Bots flee forum en masse!

 Nov 05, 2014
It's difficult to pinpoint exactly when the decision was turned into action, but at exactly 1pm on Monday morning, hundreds of FFWA's registered bots made the unanimous decision to turn to action, that they've had enough of the website's bullshit and would be looking elsewhere for their daily supplement of Final Fantasy related news and views.

Confused members of the forums now face the daunting realisation that user Paulo stands to account for over 50% of all activity.

"It's a fucking disgrace, when you think of some of the people who have posted here, some of the threads we've had, and now we're left with this... It's an absolute pisser. You might as well delete it. Honestly, the crash of Summer '01 was better than this" said one commentor who prefered to remain anonymous. A passing figure in the street, when prompted, admitted he'd never heard of FFWA and that it 'sounds a bit pathetic'. Some harsh truths illustrating just how far the mighty grandfather of Final Fantasy websites has fallen since its mainstream heyday.

Only days ago, the forums bustling with life

Today, occupied by less than a handful of lost souls

hapo klako emily corso

We managed to get hold of the assumed leader of the bots, a human called Chace (seen among his army in fig 1). When pressed about the exodus, he had this to say:

"Alls it is every day, is silence, and then that Anarcus one pipes up and they all come out the woodwork and start masturbating. Then he leaves and they go back in their cages... What's the point in that??"

Meanwhile, one of the bots who was willing to come forward and speak on the issue, bot trxcbfszv said:

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The FFWA Admins have made a pledge to any and all bots who return, that they will be allowed to spectate on the upcoming TNET tournament when it is officially announced. Other incentives offered have included reforms that would allow bots to become mods (100% of FFWA moderators are of a human demographic), though it's thought even this won't be enough.

That's all from us here, I'm Dave McCabe, back to you at the graveyard.

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