisace. With the blessing of His Grace the Gran Kiltias Anastasis you may rightly wear your crown, and declare the restoration of the Kingdom of Dalmasca. As queen, you can call for peace between the Empire and Dalmasca... and stop Marquis Ondore.

Ashe: For peace? How dare you say that! The Empire attacked us, stole all we hold dear... and you would have me save them from war?

Larsa: Dalmasca would be the battlefield! What if nethicite were used on Rabanastre? You know my brother would do this!

[Back to the present; we see Ashe walking with the Dawn Shard in hand. The dialogue continues as a voiceover]

Larsa: Forgive me, I presumed overmuch. I could think of no other way to avoid bloodshed. If you cannot trust me, then please, take me as your hostage.

[She looks up and sees Rasler's ghost on a bridge]

Ashe: Rasler.

[She runs towards him, but... it's only Vaan[

Vaan: You saw him, didn't you. Like at the king's tomb.

Ashe: So you did see him, too. But why?

Vaan: It's strange. Before, I didn't even know what you looked like. And the Prince - I barely knew there was a prince. Who knows? Maybe the person I saw was my brother.

Ashe: Basch told me about him.

Vaan: He enlisted, right at the end. But for what? He knew we couldn't win.

Ashe: To protect something.

Vaan: How can he protect anything when he's dead? Was it different for Prince Rasler? Did that make sense? Hating the Empire, getting revenge.It's all I ever thought about. But I never did anything about it. I mean, I realized there was nothing I could do. It made me feel hollow, alone. And then I'd miss my brother. I'd say stuff like "I'm gonna be a sky pirate"... or some other stupid thing. Just anything to keep my mind off it. I was just - I was running away. I needed to get away from his death. That's why I followed you. Know what? I'm through with it. I'm through running. I'm ready to find my purpose. To find some real answers - some reasons. If I stick with you, I think I will.

[They look at each other]

Ashe: I wish I knew.

Vaan: I'll find 'em.

[Scene change; it's the day again, and the group is conversing with Larsa on a bridge]

Larsa: I will accompany you to Mt Bur-Omisace. I had hoped you'd say yes. I am glad.

Ashe: My heart is not set. I still have questions. I hope to find answers along the way.

Larsa: I had other reason to invite you. There is someone I'd like you to meet waiting on Bur-Omisace.

Ashe: Who is that?

Larsa: An enemy, and an ally also. You will just have to wait and see for yourself.

[He turns around and walks away]

Vaan: That Larsa likes his secrets.

Ashe: He does not mean ill by it.

Vaan: He's not bad. At least for an Imperial.

[They walk along the bridge to catch up with Larsa. The camera pans back to Basch, Balthier and Fran, still in the village]

Basch: Holy Mt Bur-Omisace stands at the northern edge of the Jagd Ramooda. Once we're in jagd, we need not fear pursuit by their airships.

Balthier: Don't get your hopes up. You remember the Leviathan sailed straight over the Jagd Yensa, right up to Raithwall's tomb. Skystone that works even in jagd. You know nethicite's behind it. Little wonder they're so keen on the stuff.

Basch: And what is it you're after, Balthier? You're a welcome hand, and a great aid, but why?

Balthier: Worried I'm out to steal the nethicite, eh? Can't say I'm unaccustomed to people doubting my intentions. Nothing could be further from my mind. Shall I swear by your sword or some such?

Basch: Apologies. But I needed to know where you stand. Her Majesty depends on you. And you seemed to have an interest in the stone.

Balthier: I'm only here to see how the story unfolds. Any self-respecting leading man would do the same.

[Larsa joins the party as a guest!]

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