Forum demon cast back into abyss!

 Nov 06, 2014

A few days earlier...

The date doesn't matter. The time of day is irrelevant. What matters is that somebody had an undesirable opinion. After that, everything went black...

But let's backtrack a bit. We all post at FFWA, we all know its rich history, we all know that even today it remains a bustling hub of activity and charm. A place where any given click could take you on a whole new adventure, learning new things, meeting new friends, sharing experiences and updates on videogame progress. Not to mention the award winning Top 25 Things threads which, although becoming increasingly rare, remain one of the community's most outstanding and signature draws. Yep, there really is no place like home.

Unfortunately, our sources have dug up some evidence that only last week, the very values that this wonderful community thrives under were thrown into double jeopardy, as known demon-spawn "Anarcus John" made a long unawaited return to the Gen Chat boards.

No sooner had he logged in, had he taken it upon himself to begin replying to one of the threads currently posted in said forum. Showing nerves of steel, satan's proudest son didn't just make a post. No, though that simple act of defiance alone threatened the delicate balance of FFWA, Anarcus John went even further, showcasing his truly despicable roots, by making a post that contained opinions that were not agreed upon by other members of the board.

John of Anarcus

Quickly key members rallied to defend their sacred inactivity. Comparisons to child molesters were emplyed, entire swathes of the population were re-classified 'dumb'! But most fatal of all, user Paulo actually took to defending Anarcus John. Knowing he himself was a conduit for venom, Paulo gripped tightly to the essence of Anarcus John's ideas, triggering an overwhemling flow of attacks to pour from the keyboards of the community toward the both of them. When all the typing was done and the red mist had cleared, Paulo stood alone. Anarcus John had once again been banished from the sacred lands, and unorthodox opinions no longer plagued the halls of this binary paradise.

It's been suggested to me that many of the members didn't quite appreciate the genius of Paulo's actions to put himself in the firing line in order to draw vitriol toward the devil spawn... Which is why I felt compelled to put this tale into writing. So that one day all can know of what happened here, and how close we came to losing the inactivity we so cherish to one guy and his undesired opinions. Well, from this user at least, thank you Paulo, we will never forget.

- Apocalypse Weapon

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