FFIX - Sidequests - Stellazzio Coins

There are 13 Stellazzio coins around the world. Some are found in trasure chests, but most are hidden. You will still see an exclamation mark if you are near a Stellazzio Coin. The thirteen coins are found in the following locations. Some can only be found at certain times of the game. They are listed in astrological order:

Stellazzio Location
Aries Inside Dali windmill.
Taurus Behind Treno item stall.
Gemini Throw 130 Gil into Treno's fountain.
Cancer Burmecia, behind a crate.
Leo Neptune Statue Room (left tower in Alexandria castle).
Virgo Black Mage Village inn.
Libra Near the fountain in Madain Sari.
Scorpio Quan's Dwelling, by the pool.
Saggitarius Lindblum Business District, in the area you can buy Gyshal Pickles (you can only get this on disc 3 or 4).
Capricorn Enter Daguerreo and turn right, it is found in the water.
Aquarius Entrance hallway to Ipsen's Castle.
Pisces Treasure chest in the Invincible.
Ophiuchus You can only find this after you have given Queen Stella the other 12 coins. It is in the exact same place as the Scorpio.

In Treno, there is a lady called Queen Stella who collects Stellazzio Coins. Every time you give her a Stellazzio Coin, you will be given a reward. These rewards get better as you give her more coins. It does not matter which order you collect or give her the coins, the rewards will always follow this pattern:

Coin Reward
1st 1,000 Gil
2nd Phoenix Pinion
3rd 2,000 Gil
4th Blood Sword
5th 5,000 Gil
6th Elixir
7th 10,000 Gil
8th Black Belt
9th 20,000 Gil
10th Rosetta Ring
11th 30,000 Gil
12th Robe of Lords
13th Hammer