FFIX - Sidequests - Chocograph Locations

Chocograph World Map - Click To Enlarge

What Are Chocographs?

Basically, Chocographs give you locations to hidden treasure that can be dug up around the world map. The map above gives you the twenty four locations to the Chocographs on the World Map, and the table below lists what treasure is located at them and what Chocobo is needed.

To play this little sub-quest, go to the Chocobo Forest on Disc 1 (click here for the World Map if you don't know the location of the forest). Once you have been in the forest you will be able to find the first piece of treasure, 'Streamside': look around on the beach near the river for the treasure. Don't forget to use the triangle button to open the Chocograph main menu.

Location Name Chocobo Treasure
1. Streamside Yellow Chocobo Elixir x2, Hi-Potion x3, Ether x4, Germinas Boots x2.
2. Between Mountains Yellow Chocobo Potion x5, 5 Hi-Potion, Tent x2, Cotton Robe x2.
3. Uncultivated Land Yellow Chocobo Antidote x10, Jade Armlet, Wing Edge x3, Cargo Ship Card.
4. Healing Shore Yellow Chocobo Ability of Chocobo upgraded to Reef (Light-Blue).
5. Abandoned Beach Yellow Chocobo Phoenix Pinion x9, Phoenix Down x5, Peridot x12, Diamond Gloves.
6. Cold Field Yellow Chocobo Echo Screen x5, Hi-Potion x7, Tent x3, Theatre Ship Card.
7. Forgotten Lagoon Light-Blue Chocobo Gysahl Greens x8, Ether x5, Hi-Potion x7, Dragon's Claws.
8. Faraway Lagoon Light-Blue Chocobo Potion x37, Magic Tag x6, Shield Armor, Gaia Gear.
9. Abandoned Lagoon Light-Blue Chocobo Soft x6, Ether x4, Feather Boots, N-Kai Armlet.
10. Bird's-Eye Lagoon Light-Blue Chocobo Potion x8, Phoenix Down x4, Ether x3, Magician Robe.
11. Small Beach Light-Blue Chocobo Remedy x4, Elixir x2, Rising Sun x8, Oak Staff.
12. Dawn Lagoon Light-Blue Chocobo Ability of Chocobo upgraded to Mountain (Red).
13. Forbidden Forest Red Chocobo Ether x7, Elixir x2, Wing Edge x10, High Mage Staff.
14. Green Plains Red Chocobo Ability of Chocobo upgraded to Sea (Dark Blue).
15. Dusk Plains Red Chocobo Phoenix Down x12, Ore x14, Kaiser Knuckles, Iron Man Card.
16. Forgotten Plains Red Chocobo Ore x17, Ether x5, Opal x14, Demon's Mail.
17. Sea At Dusk Blue Chocobo Phoenix Pinion x15, White Robe, Diamond, Masamune Card.
18. Ocean Blue Chocobo Ore x27, Light Robe, Whale Whisker, Alexander Card.
19. Cold Lagoon Blue Chocobo Peridot x11, Opal x9, Sapphire x15, Topaz x19.
20. Mist Ocean Blue Chocobo Ability of Chocobo upgraded to Sky (Golden).
21. Outer Island Golden Chocobo Amethyst x21, Garnet x16, Genji Armor, Ragnarok.
22. Outer Island 2 Golden Chocobo Sapphire x11, Circlet, Pumice Piece, Hilda Garde 3 Card.
23. Fairy Island Golden Chocobo Potion x33, Annoyntment x15, Holy Miter, Dark Matter Card.
24. Forgotten Island Golden Chocobo Ribbon, Rebirth Ring, Amethyst x13, Ark Card.

Yellow Chocobo Field
Light Blue Chocobo Shallow Water
Red Chocobo Mountain
Blue Chocobo Sea
Golden Chocobo Sky