"Xmas Theme must go!" decries community

 Feb 18, 2015
Crowds have gathered in their individual homes to express their disgust at the Administration Panel's lack of action regarding the Xmas Theme's overstay. The Xmas Theme, whereby all text is rendered unreadable as the retina turns itself inside out in panic, is considered one of the board's oldest and finest traditions, welcomed deep in the hearts of the community due to its ability to prevent pointless or banal discussion via the impairment of a user's vision.

FFWA Members protesting, yesterday

But now angry forum members are calling for Admins to 'pull their finger out' and remove the Xmas theme as the traditional festival time has long since passed. One user sent this passionate plea via ICQ:

"You know, I mean, I took my eyesight for granted, and the Xmas Theme is always a humbling reminder not to waste your time looking at shit. But come on, it's February now, and I haven't got a clue about Paulo's watch situation. I think I've been patient and shown restraint, but how much longer is the wait? I mean, Vangelis could be dead! We just won't know what's going on in that forum until the font is laid against a nice soothing dark blue. Then the healing process can begin (although it could be another month or so before I'm ready for an Alhana post). Anyway please FFWA News Team(tm), you've got to do something!
- XxXSephirothVSHeideggerXxX"

Well we take our readers very seriously here at the News Desk(tm) and we will be contacting the Shadow Admin Cabinet immediately about this! Expect an update with an explanation shortly. Geraldinho, out.

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