Save FFWA Kickstarter!!

 May 30, 2015
Buy in today for EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOADABLE CONTENT only available on FFWA World's Apart

We're all feeling the big squeeze at the moment. The economy is an uroburos watching itself burn to death in the jagged shards of a broken mirror, pop culture is literally meaningless, the Government is owned and run for space lizards who must inject rare natural resources into their blood to survive and to top it all off, PlayStation 3 STILL doesn't have any games.

Well you thought there was going to be an upswing? WRONG. Your favourite social media hub of entertainment and friendship is also at risk. That's right, our sources reveal that notorious website hosts "JustHost" are at it again, increasing their prices from affordable but a bit shit to PISSTAKER99999.

A screencap of, yesterday

Self appointed CEO Steven has made an attempt to initiate a fundraiser, but we spoke to several FFWA members who said they had not heard about it. When we tried to find a link to it ourselves, we also had no idea where Steven had put it. Eventually a Google search returned THIS PAGE, so please go there and send us your hard earned cash TODAY.

Steven and friends getting ready to post on FFWA World's Apart during happier times

So please for the love of all that is good, DONATE TODAY to the FFWA World's Apart Salvation Fund. Depending on your donation you could get exclusive access to the following CONTENTS:

$1 - Paypal will pretend you didn't send them any money
$5 - A custom avatar and rank of your choice!
$10 - The XMAS Theme will make a comeback on your birthday!
$20 - An 'Admin Will Reply To Your PM' card, usable only once
$50 - TOTAL ACCESS to the Moderator forum for THREE HOURS
$100 - Signed digital image of Sam holding a game of your choice (that he owns)
$500 - Martin will transcribe the script of your favourite videogame
$1000 - You and two friends are invited to a full re-enactment of the glory days of #ffwa IRC chat (no refunds when kickbanned)

So ORDER TODAY to take advantage of this exclusive offers. And that's not all, order now and be the envy of all your IRL friends with this exclusive offer, take advantage today!

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