FFXII - Script - Ch 5: Golmore Jungle - Mt. Bur-Omisace

[The group heads off to Mt Bur-Omisace. A cutscene occurs near the entrance to Golmore Jungle... the group is walking along. Penelo and Vaan are chatting amicably: "Wow, I'm impressed Vaan", "I got a good feeling!", etc.]

Basch: An alliance between Dalmasca and the Empire?

Ashe: Reason tells me 'tis the only course. We must avoid war with the Empire at all cost. Yet I fear I could not bear the shame. Had I but the strength -

Basch: A shame perhaps for me and for you. But for Dalmasca it is hope!

Ashe: And you can just accept this, can you?

Basch: After Vayne's ruse I had abandoned hope for honor... yet never did I forget my knightly vows. If I could protect but one person from war's horror... then I would bear any shame. I would bear it proudly. I could not defend my home. What is shame to me?

Ashe: My people hate the Empire. They will not accept this.

Basch: There is hope.

[We see Vaan, Penelo and Larsa walking together]

Basch: Hope for a future where we can join hands as brothers.

[Ashe looks at them. Scene change: Two Judges are marching down a hallway of the Imperial Palace]

Judge: The Senate may play at intrigue, but Lord Vayne will not be brought down easily. The entire military waits upon his orders, from the War Council to the rank and file. What better blade than he to strike down the enemies of the Empire?

[A female Judge steps into the scene]

Female Judge: Your Honor reminds me of Zecht two years since. He too put his trust in Lord Vayne's strength, and what became of him? Gone without a trace since Nabudis!

Judge: I will not hear you malign Judge Zecht! He was a noble warrior. Or... do you think his trust in Lord Vayne ill-placed?

Female Judge: Vayne took two of his own brothers' lives. He is ruthless beyond contempt.

Judge: Ruthless, you say? Would he were more so! He gives traitors no quarter, be they of his own blood! How fitting for one who would bear the burden of Empire!

Female Judge: But could we bear him? Zargabaath, what of you? Surely you do not believe... his brothers were traitors.

Zargabaath: So found his Excellency, Lord Gramis. You would do well to mind your tongue, Drace. That matter is long past.

[Gabranth approaches them]

Gabranth: Your Honors, a summons! Lord Vayne has arrived at the palace.

Zargabaath: We come at once.

[Zargabaath and the other Judge go forward, leaving Gabranth and Drace behind]

Drace: Lord Larsa has left for Bur-Omisace. He hopes to enlist the aid of the Gran Kiltias in stopping the insurgents. I doubt this will be enough to deter Ondore... but even a slight hinderance to his operations would be welcome. This will delay the Rozarrian invasion... and we will have bought much-needed time to shore up our defenses.

Gabranth: Just as His Excellency had hoped.

Drace: No matter the result, I am pleased with the young Lord's progress. I can already see the stunned faces of those mud-witted senators. The fools think a child emperor's strings easy to pull from the shadows... but they will find that Lord Larsa is no puppet.

Gabranth: Yes. The senators would be most pleased with a puppet for an emperor. Recall, Drace, how the Senate fears and despises Lord Vayne's ability? When they realize the truth, that Lord Larsa is no docile lamb to be shepherded... they will bear their teeth and devour him.

Drace: You're right. I shall speak on this matter with His Excellency at once. Gabranth. It falls to us to protect Lord Larsa. Are we agreed?

Gabranth: Aye.

[Back to our party; they make their way through the Golmore Jungle, evnetually arriving at a barrier of energy that won't let them pass]

Vaan: What is it?

Fran: The jungle denies us our passage.

Ashe: What have we done?

Fran: We? No. I.

[Fran walks away]

Vaan: What's that mean? How're we supposed to get through that?

Balthier: Making an appearance?

Fran: I am.

Balthier: I thought you'd left for good.

Fran: Our choices are few.

[Fran is trying to get their attention, but they're walking away]

Fran: This is as much for you as it is for me.

[Balthier pauses; Fran turns and faces him]

Fran: You are ill at ease. The nethicite troubles you? You've let your eyes betray your heart.

[Fran is standing... somewhere. She waves her finger around as energy emanates from it]

Vaan: What are you doing?

Fran: Soon you will learn.

[A path of... green appears. Vaan gasps]

Fran: We go to seek aid of the Viera who dwell ahead.

Penelo: I bet they'll be glad to see you after so long.

Fran: I am unwelcome. An unsought guest in their wood.

[The group proceeds forward, and enters Eruyt Village]

Fran: In the village ahead you will find her: Mjrn. Bring her to me. She will know why you call her.

[The group sans Freya proceeds through the village, and reach a group of Viera]

Vaan: Hey, Mjrn lives here, doesn't she? We're here to see her.

[They stare at him blankly]

Viera: You will leave at once.

[A Viera steps out of a residence]

Viera: It is not allowed for humes to to walk on these grounds.

Vaan: We'll go as soon as we've seen Mjrn.

Viera: If you can find her.

Vaan: We're not leaving until you let us see her.

[She looks away from him]

Vaan: Fine then. We'll look for her ourselves.

[He walks away. She goes "Ah!"... we see Fran walks in, and she walks past the group to the Viera]

Fran: I've heard the voice of the Wood. She says Mjrn is not in the village. Jote. Where has she gone?

Jote: Why do you ask? The Wood tells us where she has gone. Or...can you not hear Her?

[Fran looks down]

Jote: You cannot. Your ears are dull from hearing their harsh speech, I think. Viera who have abandoned the Wood are viera no longer. Mjrn, too, has left Her embrace.

Balthier: And you forsake them in turn?

Jote: It is the will of the village. Viera must live always with the Wood. So is the Green Word, and so is our law.

Vaan: We'll let you worry about keeping your laws. Just do us a favor and stay out of our way. We'll find her ourselves.

[A wind arises from under Jote... she raises her arms, and a bright light shines from above]

Jote: Our sister has left the Wood and gone west. She wanders warrens among men who hide themselves in clothes of cold iron. Thus to me has the Wood spoken.

Fran: The Viera may begin as part of the Wood, but is it not the only end that we may choose.

Jote: The same words I heard 50 years ago.

[Jote walks away. The group returns to the entrance to Eruyt Village]

Balthier: Not bad, Vaan. Didn't think we'd get any information out of that one. So then, what was she saying about men in a warren?

Larsa: The Henne Magicite Mines - maybe that's what she meant. They lie in Bancour, south of the Ozmone Plain. The entire region is a colony of the Archadian Empire. There would be soldiers.

Balthier: Is that a problem?

Vaan: Let's move.

[Balthier and Fran start to walk away]

Vaan: Fran!

[They stop; she turns to face him]

Fran: Yes?

Vaan: I was wondering - what Jote said, you know? About how you said the same thing 50 years ago?

Fran: Your point?

Vaan: How old were you again?

[Awkward silence. Fran walks away]

Balthier: Nice, Vaan.

[Ashe and Basch walk by, Ashe sighing the way she sighs. Larsa follows]

Larsa: Surprisingly rude.

Penelo: Try to grow up, please.

[They return to the Ozmone Plain, where they see a couple of wounded Archadian soldiers. One asks for a Potion, and it's given to him]

Imperial: Thanks to you, my friend's life is saved. We are in your debt, sir. We fled here from the Henne Mines. We were attacked, you see... It was all we could do to make it this far. We'll rest here until my friend's wounds have had a chance to heal. If you like, we could lend you the use of a chocobo until then. There's a lot of terrain around here which can't be accessed without a chocobo. You let me know when you need one.

[They get the chocobo, and use it to reach the Henne Mines. Outside the mine, Archadian Soldiers and workers are lying on the ground]

Larsa: Researchers from the Draklor Laboratories. What were they doing here?

Balthier: Research.

[They venture deep into the Mines]

Larsa: Look at the magicite. The mines much resemble the ones at Lhusu. Of course. Draklor must be searching for new sources of ore. Should the Resistance move, the magicite in Bhujerba will be forever beyond their grasp.

[A soldier is on the ground. Larsa runs next to it... while Fran senses something]

Fran: Is it her? What is this Mist? Mjrn!

[A Viera stumbles into view. She seems to be possessed by something]

Mjrn: The stench of humes. The stench of power.

Ashe: What's wrong with her?

[Mjrn stops and points at her]

Mjrn: Stay away! Power-needy hume!

[Ashe gasps. Mjrn awkwardly runs off-screen. They follow her; in the next area, Mjrn still jerks violently, past a giant dragon with a ring around his head. Boss fight vs. Tiamat. It gets defeated. Afterwards, Mjrn stumbles into view, holding a piece of nethicite. She drops it, and Larsa gasps. It rolls to a stop, and disintegrates into shards. Suddenly, some sort of bizarre white creature with no face and small circles of energy for eyes appears above Mjrn. It dissapears, and Mjrn collapses]

Vaan: That thing inside her. What was it?

[Fran cradles Mjrn in her arms]

Mjrn: Is it you?

[Fran nods, Mjrn sighs, her eyes closed. Scene change: in a house in Eruyt Village, Mjrn is explaining what just happened]

Mjrn: When the hume soldiers came to the Wood, the village took small heed of them. So long as the Wood herself is safe, the viera give little care to goings on beyond. But in me an uneasiness stirred. I had to discover why they had come.

Balthier: So you came here hoping to find something out, and got yourself caught. [She nods] You're as foolhardy as your sister.

Mjrn: They took me then, and set close beside me a stone. They said its Mist would be drawn into me, that the Viera well suited this end. I saw the light coming from the stone, and then -

Fran: We have seen this. On Leviathan, the Mist from the Dawn Shard drove me, too, into such a rage. She was taken not by the Dawn Shard.

Larsa: Manufacted nethicite. [She nods] Then that means - Penelo, the stone I gave you, do you still carry it with you?

Penelo: Sure, it's right here.

[Penelo takes it out, and Larsa immediately grabs it. It's glowing faintly]

Larsa: This is more dangerous that I had imagined. I should never have given it to you. Forgive me, I did not know.

Penelo: I'd always thought of it as a sort of a good luck charm. And even if it is dangerous, on Leviathan it kept us safe.

Ashe: There is a place for all things, even danger such as this.

Vaan: I hope you're right about that.

[Scene change; the group & Mjrn exit the house and are walking in the village, but they stop - Jote and a couple of Viera are standing in front of them]

Jote: I heard the Wood's whispers. Take it.

[A Viera steps forward]

Jote: Lente's Tear is a permission. Pass through the Wood and leave. To other places go.

[Vaan takes it and walks away. Mjrn steps forward]

Mjrn: That cannot be all! I saw it when I left the village! Ivalice is changing! How can the Viera stand and do nothing at all?

Jote: Ivalice is for the humes. The Wood alone is for us.

Mjrn: But that is wrong! How can we just hide here in the trees when all the world outside ia on the move! I took with to live freely - to leave this Wood!

Fran: Do not do this. You must remain away from the humes. Stay with the Wood. Live together with the Wood. This is your way.

Mjrn: But Fran - my sister!

Fran: I am no longer of you. I have discarded Wood and village. I won my freedom. Yet my past has been cut away forever. No longer can my ears hear the Green Wood. This...solitude, you want, Mjrn?

Mjrn: Sister -

Fran: No, Mjrn. Only one sister remains to you now. You must forget my existence.

[Mjrn runs away crying]

Jote: I am sorry to make you do this.

Fran: She goes against the laws of the Wood. I threw down these laws. It is better that I do this. Better I than one who must uphold these laws herself.

[Jote nods to one of the Viera behind her, and they both walk away. We see the rest of the group has already left, so it's only Fran and Jote talking]

Fran: I have a request: listen to the Wood's voice for me. I fear - I fear She hates.

[Jote does the Wood-listening action that she performed earlier]

Jote: The Wood longs for you. For the child gone from under Her boughs.

Fran: A pleasant lie, that.

[Fran smirks and turns around]

Jote: Be cautious. The Wood is jealous of the humes who have taken you.

Fran: I am as them, now. Am I not? Good-bye, sister.

[Fran walks away, rejoining the group and leaving Jote behind. The group obtains Lente's Tear! They pass through the energy barrier which was impeding them before, and travel through the jungle, eventually arriving at one area. A creature that seems to be made of the Earth itself; a dragon covers in grass and flowers roars forth. Boss fight vs. Elder Wyrm. It gets destroyed like all the others]

[The group continues on, exiting the Jungle and venturing through the Paramina Rift, a mountainous blizzard region, getting closer to Mt Bur-Omisace. They eventually encounter a group of people struggling through the snow]

Balthier: Empire parades down city streets, while refugees walk barefoot through the snow.

Larsa: And so I sue for peace to stop short war and ease their suffering. My father will choose peace.

Balthier: Will he now? You sound sure of yourself. You can never know another, even your father.

[He walks away... Larsa just stands there]

Vaan: Don't take it the wrong way, okay?

[Larsa just stands there, and seems utterly dejected]

[Scene change; Emperor's room in Archades, Vayne is talking to his father, the Emperor]

Vayne: This crisis would not end were I gone. The Senate hates the very fact that House Solidor exists. By necessity, we must find reason to silence them.

[The Emperor gets up from behind the desk]

Gramis: Necessity? Ah yes, necessity. Does that word free you, I wonder? You show no hesitation to solve matters with blood.

[Vayne looks up at the banner of House Solidor; solid red, with a black sword, among other things]

Vayne: The sword of House Solidor cannot be left to rust in doubt. It was you, excellency, who tempered that sword.

[Gramis is standing next to a window, looking outside]

Gramis: Is this your idea of vengeance?

Vayne: It is my idea of necessity.

[Gramis does a half-grumble, half-sigh]

Vayne: If we do not act now, it is not only our future you imperil.

Gramis: So you would dirty your hands, to keep his clean?

Vayne: My hands are stained with blood. I see little reason to stay them now.

Gramis: So they are. And so House Solidor lives on.

Back to the Paramina Rift, as the group continues, and eventually conludes, their journey to Mt Bur-Omisace; a cutscene demonstrates as much; another cutscene of the massive temple at the apex of the area is shown. They enter the "Hall of the Light" to speak with the head honcho, Anastasis. His face seems ravaged by time... that is, he's extremely old! Also, his eyes are closed. Larsa and Ashe stand in front of him, blinking]

Vaan: Is he sleeping?

[We hear a disembodied voice]

Voice: No, my child. I do not sleep. I dream.

[Anastasis's eyes are still closed, and his lips aren't moving]

Voice: For reality and illusion are a duality, two parts of a whole. Only the mirror of dreams reflects what is true.

[Ashe steps forward]

Ashe: Anastasis, Your Grace, I am Ashelia -

Anastasis: Lay down your words. Ashelia, daughter of Raminas, I have dreamt your dream. Who better to carry on the Dalmascan line than she who bears the Dawn Shard? Your dream of a kingdom restored is known to me.

Larsa: Gran Kiltias, then give us your blessing. Grant the Lady Ashe her accession...

[A rather rude man sporting sunglasses, and a servant girl standing beside him are behind the group]

Man: I do not suppose this is something you might...reconsider?

[He walks through the group, up to Larsa]

Man: My little emperor-in-waiting. You called and I have come.

[Larsa extends a hand; the man pats Larsa on the head. Larsa pushes the man's hand away]

Larsa: This is the man I wanted you to meet. Believe it or not, he is a member of the noble House Margrace, rulers of the Rozarrian Empire.

Man: I am but one of very, very many. Try as I might, I could not stop this war alone... thus I came seeking Larsa's assistance.

[He takes off his sunglasses, the servant girl instantly takes them]

Al-Cid: Al-Cid Margrace, at your service. To think I stand before the Lady Ashe. It is truly an honor.

[He kneels and kisses Ashe's hand. Penelo puts her hands over her mouth]

Al-Cid: I see it is true after all. Ah, stunning is Dalmasca's desert bloom.

[Larsa sighs]

Anastasis: In Archades, Larsa. In Rozarria, Al-Cid. They dream not of war. Should empire join with empire, the way will open for a new Ivalice in our time.

Al-Cid: Hah, Gran Kiltias! You speak much of dreams. But in the real world, war is upon us.

Ashe: Gran Kiltias, I was told my coming here would prevent this war. I was to assume my father's throne and announce the restoration of Dalmasca... treat with the Empire for peace, and persuade the Resistance to stay their hand. I have not come all this way to be asked to reconsider!

Al-Cid: A word from you and the Resistance would stop cold... and Rozarria's pretext for joining the war... scattered, off to the four winds. This was what we had hoped. Alas, circumstances change. A full two years have passed since your reported death. Were it to become known you were still alive... I fear it could only worsen our current situation.

Ashe: Because I am powerless to help.

Al-Cid: [shakes his head] Nay, in fact it has little to do with you.

Larsa: Then what? If Lady Ashe were to extend her hand in friendship... perhaps I could then persuade the Emperor. His Excellency will solve things peacefully -

Al-Cid: The Emperor Gramis is no more. His life was taken.

Larsa: Father!

[Scene change; back to Archades. Judge Gabranth marches to the Emperor's room. Two Senators are being carried out by soldiers]

Senator: What possible cause could we have to lay hand on our Emperor?

Senator: A deception and an outrage! The Senate will not stand for this!

[Gabranth enters the room, as the doors close behind him. Three Judges and Vayne standing over an individual's body; two of the Judges we don't know, the third is the female Judge, Drace. Gramis, meanwhile, is slumped back in his throne, dead]

Drace: A viper amongst our Senators!?

Vayne: With Chairman Gregoroth as it head. He confessed and passed his own sentence.

Judge: A viper with many tails. Much of the Senate is culpable.

Vayne: We had to strip the Senate of authority and assign powers of autocracy to myself -

Drace: Spare me your lies! I see the serpent coiled here before me!

Zargabaath: Drace, you speak too freely!

Drace: Zargabaath! Do not tell me you join in this mummer's farce!

Judge: With Rozarria poised to invade at any moment, our leader must have a free hand.

Vayne: The once-great House Solidor is now reduced to myself and my dear brother Larsa.

Drace: Surely you would not go so far!

[She pulls out her sword and sticks it in front of Vayne's face]

Drace: Vayne Solidor! As Judge Magister and upholder of the law, I hereby place you under arrest!

[She gasps; we see the other Judge is behind her, holding his sword to her neck]

Judge: Vayne did not make himself autocrat. It was the very Ministry of Law which you serve. Do you see it now, Drace? When you bared your sword at His Excellency, you bared your sword at the law.

Drace: You wear the mummer's motley well, Bergan.

[She lowers her sword... then swings around, attempting to strike Bergan, but he stops her sword... and covers her face with his hand. He then throws her across the room]

Drace: Such strength - Inhuman!

[Bergan forms a wicked smile]

Vayne: Zargabaath, take the Alexander. Accompany Bergan and bring Larsa back to me.

[Zargabaath salutes, and exits]

Gabranth: Your Excellency, Lord Larsa was placed under my charge.

Vayne: Oh? Perhaps you mistook your orders then. I see no other explanation for why you were reporting on my doings to my late father.

Gabranth: Your Excellency -

Vayne: A hound, begging for scraps at the Emperor's table. Would you serve another master, hound? You may fulfil your duty as Judge Magister before us all.

[The camera pans to Drace, on the ground. Gabranth looks at her]

Vayne: She has been tried and found guilty.

Gabranth: Your Excellency, I beg you reconsider!

[He walks up to her, kneels, and picks up Drace's sword. Zargabaath looks on. Gabranth readies to stab her, but hesitates]

Drace: Do it. I care not. Live, Gabranth. Protect the young lord. Protect Larsa...

Gabranth: Forgive me.

Drace: Pray be quick.

[He closes his eyes, and thrusts it in. She moans, and is soon dead. Across the room, Vayne touches his father's hand]

Vayne: And so House Solidor lives on.

[Back to Mt Bur-Omisace]

Al-Cid: Let us suppose you approach the Empire with a peaceful resolution. The late Emperor Gramis would have lent you his ear, that much is certain. But we are dealing with Vayne Solidor. Should the Princess return, he would claim her an imposter. All to tempt the Resistance into battle. Vayne wants this war, that much is certain. As our ill luck would have it, the man is a military genius.

Anastasis: The dreams have told me thus. To reveal yourself would imperil us all. I see war, and Vayne's name writ bold on history's face.

Al-Cid: Archadia's banners fly high. They are making ready for the coming war.

[The servant hands him a piece of paper]

Al-Cid: According to our latest reports...

[He looks at it]

Al-Cid: The Western Armada prepares for war, under Vayne's command no less. The newly formed 12th Fleet has already been deployed. The Imperial 1st Fleet stands ready. They'll be under way as soon as the Odin's refit is complete. And there is more: the 2nd Kerwon Expeditionary Force is being called in... to replace the missing 8th, so there will be no gaps. The largest force ever seen!

Ashe: And then... the nethicite is the coup de grace. [He nods] Gran Kiltias, Your Grace. I spoke to you of my succession. Let us put that aside. Should I become Queen of Dalmasca now, powerless as I am, I can protect nothing. With a greater power at my disposal, perhaps then.

Anastasis: It is the nethicite of which you dream?

Ashe: I require something far greater.

[Anastasis opens his eyes, and begins speaking]

Anastasis: To wield power against power. Truly the words of a hume-child.

Ashe: I am descended from the Dynast-King himself.

Anastasis: Indeed. Then you have but one choice. Seek you the other power Raithwall left.

Ashe: Does such a thing exist?

Anastasis: Journey across the Paramina Rift to the Stilshrine of Miriam. There rests the gift he entrusted to the Gran Kiltias of his time. Seek it out. The Sword of Kings...can cut through nethicite. Why he would entrust the power to destroy nethicite, the instrument of his greatness... to another and not to his own progeny, I cannot say. Awaken Ashelia B'nargin and take up your sword, or your dream will remain but a dream.

[Ashe walks away, momentarily pausing to look at Larsa, who's still shell-shocked from everything that's happened. Anastasis closes his eyes & the voiceover resumes]

Anastasis: My dream, too, fades into day.

[Larsa leaves the party]

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