Shinobi and the gang re-release classic

 Jan 20, 2014
Let's take a moment to look deeper, and analyse some of the themes raised by this now seminal piece of work as it comes up for re-release in this brand spanking new repeat of the original print.

#1 I Can't Get No Tenser
One of the first things you'll hear upon playing the game, if these guys didn't write the blueprint to convert being pumped into sound energy then i don't know what ever did, and that's the truth. Exhausting.

#2 My Little China Girl, You Shouldn't Mess With Me
If you like anime or if you bought a Wii U then this will likely be a fave track that you'll have on repeat time and time and again! Shinobi and the fellas giving a nod to their western counterparts in the east (in China).

#3 I Was Made To Hit In America
The link between this track and that feeling of euphoric freedom of the bald eagle has remained widely muted, but I mean you only have to listen to it. It's organic. One of their most influential pieces and especially considering Shinobi is a Japanese male.

#4 Ninja B Mad
Continuing to look West, here the guys show when it comes to a bit of oldschool blues, they can swing with the most jazz in Tokyo. This track rock!!!!

#5 EuroTrash On Tour '92
This is one for our mainland European friends to get mashed off their tits on vegan supplements to. Techno Viking and his friends go all weekend baby. Good life decisions music.

#6 Very Sad
This is one that girls will probably like :)

#9 Harder and Faster
Obvious homage to the music that I hear often accompanies porn. I think they nailed it.

"As we've seen, a huge variety of genres and cultures encompassing in just one album, unbelievable value that you can play wherever your target demographic!"

There's just one more track we'd like to highlight with you before we go, and is just a testament to how wide a variety of psyche or perspectives have been captured in audio form on this album.

We know you're out there somewhere, mate. This one is for you x

#9 R.I.P Oni

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